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"Once when I was 7 years old I sat on a banana
and of course that changed my life!"

When you're as smart as Jimmy Neutron, you're bound to know one or two things you probably shouldn't. Sometimes, a savvy older viewer can pick up on some things that can fly right over the target audience's head.

Examples of such instances include:

  • As Pan Pizza noted in his review of The Movie, one ship looks like a dragon getting a rocket shoved in an... uncomfortable place.
  • In "When Pants Attack":
    Jimmy: Um... I sense a disturbance in my pants, ma'm.
    • To say nothing of the fact that the entire main castnote  spends a huge portion of the day without any pants on.
  • In "Crime Sheen Investigation", after putting Cindy through a lie detector test, Jimmy tells Goddard to X-ray Cindy's clothes, prompting Sheen to have an excited expression while Carl hides behind his notepad. She smacks Jimmy in response.
  • In the Alien Parody Episode "Who's Your Mommy," Carl attempts to take a sample of a strange alien pod, when it bursts open and a facehugger slathers him in the face, which causes him to get pregnant, and he goes through several symptoms of female pregnancy. With the pregnancy happening in his butt.
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  • In "Clash of the Cousins," Jimmy asks Sheen to get DNA samples of his cousins. Sheen asks Jimmy why is he always the one who has to collect bodily fluids.
  • In the episode "King of Mars," when Goddard's battery was dry and they needed a way to move, Cindy came up with using Carl's stretch pants as a wind sail. When Carl protested, Jimmy said, "Carl, pants off. Now."
  • The TV special "Win, Lose, Kaboom!" is full of Parental Bonus. Two moments that stand out are a commercial that we only overhear advertising "Quiznoc’s tentacle lubricant," and Judy putting on a television channel that likely shows porn (judging from the music) for her and Hugh before they turn off the lights.
  • Lest we forget this infamous exchange from Brobot, which deconstructs the implications of a 10-year-old genius with an extensive knowledge of human biology when Jimmy tells his parents that he wants a baby brother.
    Hugh: (Spit Take) Baby making is very... complicated, believe me.
    Jimmy: Dad, Dad, it's not complicated. Really, really, it's —
    Hugh: You don't know —
    Jimmy: It's basically conception, right?
    Hugh: (Sticks fingers in ears and hums "la la la la")
    Jimmy: ...then a nine month gestation period...
    Jimmy: ... and then you have...
    Judy: Sweetie, a new baby just isn't in the cards right now.
    Hugh: That's enough! OK! Ha ha, I want pie! Anyone else want pie? I want pie!
  • Carl: "This can't be real, but I know I'm not dreaming...if I was, there'd be llamas in it, and Jimmy's mom's.........COOKIES, JIMMY'S MOM'S COOKIES!!" He didn't stop short at 'Jimmy's mom' and then tack on the 's' for the sake of the cookies; he specifically said 'Jimmy's mom's".
    • Although he could just have meant moms plural. Which is just as funny.
  • From Men At Work:
    Mr. Neutron: "So, what do you want me to do with this piñata stick? ... On second thought, don't answer that."
  • In the first of The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, Mr. Neutron misinterprets Mrs. Neutron's "Mighty Mom" act as "roleplaying". So naturally, when the line "Help me reach my utility belt." is uttered, well...
    • That doesn't do it justice. Here are real shiny gems from Hugh:

    Judy: Come, Lint Boy, let us go to Mighty Mom's lair!
    Hugh: Heh heh, now you're talking.

    Hugh: But this time, can I be the one chasing you?
  • In the episode N Men, when Cindy is made invisible and fighting Jimmy (who's been hulked up) can be seen holding his hands over his pants (implying Cindy punched down under, and considering she has super strength... that's gotta hurt). Moments later when the characters' powers drain their life force Sheen says he just "lost his bladder control." Two jokes about the same body parts pretty much within a minute, good for you, Jimmy Neutron.
  • "Nightmare in Retroville"
    • Principal Willoughby reminisces about dressing up on Halloween in the past, talking about how he was Peter Pan seven times and such. But then he mentions that one year he went as Michelangelo's ''David,'' and remarks, "Woo! That one was chilly! Brrrr!"
    • A small amount of blood is shown when Carl cuts himself. Explicitly showing blood on a kids show for its time was very rare.
    • A werewolf-turned Libby and vampire-turned Cindy start fighting:
    Jimmy (with a blissful smile): This looks pretty cool.
  • In "Make Room for Daddy-O", Jimmy's mom places herself in the kitchen when his father shows disappointment in what she's made for dessert.
    • After Hugh turns cool and Judy comments on his clothes:
      Judy: Oh, Hugh, you're so shiny!
      Hugh: Yeah, you like what you see, baby? I've got more of that under the hood.
    • When Hugh holds up the dictionary during his song, the word "copulate" is visible, along with its correct definition, "to have sexual intercourse".
  • Jimmy using, among other things, scantily-clad women to try and win the school election in "Jimmy for President". (Carl even refers to them as such when he breaks down and exposes Jimmy, Sheen, and Libby's dishonest tactics.)
  • In "Granny Baby", Sheen mistakes a bra for an Ultra-Lord Double Barrel Slingshot.
    Carl: I don't know Sheen, If that's what it is then my mom has a lot of Ultra-Lord Double Barrel Slingshots.
    • Don't forget these gems.
    Judy Neutron: (After seeing Hugh try to lift their luggage) Oh no you don't, Mr. Muscles. If you hurt your back lifting those, you'll be no use to me tonight on our third honeymoon, (Jimmy walks into the room) when I want all the hotel room furniture rearranged.

    Granny Neutron: (After being turned into a baby) I'm topless! (covers self)

    Jimmy: Where'd you get the diaper?
    Granny: I was already wearing it!
  • In "Fowl Bull" Goddard gives Jimmy Iron-plated Undies and it's implied he rubs his bottom with talcum powder.
  • In "The Tomorrow Boys" the flower that Jimmy experimented on promptly gives Cop-bot the finger when he arrives to Jimmy's lab in the past.
  • In "Birth of a Salesman," Cindy ingests a piece of book gum, complains it tastes like fried chicken, and then adopts a stereotypical southern black accent and complains that she "Don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies."
  • In "League of Villains" we get this from Hugh.
    Hugh: Once when I was 7 years old I sat on a banana… and of course that changed my life!
    • This is probably the biggest middle finger the show has ever given the censors:
    Hugh: I haven't fainted since our wedding night!
  • At the end of "One of Us" when Jimmy's parents, who just got cured from their zombiefication, realize they're tied up together.
    Judy: Hugh, I don't like this one bit!
    Hugh: Really? I kinda like it.
  • "Love Potion 976/J":
    • While under the effects of the love potion, Carl at one point gives Judy Neutron a card that depicts him posing suggestively with his shirt off.
    • For his date with Cindy, Jimmy rearranges his laboratory into a cozy fireplace room and puts on a Hugh Hefner-style bathrobe complete with a (bubble) pipe. He even names the program "Hef".
  • A brief one, but Master Hong in "Crouching Sheen, Hidden Jimmy" mentions at one point that he watches lady wrestling on pay-per-view.
  • In "Attack of the Twonkies", when Hugh buys a handpuppet named Flippy, he does the classic butt joke ("You're the one with your hand up my-" "That's enough, Flippy").
  • In Beach Party Mummy when Jimmy's torch goes out leaving them all in complete darkness. As Jimmy tries to find his torch, Cindy squeals in pain. Judging by Cindy's reaction, Jimmy must've accidentally tweaked her butt (or possibly... something else).
    Jimmy: Stand still. I'll find my torch.
    Cindy: OW! That's not your torch!
    Jimmy: Sorry.
  • In "See Jimmy Run", Jimmy runs so fast he accidentally cuts a butterfly in half.
  • "Krunch Time" has Jimmy coming up with a highly addictive product that he then starts distributing among his friends and schoolmates for all sorts of favors and preferential treatment as they are just too damn needy to care.
  • In "Maximum Hugh", when Cindy's aunt Suzy is revealed to have impersonated Cindy's mother to cheat at the picnic games, she mentions that she is a magazine fold-out.
  • "Sorry, Wrong Era": When Hugh takes Jimmy's time distorter and proceeds to annoy the entire town with it, one random woman in the angry mob comments that Hugh used the device to make her experience the miracle of childbirth over and over and over, before breaking into tears.
  • This:
    Sheen: Hey Jimmy. I was having an argument with my stupid little sister. Is the Potty Fairy real?
    Jimmy: What?? No, of course not.
    Sheen: Then who have I been aiming at all these years?? I'll ask Carl. He's more worldly.
  • When Hugh sings his "Donut Boy" theme song, he ends with the line "Got a creamy filling" while looking seductively at the camera.


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