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"Thanks Gumball!" "Whatever, man."

In the grand tradition of a lot of original Cartoon Network programming from the late-1990s into the 21st century, this show freely pushes its TV-Y7 rating to its limit, despite Cartoon Network now allowing the TV-PG rating on some of their daytime shows.

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  • Banana Joe frequently takes off his peel, sometimes even swinging it around, even though many other occasions make it clear that it's the banana equivalent of stripping and/or streakingnote . It was even in a promo and mentioned in "The Butterfly":
    Miss Simian: Joseph, we've been here before. When is it appropriate to take your skin off?
    Banana Joe: Uh...Christmas!
  • The word "nipples" is said numerous timeslike , a word Adventure Time was not allowed to say despite being higher rated (TV-PG) and on the same network.
  • In a rather literal example, Mr. Poop, a recurring background character (for instance, in the line at the beginning of "The Pony") appears to be an anthropomorphic wad of feces.

    Season 1 
The Responsible
  • The "baby sitter" Richard found online and almost hired is depicted as a literal slimeballnote  who wants to sit on children. His name on the concept art is even "Albert the Pervert".

The Third

  • The plot for the episode seemed like it was about a ménage à trois or exploring the possibility of a polygamous relationship and, later, infidelity.
    Darwin: Three best friends? Won't that be a bit... weird?
    Gumball: It's only weird if we make it weird. Do you find it weird?
    Darwin: Not if you don't.

The End

  • At the beginning of the episode, Gumball and Darwin both sit on their couch lifelessly flicking through TV channels and eating junk food with red-rimmed eyes for the entire scene. It's clearly because they are sleep-deprived, but their conversation blatantly makes it look like they're stoned.
    Darwin: Can you think of any better way to spend our lives?
    Gumball: Dude...I can't even think. Is my heart still beating?
    (Darwin feels for a pulse. Six seconds pass before Gumball's heart starts beating again.)

The Dress

  • Gumball spends a good portion of the episode completely butt naked. Things get even weirder when he's about to go to school and his four-year-old sister is at eye level and looking at his exposed junk.
  • Gumball receives a letter from Darwin for date in the roller coaster and at the end there are three "X"s. For Gumball this "shows how extreme it will be".
  • Gumball has an Imagine Spot that he and Darwin are married... and he's surrounded by cat/fish babies while Darwin comes home and yells, "I WANT MORE KIDS!" What really crosses the line with that scene is not only are they both children, but they're also both siblings through adoption.
  • Penny, Masami, Jamie, Tina and Carrie are included in the people who think Gumball as a girl is hot and would do anything for them.

The Spoon

  • Gumball makes a Mustache-Sausage.
    Gumball: How about a hot dog? They’re delicious! [His fake mustache falls off his face and lands on the hot dog, which he holds out to Donut Cop]
    Donut Cop: [disgusted] Ughh... There’s a mustache on your sausage!
    Gumball: Yeah, it’s our secret ingredient! [Gumball and Darwin wink at camera]
    Donut Cop: I think I’ll go for something without hair.
  • Following this metaphorical or, the episode becomes a bit weird when Richard starts licking the mustache-sausage and Nicole uses it to turkey-slap a man unconscious. If you listen to that scene with your eyes closed, it doesn't sound any less risqué.

The Pressure

  • The girls (falsely) brag about who has the older boyfriend, and Carrie says "Mine is so old that he doesn't have teeth."
  • Tobias apparently suggests that the guys do a blood pact. He then proceeds to try to make a wound/make himself bleed by scraping a stick on his hand.
  • When Gumball falls in the swimming pool and ends with his body fully red, steals two ice creams and put them on his chest, looking like he has pointed breasts or a cone bra.
    Rocky: Hey, dude! Nice bikini!
    Gumball: [alleviated] Thanks.
  • Gumball and Darwin kiss off-screen accidentally and both are after so surprised, and Gumball describes it as "being run over by a unicorn". (On the season three episode, "The Name," it's revealed that they know who kissed who in that scene and don't mind that Gumball's Zach personality erased it.)
  • "Pal before gals" is a play on the expression "bros before hoes".

The Laziest

  • Richard tries to win the laziness contest by changing the TV to a shopping channel. On display is a figurine of a girl kissing a boy on the cheek, which is titled "Innocent Age Figurine Boy & Girl w/ secret object hidden by the boy".

The Ghost

  • The premise of the episode, Carrie repeatedly possessing Gumball to eat things and him trying to learn to turn her down, seems a bit strange if you think about it. The official episode descriptions for "The Ghost" didn't sound like it belongs to a kid's show.
    "The Ghost": Carrie the Ghost often uses Gumball's body but now he has to learn how to say "no" to her, which may prove to be an extremely difficult thing to do considering Carrie normally uses his body against his will anyway.
  • Darwin describes the situation to Gumball by saying Carrie "likes going inside your body".

The Prank

  • When Richard comes back from being stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean, with only the raft covering him:
    Darwin: What happened to your clothes?
    Richard: I ate them. [Turns around, revealing his sunburned butt, and walks up the stairs back to his room, which was upstairs in Season 1]

The Gi

  • "Weiner doesn't mean "winner". It means "sausage"."

The Party

  • While Gumball is searching for a date to the party, his observation of Teri (a bear made of paper) has a strange multiple meaning:
    Gumball: Nicely drawn features, but a little flat.
  • While the party is being busted wide open by Principal Brown and Miss Simian, Alan motorboated two balloons.
  • Miss Simian and Principal Brown are making out in the closet when Jackie and Harold come home.

The Picnic

  • Gumball spends the episode's second half butt naked again (due to Darwin eating his clothes out of starvation).

The Poltergeist

  • Mr. Robinson explains to Gumball and Darwin how he and Margaret would argue, sometimes six times a day, sometimes in public, even once in their sleep! Anyone who is or was married or in a similar long-term committed relationship will recognize what he is really talking about.

The Mustache

  • Gumball, Darwin, and Anais accidentally take their Dad's testosterone supplements that he was going to use to impress his wife (and make his man-boobs stick up).
  • Leslie's reaction to Gumball's butt as the latter transforms into a man.

The Wand

  • Richard spends a good chunk of the episode's second half with his man-boobs in full display (his clothes were ripped in the front).

The Car

  • Richard's man-boobs once again are shown in close-ups (the closest one is before he tries out the Electro-Fat).
    • By the episode's end, Richard flexes his boobs (and new muscles) saying the device was worth the time.

The Meddler

  • As Gumball prepares for a cheerleader tryout to win Penny back, he ends up having to lift the skirt he's wearing up to his mother.
    • A little later at the actual tryout, his skirt flops down on him as he flips, displaying his lower body, much to everyone's shock.

The Fight


    Season 2 

The Colossus

The Knights

  • Richard is forced to shower outside the house, and Penny and Patrick see him.

The Fridge

  • The Sausage Pen looks like a sex toy, isn't it? The finger's position is curious as well.
    Richard: Well, I invented... the Sausage Pen! Everything it writes is delicious.
    Nicole: Mmmm... innovative! But... ultimately useless.
    [Nicole puts Richard's face onto the cloud column, next to Darwin's, and Richard's face slowly changes from happiness to disappointment]
  • The abuse (played for laughs) Nicole puts Gumball through to make a winner out of him, most notably making him stand on the roof of the house during a lightning storm while holding a golf club and leaving him in the desert so he can walk home.

The Flower

  • Gumball's jealousy drives him to keep weed-killer and vandalized photos of Leslie in his locker, implying his jealous side was planning to murder Leslie (which he actually tries to do by attacking him with slugs).
  • During one of Gumball's tirades about Leslie, a long list of insults includes "self-pollinating." If you know anything about reproduction in flowers and plants, he basically just called Leslie a jack-off.
  • From the end of the episode:
    Gumball: Wait, did you just say he was your cousin?
    Penny: Well duh, everyone knows.
    Gumball: Well duh, I didn't.
    Leslie: There's a lot of things you don't know about me, Gumball.
    Gumball: Oh...

The Banana

  • Mr. Small's "herbal tea" gives him some adverse effects; most notably towards the end of the episode, where after taking a sip his eyes begin to get weird and his face gets all loose. After Gumball and Darwin leave, Mr. Small proceeds to let out a "WOO-HOO!", like that "herbal tea" is more enjoyable than it should be...
  • When Darwin is raiding Joe's locker, he pulls out a jockstrap and tells Gumball to chew on it. Neither addresses what it actually is, but Gumball looks at it with absolute disgust, and then he pretends to chew on it when he obviously is not and does not want to.
  • Darwin chews up Joe's pen from the locker. Later in the episode Joe says it's an heirloom his ancestor used and "I'm not even gonna tell you where he had to hide it to keep it safe", then Darwin starts wiping his tongue in disgust.

The Phone

  • Gumball silences a firecracker by sitting on it. Then he coughs up smoke, making clear that even if the thing itself didn't go up there, the explosion did.

The Job

  • Gumball and Darwin deliver a pizza to a couple of pizza-headed people, which they apparently consider to be their new child. As Quattro is paying Gumball, he accidentally drops the box while reaching for the money he gives them, which completely horrifies the couple. Even worse, Darwin slips on the "dead" pizza baby as they run away, further smearing its tomato sauce, or, as Quattro and Siciliana see it, blood, on the concrete.
  • When one of the reality-warping waves inverts everyone's gender (turning Anais and Nicole male and Gumball, Darwin, and Larry female), girl Larry has little cube breasts.


  • A male ghost character phases his head through the girls' bathroom. A feminine scream is heard after.

The Skull

  • While Clayton is disguised as Principal Brown, Miss Simian seduces and almost makes out with him, not knowing how close she was to making out with a student.

The Bet

  • Gumball abuses his power over Bobert by sending him to the nurse's office with fire coming out of his butt, telling Joan it's been happening ever since, “I fell in love with Your Mom," and making out with the wall defibrillator.
  • Bobert's picture equation written on the school football field: "Glasses + horse's ass = Principal Brown."
  • Miss Simian trying to warm up in the walk-in freezer by hugging a shirtless Gumball. Lampshaded when she says, "I'm sorry, Watterson. I know this is inappropriate, but I just need to warm up."

The Bumpkin

The Virus

  • "What the pox?!" which serves as a stand-in for another, more commonly said phrase.
  • "And he's making rude gestures at me with those little tentacles!"

The Storm

  • Alan the balloon explains to Gumball that his knot, the only orifice his body has, is used to breathe, eat, and excrete. In a later scene (pictured above), Gumball has to "inflate" Alan in the school bathroom. Alan's knot deflates slightly, causing it to move upward in a very questionable manner just before the scene skips to them than leaving the bathroom. Gumball has a traumatized look on his face while Alan has an incredibly happy look on his.
  • After Gumball accidentally kisses Carmen, his classmates essentially call him a slut, including one joke where they say only he could break up molecules and then he'd make out with the carbon.
  • At the start of the episode, when everyone is watching Alan and Carmen eating their food together, Darwin thinks that it is kind of sweet but Gumball asks him "is there anything sweet about that?", while Alan is putting his string in Carmen's mouth

The Lesson

  • Principal Brown is shown to have a rather suggestive calendar he planned on giving Miss Simian. One picture has him laying on a bearskin rug, invoking the cliche of someone laying on such a rug naked.
  • It is implied that Gumball ate and then pooped out an entire rake, in one piece, to smuggle it.
  • Mowdown literally pops the rotten cupcake's cherry during a detention riot, prompting this dialog.
    Gumball: Did you see what that bear did to that guy's cherry?

The Game

  • Richard kisses Donut Cop against his will.
  • The address of the pizza parlor is 420 Grove Street.
  • Richard later has to date a sheep, keep in mind Richard is married and has kids.
    • In the date scene, Richard says he would like the lamb to which the sheep objects, then chicken which the waiter objects. Possibly implying cannibalism.

The Promise

The Voice

  • Gumball and Darwin offer Tobias a hug in the locker, but they're both wearing nothing but towels, so he refuses. The two then tackle him to try and force him, and eventually, Darwin takes Tobias's towel and spanks him with it in the middle of the school corridor.

The Boombox

  • When Miss Simian orders everyone to get back to class after telling them that she's not retiring, Gumball grumbles, "Ah, curse word!"

The Castle

  • Harold likes touching things, including sticking his finger in Anais' mouth. Harold even gets thrown out the Watterson house for it, with someone yelling, "Hey, go poke yourself!".
  • Gumball, Darwin, and Anais disguise themselves as a pizza delivery man to get back into their house full of party animals. Being at the bottom of the disguise, the way Anais hands over the receipt probably couldn't be any more wrong.
    Hot Dog Guy: Uh... you can keep it.

The Tape

  • "Hi, my name's Darwin Watterson, and this flim, and this fil, flim, ahh... Curse word!"
  • During the Wildlife Commentary Spoof, part of the name Gumball uses for Richard ("Moobus Gelatinous") is dog Latin for "moobs" ("man boobs").

The Sweaters

  • Gumball's butt is injured by a lightning-fast tennis ball, but he hurriedly claims it feels better the moment Mr. Small tries to massage it.

The Internet

  • One of the video remixes had Gumball's face on a bunch of roasted sausages when making a rather pained expression.
  • Gumball tries to enter the Internet by scanning himself without his clothes on. It doesn't work, but it does give Darwin a nice (high definition!) close up photo of Gumball's privates. Afterwards, Darwin tries to wash his eyes out with the showerhead.
  • The Internet tells Gumball and Darwin to "get bent", a phrase that's usually considered at least moderately profane (it's generally considered short for "get bent over and take it up the ass").

    Season 3 

The Kids

  • Larry threatens to kick Gumball and Darwin out of the store when their voices begin wrecking the merchandise. John the security guard comes in and looks as if he's about to shoot them, but pulls out a baton (that goes limp) and the guard meekly replies that he can't do anything but ask them nicely to leave.

The Fan

  • Sarah makes a video and song about her stalking Darwin and Gumball. A lot of it portrays her attraction toward them as less like a child's crush and more like open sexual lust:
    • Staring at Gumball through the window while he was undressing (and recording the whole thing); he saw this and closed the blinds while covering his chest with his arm.
    • Watching them while hiding inside their closet.
    • Looking at them, trying to nuzzle Gumball's hair, and taking pictures of them while they're unconscious
    • Standing around in the bathroom while Darwin takes a shower.
    • Wearing some of Gumball's clothing and enthusiastically smelling others.
  • Mr. Small seems to be high when staring at the painting that Sarah hides in. It doesn't help that he's carrying a mug (which may or may not have that herbal tea he drank on "The Banana") which is steaming (giving off an appearance similar to smoke) and laughing in a way similar to a stoner laugh after everyone is done screaming.

The Joy

  • When Ms. Simian zips up Banana Joe's peel, some of his "banana" gets stuck in the zipper, prompting a very painful looking reaction, reminiscent of that one scene in There's Something About Mary.
  • Miss Simian examines Gumball and Darwin in the nurse's office and throws a jar of yellow liquid at them when they advance on her. Joan cries out, "That's not water." and pauses for a few seconds as we see the pair drenched in it, giving the impression that they're covered in urine... before clarifying that it's cough medicine.
  • When the Joy virus begins spreading, Rocky is in the locker room, spraying an Axe-like male body spray deodorant on himself. Joan (who has been infected with the Joy Virus) tackles him and Rocky says (before he's brainwashed as well), "Hey, it really works!", thinking that Joan is sexually attracted to him because of the spray.

The Recipe

  • The episode in general is almost ridiculously dark and violent:
    • It begins with Anton being disintegrated in the pool and falling to pieces in Gumball's hands as he tries to revive him, causing a horrified reaction from almost everyone present.
    • When Anton comes back the next day, Darwin and Gumball try to figure out how by hurting him in incredibly over-the-top ways, including slicing him into pieces with a paper shredder, inducing a heart-attack by shock, and tricking Tobias into eating him alive. These seem only slightly worse than the show's usual Amusing Injuries, until it revealed Anton actually died and was replaced with a clone all those times, as well as every time before this episode.
    • Darwin and Gumball start making their own clones and it gets even worse: Darwin mentions he accidentally caused his half of the clones to commit mass suicide, and Gumball almost does the same to the rest.
    • The evil clone turns the sprinklers on to turn the remaining clones to mush, before himself getting sucked down the pool drain and torn apart by the grate.

The Extras

  • One of the cardboard cutout people from "The Sweaters" tries to get his change out from another one's back pockets. However, they both have their arms frozen in place above their head, so the one going for said change ends up suggestively poking his face around the other one's butt.
  • The colorful bird does his mating dance for the black bird who turns out to be male — and tells him to continue the dance since it was actually good. Due to the homoerotic undertones, Cartoon Network's Latin American channel cut that scene.

The Gripes

  • The hairy hobo gives Gumball a sandwich which he tentatively eats before retching. We don't see what was in the sandwich, but there was a mysterious pink tail-like object sticking out of it that heavily implied it was a rat.

The Fraud

The Void

  • Similar to the herbal tea drinking in "The Banana", Mr. Small explains how he's so good at navigating the crazy otherworldly dimension of the world's mistakes: he's "used to feeling spaced out."
  • Gumball tells Mr. Small to run a Crazy Frog Expy over. Like many things, it sounds less horrific because it's a cartoon, but Gumball was essentially encouraging vehicular manslaughter.

The Boss

The Allergy

  • When he thinks that Darwin's ailment is worms, Gumball delivers this throwaway line:
    Gumball: Just squat over a bowl of milk and whistle till they come out.
  • Joan prescribes herself a dose of heavy sedatives so she doesn't have to listen to Teri the bear's latest worries over having an illness.

The Mothers

  • Probably an unintentional one, but Gumball says "Did your bring your F?" Given that there's only really one word that is commonly substituted with F, well...

The Password

  • Gumball was under the impression that Richard loves and favors Anais so much that they finish each other sentences, which Darwin incorrectly interjects with "Sandwiches". Then it cuts to Anais letting Richard finish her sandwich, which leads to Gumball...
    Gumball: Sandwiches as well?! Aw man, this is total...*gestures at Darwin to finish*
    * beat*
    Gumball: *sigh*
    Darwin: SENTENCES!

The Shell

  • After Penny cracked, Penny remarks that the shell isn't the real her. Then Gumball asks if he can see and gives a subtle eyebrow wiggle.
    • After they get to Penny's house, she, Gumball and Darwin stand on the porch to her house. Preparing to tell Patrick what happened, Penny and Gumball stand faced to each other and wobble their tongues. When Patrick comes out, he catches them, and looking from the angle where Penny's back is facing him, it looked to him is if they were French kissing.
  • Jackie (Tobias' mom) describes Penny in her red minotaur form as being a "cow on steroids".
  • Gumball walks in on Banana Joe watching a video of a peeled orange being spread apart, which to him is obviously supposed to be like porn. To really hammer it home, Joe has a box of tissues right next to his laptop.note 

The Burden

  • Miss Simian and Principal Brown's loud and obnoxious flirting after Miss Simian comes in and yells, "Romance, NOW!".note 
  • In the "It's Love" song, Gumball and Darwin are shown having a bath with "Chris Morris", sleeping in the same bed (Richard and Nicole's bed) and kissing him and laughing while bizarre pictures showing Brown depilating appear on the screen intermittently.note 
  • After checking about the alarm, Miss Simian says if she can continue with her romance week-end. Donut Cop puckers his lips and Miss Simian says: "Not you!".
  • A somewhat more subtle example occurs when Gumball and Darwin are simultaneously trying to catch Chris Morris and avoid Miss Simian, Principal Brown, and Donut Cop:
    Gumball: Where is that little-
    Darwin: (cutting him off) Shh!

The Bros

The Mirror

  • Gumball greets Mrs. Jotunheim by shouting "sup, wizards!" - a child friendly (and context-specific) riff on "sup, bitches!"
  • Carrie's "Forbidden Book" is a reference to the Necronomicon. What makes it radar is that once you realise it the book's cover is obviously supposed to be human skin.
  • Gumball's says the word "damnation", though in the literal sense rather than a profane one (preferring a "life of damnation in limbo" to watching a home shopping channel).
  • The Snatcher/Carrie's dad unceremoniously falls out a window and dies (which seems bad at first, but now allows him to hug his ghost daughter).

The Man

The Lie

  • During the beginning showing everyone depressed in January, the black pigeon sighs despondently and hurls himself down the Wattersons' chimney.
  • Gumball tries to make up a description for Sluzzle Dude, a Santa equivalent for a holiday he made up, but his description comes off the wrong way.
    Gumball: He's got a beard, sneakers, and a leather coat.
    Darwin: Is that all he's wearing? Sounds like he should be running from the police.

The Butterfly

The Question

  • Gumball and Darwin have a G-Rated Drug trip after eating cereal marshmallows through their eyes. Gumball wakes up in a ballerina tutu and Darwin wakes up handcuffed with a tattoo on his butt. Special note for how said handcuffs are covered in red fuzz, which very specifically implies they're the kind of handcuffs used for sexual bondage (or sexual roleplaying involving someone playing a police officer) and not the kind the police use to restrain criminals.
  • When Larry realizes he's wasted his life on nothing but work, he suddenly starts incessantly reciting his daily schedule while driving to the beach and swimming straight out to sea. It is a very strong possibility that he's trying to kill himself.

The Saint

  • Gumball breaks a computer in the library, and says he'll probably hanged and quartered, among other things, by the school librarian.
  • Gumball makes Alan out to be a cheater in front of Carmen by showing pictures of Alan (actually Darwin's face on a green balloon) kissing female students, male students, and a toilet. And while the photo of Leslie enjoying his kiss, unlike everyone else was cut before the episode aired, a few frames of it can still be seen if you pause at the right time.
  • Gumball (posing as Alan online) makes a downright racist comment about how "drawn people" should go back to their own country.
    Gumball: (typing) "Oh, my gosh! Why are there so many DRAWN people in Elmore? Go back to your flat country and stop ruining our economy!" ...No one likes a 2D-ist.

The Oracle

  • Darwin spills coffee on Gumball. Darwin cools him by inhaling air while Gumball puts his butt directly in front of Darwin's face and makes a very relieved expression. Marvin passes by and comments that "I don't know what you're doing, but you should be ashamed of it!"
  • In the prophetic painting, Gumball's crotch is obscured by a maple leaf. Later, as Gumball approaches the mall and starts noticing elements of the painting, he fixates at one point on a maple leaf - an anthropomorphic one, headed to the mall to shop. In the end, when Gumball decides that the prophecy is inevitable and tears off his clothes preemptively, Anais grabs the maple leaf and covers Gumball by throwing them onto his crotch.

The Safety

The Spoiler

The Countdown

The Triangle

  • Leslie advises Darwin to picture everyone naked in order to alleviate his performance anxiety, which works when he sees Juke (the boombox-headed kid) naked, but not Mr. Small. Especially when Mr. Small bends over in front of him to pick up the peas he knocked over and talks about how he used to play the bongos in the school band.
    Mr. Small: Hours and hours of slapping those skins made me the man I am today.

The Downer

  • When trapped in the darkness of his bad mood Gumball gropes what he thinks is the sofa, but when it's revealed that Gumball imagined everything that happened, it turns out it was Richard's man boobsnote .
  • In one scene, Gumball imitates his family in an attempt to have a family dinner. When he get to Richard's part, he says the line "You see, food is; even when it's bad, it's still pretty good." While most kids might see this as Gumball's view of his gluttonous father, it's also a play on the adage "Sex is like pizza; even when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

The Egg

  • Gumball wears Pimp Duds because he misheard Nicole's order to wear something respectable as "to wear something that commands respect." He even does a pimp strut before Nicole orders him to stop.
  • As Nicole and Felicity are fighting off-screen, there's a pause followed by an barely-audible exclamation of disgust. Darwin and Gumball look very confused at what Richard describes as "territorial scent marking", implying one of the mothers (more likely Nicole, as the groan sounded closer to Felicity's voice) just urinated in public.

    Season 4 

The Return

  • Richard imagines himself in Hell with Gumball, Darwin, and Anais as "the demons of guilt" accusing him of being a bad father.

The Nemesis

  • While Rob is holding melons, Gumball says he found the thing that Rob misses for being an enemy, and Darwin says if they're "melons" (as in "testicles").

The Crew

The Signature

The Gift

  • To put out a fire, Gumball and Darwin ask Masami to rain on it. Masami replies that she can't rain with people watching her.

The Parking

  • While Nicole is looking for a parking space in the garage, Richard and the kids sing "99 Bottles of Age-Appropriate Beverages on the Wall".
  • Dr. Old Man Reaching For A Jar Of Olives begins examining a patient, then the scene cuts to him throwing the Wattersons and their car out of the hospital. The Wattersons somehow managed to park their car inside the patient's rear end!
  • At one point, Gumball accidentally stabs a milk carton guard, causing milk to spill out. The poor guy is unambiguously bleeding out before Gumball plugs up the wound.

The Routine

  • Richard (with his Stripperiffic warrior costume showing a bit of his pectorals) tells Cartax to watch its language as it sinks in the asphalt swamp.

The Upgrade

  • Thanks to a faulty request on his Siri-style voice-activated personal assistant, Bobert marries off Alan and Leslie. Alan doesn't object (even though he's dating Carmen) and neither does Leslie (who was already labeled as Ambiguously Gay by most fans/viewers). To top it off, Leslie tells a confused Banana Joe that "You had your chance," before leaving with Alan, who has an overjoyed look on his face.
  • The disc Gumball uses to downgrade Bobert to a version that actually works is labelled "BS 7". The letters presumably stands for "Bobert System", but given the episode is a very unflattering parody of Apple products and iOS (with a slight burn against Windows updates), it might also stand for "bullshit".

The Comic

The Hug

  • Gumball ends up inviting Hot Dog Guy to a sleepover. Anais tells Gumball that she's not going to be there to help him because, "You made your bed; now you gotta awkwardly lie next to a stranger in it."
    • In the same scene, Darwin says that Gumball is "talking out of his backside". While he's being literal (Gumball has stuck his head inside his seat), the sentence is more commonly said as a metaphor that someone is talking bull.
  • While sleeping in the tent, Hot Dog Guy accidentally touches Gumball, so Gumball climbs on top of him to reposition his arm. Unfortunately, this wakes Hot Dog Guy up, and they begin CUDDLING. While already it's questionable to cuddle with a stranger, the act is then shown from the outside of the tent, which may make it appear as if they are doing something else.note 
  • While Hot Dog Guy is using the school shower, Gumball turns the water temperature way down. When Hot Dog Guy has come out, he's experienced some major shrinkagenote .

The Wicked

  • Mrs. Robinson switches the tags on the baby of the pizza couple and two shape people’s baby right before both pairs of parents pick them up. Both fathers pick up the baby the label says is theirs, notice the obvious resemblance between that baby and the other father, then start fighting each other.
  • While Darwin and Gumball investigate Mrs. Robinson past, they find one picture where she happily sits on a boat as her brother drowns and another where she's standing outside Elmore Junior High as it burns down and Hank and another LEGO man are called to put out the blaze. Gumball's line "Yeah, probably the last [day] for a few others", implies that some people died in the fire.

The Traitor

  • There's Cutaway Gag where Gumball is being held back from stabbing Alan with a pencil in class, an amazingly violent and imitable act to make it to air.
  • When looking for clues at Joyful Burger, Gumball realizes that the stuff on Alan's plate isn't ranch dressing because his feelings of guilt were too much for his weak stomach. Jackie and Harold are disgusted until Gumball explains that he meant that Alan used the light dressing instead. Gumball then berates them for having dirty minds.
  • The biological diagram of Alan's body makes it very explicit that his knot is his anus: it shows a human's lower digestive system overlapping his body and the part that leads to the knot is labelled "colon". In the scenes immediately following:
    • Another diagram shows an organ transplant simply involves shoving your hand into his body and pulling the organ out. Gumball does exactly that.
    • As in "The Storm", Alan requires re-inflation, but Darwin doing so is on-screen this time. The Band-Aid doctor bursts in, demanding an explanation, sees them in the act, then quickly exits with a disgusted look on his face.
    • A side-effect of the surgery causes Jessica to start literally talking out of her ass.
      • The episode ends in that way:
    Alan: What the... !? Is she talking out of her backside now?
    Gumball: Oh, nothing is ever good enough for you, is it! MISTER PERFECT!! Since when did you have a surgeon's license!? Oh but please! Judge away! Looking down from your high horse, making everyone feel like—- (episode ends)
  • The whole surgery scene, in general, would be intensely gory and graphic if Alan wasn't a balloon.
    Darwin: "AAAHH! He's gushing air everywhere!"

The Origins (parts one and two)

  • It looks like Richard and Nicole both got the idea to get Gumball a pet, but when they both say their idea, Richard says his is to go back in time to make sure we never... then quickly cuts himself off with a nervous laugh saying he was totally thinking of the pet idea. It's obvious he was going to say they should prevent Gumball from being conceived, possibly by stopping themselves from having sex unprotected.
    • "The Choices" reveals that Gumball was indeed born because they didn't use protection.

The Signal

  • When Gumball is about to try and grab the steering wheel to stop the runaway car, Darwin is about to explain why that's not a good idea, only for the glitching to cause cutaways to a claymation car crash, a headache commercial showing a diagram of a human brain, and a watermelon exploding.

The Parasite

  • Among the long list of "cons" Gumball and Darwin come up with for why they shouldn't read Anais' diary are their fear that she knows how to "keep someone alive and in pain" and the fact that she will "someday be old enough to buy power tools."note 
  • Richard passed out in front of the phone with Poison Control on the other line after Gumball asks what happened to the poisoned sandwich he was supposed to use on Jodie.

The Love

The Awkwardness

The Nest

  • In Anais' natural history book, the trionyx turtle's Latin name is "occidere machinae ex infernum". Translated, it means, "Killing machine from Hell".
  • During the baby turtles' attack on Elmore, one of them bites the groin of the green goblin Chanax CEO as he's taking a shower. Subverted later, when all the turtles in town perk their heads up and the one that bit the Chanax CEO in the crotch comes out from behindnote 

The Points

The Night

  • In his dream, Hector points out that in real life, he's too big to wear clothes, so he's always "naked and just hoping nobody looks up!"
  • Teri dreams she is naked in school.
  • Daisy dreams Anais is a doll (but clearly still alive) which she abuses under the guise of playing with her. This includes shoving Anais's head underwater, hanging her off the side of car to drag her face along the road, and ripping her in a tug-of-war with another doll.
    Anais: Please. End this.

The Misunderstandings

  • The hairy homeless guy makes a comment that causes Gumball to question if the man is wearing any clothes under his trenchcoat. The man responds, "I don't know, am I?!" and pulls the coat off. Gumball was clearly expecting to be flashed, as he closes his eyes and screams until he sees the man is fully clothed.
  • Gumball stands up to three LEGO construction workers by giving a hand gesture they guess is "the Vulcan gang sign" and whose meaning he admits to not knowing. A freeze frame shows that he has everything but his middle finger extended, making it clear he's Flipping the Bird in reverse. See for yourself here.
  • The LEGO construction workers seem to be giving Construction Catcalls and insults, but were really just making bad attempts at sincere compliments. The initial attempts to correct this come off as even more lecherous, including a Wolf Whistle and drawn out "Nice" ("That just went from 'uncomfortable' to 'unacceptable'.") When they try again at the mall, their tone sounds outright seductive and stalkerish, drawing a comparison to "...the last thing the victim hears in a horror movie." Gumball also narrowly averts an even worse debacle:
    Gumball: You guys really need to get out more.
    Hank: You're right. We need to hang out with some other people, but where?
    Steve: The mall?
    (other workers agree)
    Gumball: Definitely not the mall! That's where I'm going.
    Steve: Schools?
    Gumball: Ugh... alright, the mall.

The Roots

  • Gumball, Richard and Anais rush to destroy several electronic devices once they find out Nicole knows how to search their browser history.
    • Keep in mind that Anais is only four years old.
  • We get a nice dose of bloodless carnage when Richard decides to eat fish hooks and drink salt water, uttering, "I love the way salt water stings my insides," before passing out.
  • During the hurricane of fish puns, Gumball tells Darwin "Minnow you've been giving us a lot of carp about this whole fish thing..."

The Slap

The Detective

  • Gumball and Darwin are shown several times under the effects of sugary cereal.
  • Darwin is relieved that the object in Anais' hands when she enters the shed was just a paper fan, initially fearing it to be something to hurt (i.e., torture) him with. Anais replies that that's what the tools (including pliers, drills, hatchets, saws, and hedge clippers) hanging on the wall are for...

The Fury

  • This episode at one point comments on Nicole's big bottom.
  • As Nicole is jumping across cars with her children in tow, there's exactly one frame (right before she lands on Hot Dog Guy's car) where her Magic Skirt falters, lifting up far enough to show her underwear.
  • Pantsbully nearly calls Nicole a "dumb bitch" at the beginning after she jumps on his car. He only gets to the word "dumb" when Nicole threatens him with a death glare, reducing him to gibberish.
  • Gumball makes a Catchphrase variation, "What the actual what?", which is clearly based on the phrase "What the actual fuck?"
  • Yuki tries to piss off Nicole by sexually harassing Richard in front of his whole family. She hits on him despite his obvious discomfort, grabs a piece of his flab, and sticks her legs up in front of him to keep him from walking away.

The Scam

  • Darwin's crush on Carrie includes a rather questionable interest in being possessed by her:
    Carrie: (blushing) So, Darwin. Do you mind if I use your body?
    Darwin: (nervous murmurs)

The Disaster

  • Rob uses the remote to turn off the parent filter. Nicole and Richard then tell the kids to cover their ears before having a heated shouting match, the audio of which is muffled.
  • Gumball and Rob are literally rolling on the ground wrestling and accidentally change the music to a "romantic" jazz tune. Gumball comments "Is it me or does this music give a whole different vibe to the situation?"
  • As soon as Gumball grabs the remote:
    Rob: (in slo-mo) Give me that remote you little-
    Gumball: (presses the shut down button)

    Season 5 

The Rerun

The Stories

  • When Darwin is asked about his special dark place, he slowly points at his bottom.
    Gumball: Wha?
    Darwin: Never mind.
  • Principal Brown pretends to be cheating on Ms. Simian with Joan and that it resulted in an unplanned pregnancy—his.

The Guy

  • Gumball encourages Josh to rag on the fat purple cowboy by saying he wears a big hat to compensate for... Josh doesn't guess right.
  • One of Gumball's suggestions to force Josh to be Anais's friend again is to sneak into the locker room and blackmail him with nude pictures.

The Boredom

The Vision

  • The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin changing clothes in a locker room. Gumball has accidentally taken Alan's bag, which contains just a string. One of Gumball's attempts to wear it involves tying up his crotch to look like a present. Darwin even refers to the look as "Really Inappropriate Birthday Gift."
  • When reading Alan's manifesto, one of his plans is to force unhappy people into "happy camps". The boys' reaction draws even more attention to the parallels with concentration camps.
  • When miming ways to kill Alan, Darwin mimes sucking the air out of him. Given Alan's biology, Darwin was basically going to suck his guts out.

The Choices

  • After Harold insults Nicole for the millionth time in the future where they're married, there's a cut to Nicole being arrested in front of their burning house. Harold is nowhere in sight despite Nicole's furious responses to his last comment, suggesting she may have actually murdered him.
  • They silent montage of Nicole and Richard's life shows them attending a doctor and clearly finding out Nicole is pregnant. At first they are very happy, then get a shocked expression... and then they get married.
  • During the flashback of Gumball's birth, Richard "breastfeeds" him by taping a milk carton to his chest and Gumball drinking it through a straw.

The Code

  • "What the hashtag, dollar sign, at-sign, asterisk is going on here?!"
  • Gumball drops his butt in order to represent "LMBO- Laughing My Butt Off". This is almost never used in real life, instead referencing the more common "LMAO" acronym. note 

The Slide

The Test

  • Gumball decides to become the opposite of himself by doing the opposite of literally everything he does in every activity. Once he starts taking food out of his mouth and putting it on his lunch tray, Darwin decides he needs to "put an end to it before [Gumball goes] to the bathroom."
  • Gumball and Darwin blithely talk about suicide:
    Darwin: You're poisoning yourself!
    Gumball: It doesn't matter! I'm like that Roman emperor guy who kept drinking a bit of poison everyday to build up a resistance.
    Darwin: Oh, and how did that end?
    Gumball: Uh, his palace was invaded and he tried to off himselfnote  drinking poison, but it didn't work and he got hacked to pieces by his own soldiers.
    Darwin: Okay, that's— It would've been better if he had poisoned himself. But either way, you can see it didn't end well, right?

The Copycats

  • Gumball feeds Darwin Cowboy Caviar (completely obscured from view). When Darwin asks what it's made of, Gumball replies "Eggs... from cowboys." and Darwin wisely avoids inquiring further. Most kids watching would probably assume the joke is that Darwin unknowingly ate fish eggs, but cowboy caviar is actually another word for Rocky Mountain oysterssidenote , which are made with the testicles of livestock.
  • There's a rather dark joke involving the 'deletion' of the Anais ripoff. Anyone who knows about how the Chinese One-Child Policy works... yeah, you can take a wild guess.

The Potato

  • Gumball looks on the internet for something Darwin can do instead of eating potatoes, and sounds like he's talking about masturbation.
    Gumball: You know, a lot of people find doing something with their hands helps take their mind off cravings. Let's search for... "Things to do with your hands."
    (Gumball and Darwin look at a screen off-camera)
    Both: Whoa!
    Gumball: Origami! That's a great idea!

The Outside

  • Gumball pretends to be a Tattooed Crook, but the tattoo that was supposed to be a lion with a baseball bat is instead described as "a butt with a wig playing an oboe". The "whiskers", however, make it also look like a scrotum.
  • Richard makes some extremely invasive attempts to cozy up to his father, including cuddling him from behind while they're bathing, most of which make Frankie freeze in place and shudder. That they're acting like prison inmates doesn't make it any less suggestive.

The Matchmaker

The Console

  • Gumball mentions Anais could have worn an unseen outfit (that included leather platform boots), and she replies by looking down at her own body and saying it was not "age-appropriate".
  • When Gumball summons Richard in the battle with the final boss, his dad's "overdrive" ability consists of him emitting a powerful beam from his...behind. The ability's name? "Ring of Fire."
  • When Gumball holds back on attacking the final boss, he explains that "I don't know where its tentacles have been".

The Ollie

The Catfish

  • In a reference to American Beauty, we see Granny Jojo posing naked and moving "seductively" (with flowers covering her boobs and crotch) while Grandpa Louie describes the first time they met.
    Louie: Everything about her was magical. Her luscious lips... her flowing hair... her cutie patootie...
    Phone: I'm sorry, but I refuse to picture that last image. Goodbye, cruel world! (falls down and breaks)
  • This line:
    Louie: Our romance was ravenous, insatiable, our hearts melting with hunger until we consumed each other like a pair of feasting lions...
  • Jojo gets angry when the machine in the supermarket says to Louie "Please scan your items".

The Cycle

  • Gumball tells Richard that Harold seems to be a major thunder-jerknote . Likewise, Darwin remarks that it seems like everyone who rides a hoverboard is a butthatnote .
  • The kids ask Richard to tell them the one thing every adult dreams of.
    Richard: (counting on his fingers) Mmm... can't say that, can't say that, two of those at the same time—can't say that either.

The Grades

  • Principal Brown at one point explains, "I'm not a furry, I just wanted to see what I'd look like with a tail." While furry can have an innocent meaning, the fact he's so ashamed of it implies this is likely referencing the infamously less innocent part of the Furry Fandom (the fact he's courting an anthropomorphized primate doesn't help).

The Menu

Richard: Listen, little man! I'm the [Imitates static] customer here, and I [Imitates static] don't want to have to repeat my order! [Imitates static] One secret [Imitates static] burger to go, you little [Imitates static]!

The Uncle

  • Gumball begs Ocho to marry him in the school hallway, and Masami and Teri overhear it and have this exchange:
    Teri: Called it.
    Masami: Guess I owe you 20 bucks.
    • Gumball's reaction to being thought of as bi is to dial it down to dating.
  • Ocho's fake kidnapping prank not only leaves Gumball with realistic PTSD flashbacks, but forces Gumball to think he has to kill himself by jumping off a tall building to save Ocho from being killed.

The Weirdo

  • Gumball threatens to fight the Gang of Bullies picking on Sussie and starts a Battle Strip, but keeps taking off clothing until Darwin stops him.
    Gumball: Alright, I'm-a fight these punks!
    Darwin: What, Greco-Roman style?

The Singing

The Best

The Worst

  • Nicole tries to describes being a woman as like playing a video game without a joystick, which is already a pretty blatant Double Entendre, but she misremembers the term as "stick of happiness".

The Petals

  • Gumball needs to perform CPR on Leslie but hesitates because of Leslie's ugliness. Darwin forcibly pushes Gumball's face into Leslie's, and when he comes up for air, Leslie slaps him and asks "Who told you to stop?" So Darwin pushes Gumball down again and he screams while performing "CPR".

The Puppets

  • One of the old toys is a Bop-it parody that was damaged at some point. When Darwin tries to turn it it, it plays the words "press me, hold me, squeeze me" in a slow, distorted, and vaguely suggestive manner, and Darwin admits it no longer sounded "kid-friendly".
  • Once Darwin starts using Howdy and Frank again, he promises to never take them off his hands. Cut to Darwin stepping out of the bathroom, with the puppets silently aghast.

The Nuisance

  • Gumball makes Mr. Small to go crazy by pouring bath salts into the town's water supply.

The List

  • During Gumball's Imagine Spot of what his mom's life would have been like if she never had kids, it shows Nicole spending her life as an aristocratic lady. The Imagine Spot cuts off as Gumball says "And so the Duke arrives in person on horseback, and he's like, ripped, and he-" before Darwin cuts him off. Then Gumball decides to finish with his mom and the Duke getting married after that. note 
  • On the "round the world trip," Gumball, Darwin, and Nicole find themselves on a beach, but when they turn around they find it's a NUDIST beach. How that got past we may never know.

    Season 6 
The Rival
  • When Gumball and Darwin reminisce what could entail when their sister is born, one of them is them marrying her friends... cut to them, grown adults, marrying babies. Essentially child grooming. In their defense, they reject the idea afterwards precisely because of that.
  • When Gumball and Darwin decide to play hide-and-seek with Anais, they count to ten, and when they open their eyes, they're in the highway almost getting run over by a truck. Darwin gets so scared his ghost escapes him for a brief moment, but he pulls it back. Then comes this gem from Gumball:
    Gumball: Yeah, well, at least your soul was going upwards.
  • When Gumball decides he's had enough of Anais' evil tendencies, he says she's going back to where she came from, while pointing upward. Cue horrified look on Darwin's face.

The Lady

  • The opening scene shows the school getting closed for the day due to the staff having a bad trip due to mistakenly eating candles. It's your choice if this is meant to parody edible use, or bath salt use.

The Cringe

  • When Gumball and Hot Dog Guy end up in adjacent bathroom stalls at the same time, each tries to relax by doing breathing exercises, but ends up hyperventilating and then screaming at the top of their lungs, leaving both too distracted by the other to go. At best they thought the other was constipated, but them both standing and Hot Dog Guy asking "What is he doing in there!?" makes it seems more like The Immodest Orgasm.
  • Gumball trying to convince Hot Dog Guy why they need to get it out all the tension between them turns into a huge Double Entendre-fest.
    Gumball: You have to air out the awkwardness, let it all hang out. Free and loose flopping in the wind like a panting dog's tongue!
    Hot Dog Guy: That’s awkward enough already.
    Gumball: And then we'll roll in our awkwardness, slather ourselves in it like a couple oiled up prized hogs until the bitter shame finally tastes sweet.
    Hot Dog Guy: I feel like I need a shower.
    Gumball: Ah, funny you should say that.
  • There's also the scene that comes right after the scene above. Gumball and Hot Dog Guy are standing in the shower and Gumball insists that the fact Hot Dog Guy is wearing shorts makes things more awkward. An argument ensues that culminates with Gumball screaming "Just take off your clothes!"
    • In the very same scene, it turns out Banana Joe was in the same stall as them the whole time. After he takes his peel off and Hot Dog guy comments on how the situation couldn’t get any more cringe-worthy, Banana Joe proceeds to use a pair of peaches to visually explain that a "moon landing" is when two people accidentally bump butts. He ends up holding the peaches together in front of him, making his (at the time unpeeled) body look incredibly phallic.
  • Gumball dresses up as Hot Dog Guy's step-father and tries to give him The Talk.

The Faith

  • Darwin has a questionable line after he walks into a fire hydrant, which hits him between the legs.
    Darwin: Ow! Right in the... neck.
  • The police officers at the park are mauled by hungry ducks. One of them, the anthropomorphic soda can, staggers into view with his drink spilling through a gash in his body before he falls to the ground and a duckling drags him away.
  • During the song:
    You gotta find the good that's in this great big load of (raspberry)

The Candidate

  • The adults' charity gig turns into a wild party in which they all clearly get hammered and pass out, most likely to lead to a case of What Did I Do Last Night?
  • The TV gets so sick of the video it's playing that it turns itself off, in what is clearly a TV-Y7 imitation of blowing one's brains out.

The Pact

  • After Gumball finally reveals to Miss Simian she has bad breath, the scene cuts to Principal Brown's office where he asks Gumball how it went. Gumball reports:
    Well, I didn't need to go to the hospital. The nurse said it would be more dangerous to surgically remove the pencil.

The Shippening

  • The police raid on the Awesome Store results in the horrific injury of one of the police officers.
  • Sarah draws humanised anime versions of Gumball and Darwin getting married, and although this version of Gumball is female, no one addresses the fact that they're siblings (through adoption but still). Granted, the show itself has been at these implications since the beginning.

The Brain

  • Rather than argue with a teenage cashier over how he wasted so much time that her coupon expired, Nicole asks to speak with someone higher up. Each subsequent higher up that Nicole then meets with is younger than the last the further up the chain of command they are with the supervisor being a preschooler, the store manager being a baby, and the CEO still in his mother's womb. The real kicker however is when the CEO asks his shareholders to step in. A single man then enters the scene but is accompanied with a bunch of disembodied voices, the implication of this being the shareholders are talking sperm.

The Ad

The Potion

The Ghouls

  • In a rarity for shows that are Y7 rated in general and is seen more in CN's PG rated fare, the word sucks is uttered by Gumball when describing the former horror monsters' situation.
    Man, that sucks.
  • One of the monsters is a shadowy figure that unflinchingly stalks Rocky, a la It Follows. Keep in mind, the "It" from the original movie is passed through sex; in other words, this could be the show's way of saying Rocky is indeed sexually active.

The Awareness

  • This line:
    "I mean, you're gonna wanna go home to get milked, right?"
  • When Gumball tries to do photosynthesis, his body completely dries up, his eyes get inside of his body, and the full mouth can be seen. After that, a new, naked Gumball rips the dried body from inside and gets out of it.

The Buddy

  • Bobert literally craps himself, except it was oil not poop.

The Web

  • Nicole innocently refers to Gumball and Darwin as her "baes", though it turns out she meant "babies" in the context of them being her children. Of course with "bae" holding a far more romantic connotation, Gumball and Darwin are immediately squicked out.

The Mess

  • When Gumball and Darwin have a kissing booth, Hot Dog Guy and Leslie are in line.

The Heart

  • Mr. Robinson is arrested after searching up how to brainwash children online.

The Revolt

The Decisions

  • Alan teaches a group of little kids about healthy eating and demonstrates by struggling to eat a large eggplant through his balloon knot. One of the kids points out that Alan was talking while he was eating and is about to ask where the eggplant went before Darwin interrupts, to Alan's relief. The kid then offers him a pineapple which horrifies him more.
    • It gets worse when you realize what an eggplant emoji is often used to represent....


  • Throughout the episode, Darwin keeps mocking Gumball about all the "darns" he doesn't give.


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