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Scooby-Doo is rather raunchy, filled with innuendos. Many have questioned why the film got a PG rating for the final cut. They can all be found in this video.

  • An oral sex joke didn't get past the radar and was removed to lower from an R rating to a PG.
  • Shaggy is talking about a banana split, He refers to Fred as "The Big Banana". Also, Fred's reaction after that.
  • Shaggy mentions that "But you don't need to know what Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? means to love that song!" Kinda justified in that it is in a song, but it still means "Do you want to sleep with me?" If Shaggy really doesn't know what it means, then it's even more justified, since he really doesn't know what he's saying. However, it was removed in the book.
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  • Velma says "crap" once she sees Daphne at the airport.
  • Daphne tells the crew she plans to open a can of "Chinese whoopass".
  • Daphne heavily implies that the Luna Ghost kept trying to grope her. It was altered to bad breath in the book.
  • Also the scene right after the gang has broken up with Scooby and Shaggy hanging out at a beach, in their van, laughing, whilst smoke comes out of the van's roof. It turns out they're really just making eggplant burgers. The burgers in question feature some rather unusual condiments including chocolate and hot sauce. Also, "Pass the Dutchie" is blaring in the background.
  • Fred explains to Velma that he is a man of substance and "dorky chicks like [Velma] turn [Fred] on".
  • Related to that smoke, when Mary Jane first introduces herself, Shaggy enthusiastically notes that she has his favorite name. (Mary Jane is a nickname for marijuana.)
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  • Shaggy and Scooby also won't go anywhere with "Hydrocolonic/hydrochronic" in the name, but that's like, for a totally different reason, man.
  • Fred said to Scooby at the Spooky Hotel that it was the most embarrassing moment since he cleaned his beans at Don Knotts' Christmas party.
  • When Shaggy finds Fred after the monsters attack, Fred drops "biatch". Subtitles render that as "bitch".
  • Right before the gang kicks Scrappy out of the group, he outright tells Fred, "You don't have the scrote for this job, Pally!"
  • Velma got drunk after she had too much of a tiki drink while talking to Brad about Scrappy getting kicked out. A deleted scene had her do a drunken rendition of "Can't Take My Eyes of You" (sexual gyrating included) for Fred and Daphne, only for Mr. Mondavarious to reveal that her drinks were non-alcoholic.
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  • Pretty much every woman, including Daphne and Velma, wears skimpy clothing. It makes sense considering that most of the film takes place at a tropical island.
  • Shaggy tells Fred, "You're a freaking protoplasmic head!"
  • At the very end, Scrappy nearly calls Mystery Inc. a group of "meddling sons of bitches". The last word was obviously not heard.
  • This awkward line, spoken by Fred while in Daphne's body: "Hey... I can look at myself naked!" Immediately afterwards, he looks down the front of her dress and grins. Later, Fred-in-Daphne's-body can be seen in the background, groping her own body. Also, Shaggy-in-Velma's body can be seen trying to look up her own skirt.
  • Fred's soul told Shaggy that someone spiked his root beer last night and wanted to be talked down.
  • In a scene from a trailer, Fred asks Scooby/actually Scrappy "Did somebody spike your dog bowl?"