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  • The film starts with this. After reading a storybook, Shrek rips a page from it and says "What a load of—". The rest of the sentence is cut off by the sound of a toilet flushing.
    • In the Finnish dub he actually finishes (Pun unintended) that sentence.
  • Lord Farquaad, the Big Bad. note  Especially since he's a caricature of then-Disney CEO Michael Eisner.
    • Try saying "Farquaad" really fast five times. Also try skipping the 'r' each time you say itnote . Got it yet?
    • One memorable Farquaad moment is when he's watching his bride-to-be in the magic mirror while he's in bed (making the mirror rewind, no less), and he peeks under the blanket at his lap, and gets this pleased "Oh my" sort of expression. If you look closely, you can actually see, ahem, part of the blanket move. The same scene shows a rather familiar-looking bear rug on his bedroom floor. One with a bow that we spotted on Mama Bear earlier in the movie.note 
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    • "So, do you think he's Compensating for Something?" If you think it's a comment about his height, remember Shrek hadn't seen Farquaad yet.
    • Yet again, towards the end when Fiona sees Lord Farquaad's castle, there's this bit of dialogue.
      Donkey: You know Shrek says that the castle is Compensating for Something, and I think it means he has a REALLY small-
      Shrek: Okay, time to go.
    • And according to the DVD commentary, the above Donkey line used to go FURTHER.
  • Near the start of the film, Gingy is being tortured by Farquaad and his men by having his legs broken off, one of them being crushed to crumbs, and being dunked upside down in a glass of milk. But it's funny, since he is a cookie.
    • Also, Gingy says, "Eat me!" to Farquaad, but once again, they get away with it because he's a cookie.
  • Also when Shrek goes to save Donkey from the dragon.
    Fiona: Where are you going!? The exit's over there!
    Shrek: Well, I have to save my ass.
    • Ironically, this bit does not get past the radar on TV airings (specifically, when Cartoon Network aired the movies in the mid-to-late-2000s), where the "ass" part is muted out.
  • A scene ends and the audio starts to fade out when Donkey says "Parfaits may just be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet."
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  • When the little dolls are singing the 'welcome to Duloc' song there's this verse: Please keep off of the grass. Shine your shoes, wipe your...[turn around] face.
  • During "Monsieur Hood"'s song:
    Hood: I like a little spice on a saucy little maid.
    Backup singers: What he's basically saying is he likes to get-
    Hood: PAID!
  • When Donkey is being courted by the dragon, in the Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish dubs he says: "That's sexual harassment!"
    • Another addition in the Norwegian dub is Donkey saying "Herregud", which, while the direct meaning is "Oh my god", is more of a cuss word in Norwegian, along the lines of "Damn". In a similar vein, the Swedish dub uses the equivalent of "shit", however, it's a more lighthearted word.
    • In the climax, when Donkey asks: "You want to hold her? Please her?" To Shrek in regards to Fiona, it's a little risqué, but fine since it can be interpreted in numerous ways. In the Swedish dub, however, in the place of "please her" he says "take her". In Swedish, it has no other meaning than "have sex with her" in that context.
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  • Near the beginning, when Donkey is being sold, the old woman trying to convince the buyers that Donkey can speak holds his mouth and pretends that he is speaking, saying "I can talk! I love to talk! I'm the talkiest damn thing you ever saw!" Admittedly it's very difficult to hear what she's saying.
  • The mirror feels the need to tell Farquaad that Snow White isn't "easy" despite living with seven men.
  • Fiona attempting to remove the arrow and Shrek rolling over in pain, causing Fiona to land on top of him. Donkey returns and tells them if they wanted to be alone, they should have asked. Shrek assures him it isn't what it looks like but it is the last thing on his mind.
  • When Shrek is holding down the tree so Fiona and Donkey can cross, Fiona caresses Shrek's back, prompting a pleased expression from him and following after her.