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Clown shows are for kids, right? Well, a lot of what went on in The Big Comfy Couch makes it quite clear that the writers wanted to entertain adults who might be watching with them, too, especially considering this kids' show was on public TV in the United States.

  • A line from a song Major Bedhead sang is "Squirmin' squirmin' pants are burnin'"
  • An episode has Granny Garbonzo and Loonette making their own club. In one scene, they're blowing bubbles out of what looks like a hookah. Here's a video of the scene (Skip to 00:24 for it.).
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  • Episode titled 'Clownus Interruptus'. Welp.
  • Another title: 'Lettuce, Turnip and Pea" - the episode where Molly wets the couch.
  • We reiterate: The clock stretch.
  • In "Rude-I-Culous", Loonette and Molly are playing a rhyming game. Loonette says "soup", and Molly's thought sound can be heard, but no picture can be seen. Loonette then yells at her for thinking of the word she thought of.
    • Later in the same episode, Loonette plays the Alphabet Game and tells Molly that today's letter was P. This causes Molly to burst into laughter, to which Loonette replies, "It's the letter P, not the— you know..."
  • In "Scaredy Cat", Snickelfritz gets scared of Molly wearing a mask, dives under Granny's skirt for cover, and shakes under it in a way that makes it seem rather off...
  • Loonette's question about where clowns come from leads to Granny Garbanzo telling a story about clowns showing each other their best tricks in a secret circus late at night. When Defunctland made a video about the series in November 2020, one commenter noted that the term "secret circus" is a "top-tier ridiculous euphamism for sex".

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