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Radar / Shrek Forever After

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  • The part where Shrek wants Donkey to track down Fiona (after seeing the Wanted posters). Donkey calls her scent "sweet and delicious" to which Shrek replies that it's his wife he's talking about. Turns out he was talking about his Trademark Favorite Food waffles.
  • At the end when the witches take off on their brooms, one of them can't get hers to start. It turns out she's pulling on Pinocchio's nose, and he's smiling too.
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  • Donkey calling Gingy a "cracker."
  • "My donkey fell in your waffle hole!"
  • Gingy gets a pair of icing chaps that cover his front, but not his back, which he takes a delighted, deliberate look at. In other words, assless chaps.
  • After Shrek says "true love’s kiss,” this is Donkey’s response:
    Donkey: You’re gonna have to take me to dinner first.

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