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Kid Flash, tightest butt alive.
If the original show has its own radar page, it should be no surprise that this page exists. This show is actually much more risqué than its predecessor in terms of the humor, despite being seemingly targeted at a somewhat younger audience.
  • In "Double Trouble", at the clone party, one of the Beast Boy clones appears to be humping a Cyborg clone in the background.
    • A group of the clones also play "spin the bottle".
  • In "The Date", there is a broom labeled "Lady" with two watermelons for breasts.
    • From the same episode:
      Cyborg: And my fortune is "You and Starfire will have seven kids!" What!?
      Beast Boy: That's gonna be awkward since I'm already marrying her.note 
    • Also at the beginning of the episode, the way Beast Boy looks conspicuously at Robin in his room might suggest he believes Robin is masturbating.
  • In "Laundry Day", Robin spends almost the entire episode naked, with fangirls snapping pictures of him.
    • Who better than Gizmo to be the villain Robin thwarts with only the power of his awkward nudity?
    • Beast Boy is similarly nude, but rather than running around outside, he gets all over the team's shared couch. In numerous positions. After admitting that he goes for weeks at a time without soap.
      • Topped off when one of the positions is him laying flat on the couch with a magazine over his crotch in the shape of a tent, referencing the common euphemism of "pitching a tent".
      • Not to mention the fact that the magazine was about animals.
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    • Cyborg has a feminine robot body in his closet as one of his replacement bodies. In a rare fourth wall awareness moment, he wonders in embarrassment, "How did that get in my closet?".
      • An alternate interpretation of it is that it is a sex doll.
    • At one point, Raven's sentient cloak is shown twerking.
  • In "Dude Relax", the entire couch scene is an obvious Acid Trip without the acid.
  • In "La Larva de Amor", a dog-shaped piñata's butt is smashed open and candy spews out of it. The piñata looks like Krypto.
    • While searching for Silkie in Starfire's room, Robin finds her diary and discreetly stashes it down the front of his pants. He even drools at the sight of it.
    • Silkie's "girlfriend" shows a lot of cleavage.note  He even gets some Marshmallow Hell for his trouble.
      • She also mentions that her ex-boyfriend used to call her mother a donkey. Another word for donkey is also a word for a certain body part.
      • Her swimsuit is apparently pretty tight around her chest.note 
  • "Hey Pizza!" had a lot of moments with Robin wanting to see Starfire in her bikini. Especially when it involved him thinking about applying suntan lotion on her, which caused something else to rise...
    • And another Beast Boy stoner joke. When he and Cyborg think they might have killed the pizza guy, they immediately panic about being sent to jail. Beast Boy's response is rather suspicious.
      Beast Boy: "Aah! I gotta go hide some stuff in my room!"
      Cyborg: "What?"
  • In "Girl's Night Out", Jinx has a bucket in her cell. Guess what it's for.
    • At one point, they also crash through a food truck, and when they come out the other side, you see the girls eating tacos—"(pink) taco" being a slang term for female genitalia.
  • "Super Robin" literally got crap past the radar. Cyborg complains about his car getting covered in bird poop and bird!Robin admits to doing it himself.
    • Earlier, when Robin was fighting Mammoth, it looks like Robin's humping his face at one point.
  • In "Tower Power", the Titans are cleaning Cyborg's body parts. Starfire is cleaning his butt when nuts and bolts start flowing out of it. If that were real poop, it would've never got past the censors.
  • In "Parasite", Robin has sexy pictures of himself on his computer.
  • "Gorilla" has this with with a closed captioning error. Cyborg, while training Robin, at one point says "Now take that kitty cat's dinner!", but the captioning mistakes this with "Now take that kick-ass dinner!" Considering Warner Bros. themselves subbed this, is this an example of Mondegreen, or a bored intern?
  • In "Starliar", a flashback shows Cyborg chugging an entire bowl of punch, then puking.
    • In the same episode, Robin attempts to grind with Aqualad, but the Atlantean is having none of that.
  • In "Meatball Party", the Titans barge in on Raven while she's taking a bath. They even get in the bathtub with her.
  • "Staff Meeting": during a fight with Dr. Light, Robin's already broken staff goes limp. Dr. Light stops fighting to take the time to laugh even while Robin foolishly fails to hit him.
  • In "Terra-ized", Beast Boy shows Robin his photo booth pictures with Terra. If you look closely, you can see Beast Boy doing something rather inappropriate.
  • In "Matched", Beast Boy straddles a scratching post between his legs and fondles it.
    • He also offered Raven a "romantic horsey ride" while on her bed. Even though Beast Boy turned into a horse.
    • Robin appears in speedo only to make Starfire and Cyborg uncomfortable.
  • In "Colors of Raven", Purple Raven is very flirtatious, especially around Beast Boy. Then she starts a free kissing booth with a line full of older men.
    • Cyborg and Beast Boy "trying to capture" Pink Raven is visually reminiscent of your average drug trip, with rainbows, flying unicorns, and ridiculous amounts of food with faces. This also includes their incredible disappointment when it "wears off". They even "wake up" in a dingy back alley somewhere.
  • In "Books", during the Art Shift where the Titans are drawn like their comic counterparts, Starfire is wearing her Absolute Cleavage outfit.
    • After the Titans read all the books, Raven has on hand and she refuses to get more for them, they start going into withdrawal. Robin even says, "You can't get us started on books and then cut us off!"
    • When the Titans have finished their books, they ask Raven for more. She suggests that they borrow each other books, and Cyborg says "You are nasty, girl! That is just gross!" as if it was something hygienic.
    • Raven asks the Titans what their thoughts were on their books when she creates a book club for them. Most of them (except Raven) give simplistic responses ("My book had science, and science is cool!"), but Beast Boy launches into a song about books that includes the line "It's my Book Day, neh!". Apparently the censors caught on to how "neh" sounds like the first part of the "N word", because later airings change the line to "It's my book, babeh!".
  • In "Power Moves", Robin becomes obsessed with doing Power Moves with Cyborg. However, when Cyborg doesn't want to do Power Moves anymore, Robin merges with Cyborg against his will and refuses to leave his body.
    • And let's not forget the jealousy Beast Boy felt.
    • Honestly, "Power Moves" is quite possibly the gayest ten minutes of television besides The Slap from The Amazing World of Gumball ever to end up on a kids channel, and it's utterly fantastic.
  • In "Staring at the Future", we get a shot of Nightwing's well toned butt cheeks.
  • In "Caged Tiger", Beast Boy does his business in the elevator while making sounds that could be mistaken as an orgasm. Many of the comments that show up when the scene is discussed mention this fact.
    • And while attempting to stave off that, he asks Robin how things are going with Starfire. Robin claims that (as Starfire touched his arm six times last week), they're practically dating. Cut to Cyborg yelling "Going down in 3-2-1!" (... whilst about to connect one of the elevator circuits).
  • Robin's reaction to seeing Starfire wearing Batgirl's outfit in "Sidekick". Also note that Starfire says it's too tight to take off.
  • "Legs" might as well be called the "Sexy Raven Episode".
  • In "Burger vs. Burrito", Cyborg and Beast Boy are busy cooking their respective foods. One scene has Cyborg punching a bowl of beef repeatedly with the words "food pun" on his apron. In other words, he's beating his meat.
  • Grandma!Cyborg not allowing Starfire to go out due to her clothing being too revealing from "Grandma Voice".
  • Raven's "hate it" montage in "Real Magic" ends with Beast Boy on her bed, in his underwear, with a trail of rose petals and candles leading to it. Real subtle.
    • In the UK for certain (and possibly other places), that scene has actually been cut from the episode, presumably from complaints. This scene also resulted in the episode being rarely aired on Cartoon Network in the US after frequent rotation.
  • Beast Boy finds out that he can transform into an adult in "Beast Man." Raven tells him to change back, before he ends up with a loveless marriage. She then looks off to the side and gives a big, silly grin and a flirty laugh. Real subtle, Raven.
  • Robin's dream in the episode "Dreams" is redubbed footage of his kiss with Starfire in Trouble in Tokyo. Only it's much longer and with a lot of moaning.
    • Raven's dream has her killing her father so that she could kill the Titans herself. Afterwards, she rides the Earth with their corpses while giggling evilly. This causes her to sleep straddle Silkie with a smile on her face.
    • Also, during Cyborg's video game dream, he clearly says "Aw, shit" at one point after mistiming a jump.
  • "In and Out" has this conversation between Cyborg and Raven:
    Cyborg: Man, is it just me or is nothing working in this Tower?
    Raven: Uh, that reminds me. Avoid the bathroom.
    (scene cuts to Starfire entering the bathroom and screaming in horror)
  • In "Mr. Butt", Blackfire often comments on Robin's noticeable butt.
    • There's also Blackfire actually stripping Starfire at one point. A giant "CENSORED" box slides in to cover her for the duration.
    • "Wrong kind of hug!" Not helped by the way she says "Oh, this feels good".
    • In general, Blackfire's attraction to Robin has a "Fifty Shades of Grey" feel to it.note 
    • Also in this episode, we find out Starfire has a bidet.note 
    • When Robin realizes Starfire is missing, he calls the other Titans to start digging up the yard, implying that he thinks Blackfire killed and buried her sister. Or that she just buried her.
    • "I'm here for the her!" sounds suspiciously like Starfire was about to say "whore".
  • In "Man Person", Beast Boy's severed eye rolls on Raven's bed through her covers.
    • While Beast Boy shows off his new robot arm with his superpowers, Raven just says "So hot..."
    • Later, when Robin and Cyborg are discussion Beast Boy's unhealthy obsessions with artificial limbs, Cyborg corrects Robin when he calls Beast Boy Man Person, telling him his name is Beast Boy. Cue Raven floating into the room with a blissful expression on her face, dreamily telling them he is "no boy". Of course it turns out Beast Boy turned himself into a Cyborg, but still...
  • In "Pirates", Raven has a cheeky expression when Cyborg asks her if Aqualad has shown her "his pirate booty yet".
  • In "Love Monsters", during the montage where the Titans sans Raven are hanging out with the Twin Destroyers of Azarath, the basket on the bike says "Hug Life".
  • Are we not going to reference Beast Boy putting his finger into Raven's pie? It was blueberry.
  • In "Caramel Apples", one scene shows Starfire staring at Trigon's butt while he's dancing.
    • Raven is playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus figurines, using them to act out her frustration with Trigon and Starfire bonding. At one point, she says, "Those caramel apples are mine, you dumb horse!"
  • "Multiple Trick Pony", as the picture shows, once again has Starfire checking out someone's ass, in this case, Kid Flash's. Robin's butt is also subject to Female Gaze again.
  • "Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp" has Beast Boy force Robin to dance for bees, AKA money. He remains fully clothed, but we get quite the butt closeup at one point.
  • "The Fourth Wall" has Beast Boy doing his "underpants dance" in front of the fourth wall, which is basically him twerking with just his underwear on.
  • "Wally T." when The Titans are testing to see what children enjoy in the show, Wally T. drools and gives his nerdy Male Gaze and turns the "enjoy" knob over and over again after seeing Raven's Legs on the screen.
  • "Booty Scooty" has Robin and The Freak twerking, or rather, doing the "booty scooty".
  • In "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star" Beast Boy turns into a cow (a Female cow apparently) and squirts the judges with his milk, Batman gets it in the mouth causing him to puke. But the one who got it worse was Wonder Woman and it looks straight out of a porno.
    • And before this, Cyborg performs a musical number where he pretty much seduces Wonder Woman. She ends up with messy hair and is visibly satisfied.
  • "Tower Renovation" shows Cyborg literally crapping out wooden planks and steel I-beams after swallowing wood and metal.
  • There's an episode of Season 5 related to football that also has one in its title: "Slapping Butts and Celebrating for No Reason". And yes, they literally slap butts.
  • In "Monster Squad", Robin suggests that they go trick-or-treating naked. It then has a shot of treat bags covering their private parts.
  • The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy’s unholy spawn. Plus the shot of them kissing on screen was equally disturbing.
  • Basically over half of the movie involves potty humor and Robin twerking.
    • Supergirl WEARING Plastic Man.


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