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It's good to note that this page was created before the first episode even aired. (What can we say? Dan Schneider has a reputation and we're Genre Savvy.)



  • The titular favorite show, "That's a Drag". It consists of cross-dressing characters. Drag. You do the math.
  • When Sam is looking through the TV guide, one of the show titles is 'Extreme Groin Injuries'.
  • Bob's hugging and Ethan's questions frequently bypass the radar.
    • Sam gets annoyed with Bob and sends him off to hug a stranger.
  • When Cat yells "SHUT THE FRIDGE?!", at first it sounds like she was beginning to say something else...
  • Sam and Cat share a "butt bump" at the end of the episode ("Roommate power!"). What.



  • The little kids' prank call to Inside Out Burger includes such lines as "How big are your buns?" and "Are your buns firm?"
  • Sam tells Dilben to "suck a truck."


  • At the start, Sam teaches a kid how to speed text by rolling his thumb, using an example of "Waz." Cat then cheerily explains how Sam frequently texts Cat of her wazzing, while she's wazzing.
  • The discussion of Dice's annoying friend:
    Sam: Wow, he's really sucking down that egg.
    Dice: Yeah, cuz he loves 'em. All he does is eat eggs.
  • A Zoolander reference when Sam and Cat win the RC boat.


  • At the start, a dog bursts into the living room where Sam's sleeping and sits on her head. She immediately assumes it's Cat.
  • Sam and Cat's fight at the restaurant has their legs interlocking, and at one point Sam straddles Cat for a second.
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  • Sam holding two motorcycle helmets up at around her breasts and asking Cat if she was expecting them.
  • At the very end Cat and Sam discuss whether or not they could use the Urinal on Sam's wall.
    Sam: "It would be difficult...but not impossible"


  • An Adult male staying alone with two underage females probably only by passed the radar due to the mental state of the male.
    • Made worse when at one point he jumps in bed with Cat and then later grabs one of the girls' bra that had been left hanging out.
  • Goomer pushing Cat under the table looks like something a grown man shouldn't do to a teenage girl.
    • Cat also took a picture of Sam's legs while down there.
  • Sam having to explain to Cat what a low blow is.


  • Yet again, Cat winds up on top of Sam. We probably should just stop bringing this up, you know it happens at least Once an Episode.


  • When meeting Goomer's mom, Sam asks Goomer if he met his mother (calling her this pretty lady) on Goomer responds by saying "That's just sick."
  • Pretty much everything Ms. Merr says and/or does.
  • Cat: "Like when the three wise men brought baby Jesus"


  • Nona asks Cat if the "Mustard-aid" came from a horse, implying that it's urine.
  • The whistle Cat uses when the guy running the dog shelter tried to hug her was a lot like a rape whistle.
  • The dog and Alexis are in a sexual position at the dog contest.
  • Sam says "I ate so much wad" (popcorn held together by honey).



  • At least half a dozen uses of the word nipple (in reference to part of a baby bottle) in the first two minutes.


  • From Sam acting like she caught Cat cheating on her to Sam giving a girl to two men who are going to Mexico, this whole episode is one big ol' Radar Jump.



  • Sam chasing Cat around the living room saying "Daddy loves you!" in a seriously creepy voice.
  • Dice greeting the girls with "Happy Halloween, witches!"


Cat: When I say Aybra Kadaybra-
Sam: You told me to stop making fun of your A-bra. *An offended Cat covers her breasts*
  • For one thing, Cat's trick involved making Sam think that licking chicken did weird things to her head...
  • Then on Sam's end, during Melanie's second 'attack', she full-on kissed Cat on the lips. And no one denies that this happened in the slightest.
    • In fact, it becomes a minor plot point in Sam's plan.


  • Sam's apparent addiction to root beer resembles stereotypical alcoholism.
    Sam (yelling at Cat): I drink root beer because of you!
  • Again, a young girl is left alone with an adult man, this time in a shack in the middle of an empty cemetery at night.
  • Spanish is the vehicle used for getting this bit past the radar in a bonus scene during the credits.
    Sam (at Cat): Si no encontramos nuestra piña llena de dinero tendré que agarrar las tijeras y cortarse los dedos de los pies!
    Translation: If we don't find our pineapple full of money I will have to grab the scissors and cut off your toes!


  • The fact that the lab that Sam, Cat, Dice and Goomer use to make the illegal Blue Dog soda looks a lot like a meth lab. And it exploded like one too.


  • Cat seductively asking Freddie if they want to hang out.
    • The two of them flirt in Spanish.
  • Robbie accuses Freddie of Fadoodling Cat all around Hollywood. Quite possibly the most blatant sexual reference on a Nickelodeon show follows:
    Freddie: I didn't fadoodle with Cat!
    Cat: You could have if you wanted to!
  • Jade kicking out the boys out of a table with just a stare. While the boys flee in terror with that very look, it looks more seductive and arousing than it is terrifying.
    • Considering what Jade finds arousing they have a good reason to flee.
  • After Sam kisses Robbie, she says sultrily, "That was some tasty Robbie."
  • After Cat locks Sam in a closet and dresses in a stunt outfit in order to jump the killer tuna in her place, Sam points out that people will recognize her since they don't have the same body type. This leads to Cat grabbing two oranges and stuffing them in her outfit, making her chest stick out. Right before she leaves, she says, "Yay boozums!". (Watch for the oranges after the bike wreck.)

"#BlooperEpisode" has so much:

  • Sam licks Cat's mouth at one point.
  • Sam grinds against Cat during the Dance Party Ending.
  • Merf starts trying to shove his face up Cat's skirt.
  • Sinjin from Victorious kisses both Cat and Zoran on the forehead. Their faces after this are priceless.
  • Ariana Grande does a lot of twerking between takes.


  • While in the box, Cat complains to Sam that she has an itch that she can't reach. Sam tells her to rub the part of the body that itches against the box, and Cat's noises she makes during and after this is downright hilarious.
  • A teenage customer and the teenage magician has a conversation which involves this crude joke:
    Magician: It then disappears!
    Customer: The shirt?!
    Magician: No, the stain!
  • Dice and Goomer's faces when they think that Sam murdered the teen magician are priceless. The way the paint was spilled looked like Sam snapped his neck!


  • They get this out of the way early on with Cat trying to soak apples in cranberry sauce. She calls them 'crapples'.
    Cat: How's it taste?
    Sam: Like crapple.


  • To help Goomer, an adult male, prepare to ask out Rita, an adult woman, Sam gets Cat, a teenage girl, to pretend to flirt with him. Including putting her hands on top of his. It's little wonder he legs it

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