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  • One of the most brazen examples in the series can be found in "Reptar 2010"; when Chuckie is hiding behind some toy blocks, the arrangement of letters are clearly meant to spell out a rather naughty word.
  • The episode entitled "Cradle Attraction" (a play on the title of the thriller, Fatal Attraction) is clearly a metaphor for a SADOMASOCHISTIC couple's love-life. Chuckie and Megan discover that they love being mean to each other, and throughout the episode, that's how they show affection towards one another. Near the end of the episode, Chuckie goes to find Megan and "put a worm in her hair," but can't figure out where she went. He walks up behind her, and sees her poking another boy with a tree branch (which is how she first showed that she likes Chuckie). Chuckie is appalled and runs away, screaming "Megan, how could you?!" while Megan shouts "Wait, it's not what it looks like!" She is only 2, but STILL.
    • Phil even comments "You'd think if she was gonna pick on another kid, at least she'd stop picking on you first." So, to translate, Chuckie's girlfriend was sleeping around.
  • In "Barbecue Story," Angelica kicks Tommy's ball over the fence. Tommy delivers a Rousing Speech to the other babies and his diaper straps came undone and his diaper started sliding off. You can see the top half of Tommy's crotch, and he very quickly pulls up his diaper and his cheeks turned red.
  • The Rugrats Movie
    • Dil pulls Tommy's diaper down while he's talking to the other babies. We see their reactions but special mention goes to Lil's expression of wonder and excitement.
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    • Charlotte says that she just knew Didi was going to have a boy, with the following line: "You know what they say; born under Venus, look for a—" (At which point her cell phone rings and interrupts her.)
    • One of the songs used in the movie gets away with the lyric "So fast the wind'll blow dry your asshole." It helps that the lyrics are nigh-indecipherable, but still, one of the biggest GCPTR moments for this series.
    • In the same movie, another song sneaks in a reference to circumcision. Specifically, a baby girl bemoans the loss of her umbilical cord, to which a baby boy responds by looking in his diaper and telling her "Consider yourself lucky."
  • In the episode "Let Them Eat Cake" Tommy and Chuckie accidentally wander into a Jewish wedding and an obvious bottle of wine is seen on a table.
  • From "Princess Angelica":
    Tommy: Yeah, Rapoozle had a prince climb up her hair almost every night.
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  • In "Twins Pique" near the end the babies break into Phil and Lil's dad's office desk to get his "quackulator" (calculator) among the objects they toss out include a magazine with a woman on the cover in a Playboy Bunny outfit.
  • "Fugitive Tommy" has Tommy say he needs something hard and thin to put through the Chinese fingertrap in able to take it off his fingers. He then puts his hands into his diaper... to get a screwdriver, but even so...
  • A questionable line occurs in the episode "Give and Take", in which Chuckie became obsessed with playing with an inflatable clown doll named Boppo to the point of ignoring the other babies. Phil says "A kid his age should be outside playing with his friends, not sitting alone in his room bopping his Boppo." Cue massive Double Take.
  • In the episode "The Odd Couple", Stu calls Chaz to ask him to watch Tommy. Chaz tells Stu he has to go, he's paying two dollars a minute on the other line. Stu says something inaudible, to which Chaz, somewhat defensively, remarks "No, Stu, I'm on the Crossword Hotline!" It's pretty easy to guess what Stu thought Chaz was doing...
    • If you look real closely on the crossword puzzle Chaz is taking he asks for the answer to number one down. The clue is "Stupid" and 1 across is "Door", and reading down the word dum is already written in...with four more letters needed. The most likely answer is "dumbass".
  • In the early seasons, quite a few one-shot characters would be seen smoking, typically villains or crooked characters, such as the cigar-chomping lawyer F. Lee Barnum whom even smokes his cigar in a courtroom (from "Pickles vs. Pickles"), the cigar-smoking manager of Greenstreet's supermarket (from "The Case of the Missing Rugrat"), and the bumbling crook Mike, whom always has a cigarette dangling in his mouth (from "Ruthless Tommy.") When the series was revived in 1996 after its initial cancellation, Nickelodeon was beginning to enforce strict no-tobacco policies for their shows by that point.
  • "Grandpa's Date"
    • The main premise of the episode is Lou's old girlfriend Morgana visiting after years apart and him trying to do everything he can to keep Tommy and Chuckie upstairs because he doesn't want her to know he's a grandpa. She reveals that she left him because she witnessed him making-out with a woman named Trixie. Lou tries to explain that he was giving her CPR, but it's revealed later in the series that "Trixie" is the name of Stu and Drew's mother. So when Lou tries to explain to her that the reason he didn't want her to know he had grandchildren was because she would think he's too old could be to hide the fact that the affair he had with Trixie resulted in children. Or at the very least, that he didn't waste much time in hooking up with Trixie if he was faithful.
    • Grandpa Lou rents some movies: Reptar Come Home, Reptar Redux, "And my personal favourite... Lonely Space Vixens!" Grandpa then adds "... that's for after you go to bed."
  • The episode "No More Cookies", where Angelica attempts to cut back on cookies, is a clear allusion to drug addiction.
  • "Weaning Tommy" does the same thing as "No More Cookies", only with Tommy's difficulty in giving up drinking from a bottle being used as a stand-in for alcoholism. Tommy looks like he's going through withdrawals, he hides bottles in random places, he bargains with Phil and Lil, and even says "I need a drink" at one point.
  • Rugrats in Paris has a few moments of GCPTR gold on its soundtrack too.
    • The scene where the cast finally land in Paris and they are in the airport ready to board the bus to Euro Reptar uses a song in the background entitled "L'histoire d'une fée c'est..." (or "The Story of the Fairy is..." in English), sung by popular French singer Mylene Farmer. Following the movie's premise of Chuckie wishing for a new mother, Mylène plays the role of a Chaotic Neutral fairy named Melusinè, who promises to grant this wish if he promises to "believe in her". It comes off as pretty innocent unless you try slurring a part of the title. "Fèe", meaning "fairy" or "fae" in French and "c'est" meaning "is", when slurred into one word may sound like "fessée", which means "spanking". What doesn't help is several lines in the song, when translated to English, can come off as very sexual depending on how deep in the gutter your mind is, with lines like "when I'm wanted, I appear", "be careful with my wings" and "I'm not into latex". Everything's Sexier in French indeed! The worst part? The image released as the single's box art was a picture of Chuckie, asleep in his bed holding his bear Wawa, with fairy Mylène sitting over his bed naked!
      • Worth noting that Mylene Farmer is precisely famous for her risqué lyrics, like her song "Pourvu qu'elles soient douces" ('As long as they're sweet') about erotic spanking.
    • "I see London, I see France, I see Coco's underpants!"
  • Any Between My Legs moment in the series. Angelica being the common one used for the frame.
  • "Club Fred"
    • The babies are going around the titular resort to look for treasure (long story), and one of the places they stumble upon is a nude beach. There's liberal use of Scenery Censor when they see the beachgoers, to say nothing of the music...
    • Aunt Miriam is very flirtatious towards Pirate Fred, at one point even going so far as saying that she likes his booty.
  • The chocolate pudding scene from "Angelica Breaks a Leg" includes Stu bringing Angelica the pudding when she's watching TV. The sounds in the background make it sound like she's enjoying a war movie. And laughing uproariously.
  • When Dr. Doozer first looks over the X-rays in "Angelica Breaks a Leg," the folder on top is for an Anita Peepers and is marked "DOA" (i.e. dead on arrival) in bold red letters.
  • There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the episode "Turtle Recall" where Chaz is looking at an enormous department store directory, and you see half a word cut off by the screen, "vibra-". Take a wild guess as to what it could've been.
  • In the episode "Kid TV" Angelica has an infomercial for her own cosmetic which she calls her Beauty Juice. The twins mangle this up as her "booty juice".
    • As they're clamoring and begging for Angelica to give it to them.
  • In the episode "Special Delivery", Tommy ends up in the dead letter office at the post office and nearly falls down a chute that leads to a pile of unreturnable letters and a human skeleton.
    • Before that moment though, Tommy arrives there via a mailbag the delivery guy was carrying, and he reads a magazine called "American Baby" which has a Playboy-like centerfold. When he opens it up, he says "Baby!" with awe. Remember, this is a magazine about babies.
  • In "Naked Tommy" Tommy describes what being naked is to Phil and Lil. He shows the front part of him where his genitalia can be seen to the twins (but not at the audience).
    Tommy: Don't you see, Phil and Lil?
    Lil: Yeah, We see alright.
    • In the same episode, after the twins strip naked, Tommy says this while eyeing down at Lil's crotch, "Uh, Lil, can I ask you a question?"
    • Also, Didi is trying to tell Betty that the nakedness is a natural stage for babies to go through. Betty is not sold on this, saying, "The sixties are over, and we lost. So get on with the program, alright!"
    • This line from Stu:
    Stu: I don't know what kind of family you're from Deed, but in my family we wore clothes! Except of course for Great Aunt Lois, but that's another story.
  • In the episode "Tommy and the Secret Club", Angelica name-drops one of the most feared world leaders (at the time). While it's mispronounced, it's obvious who she meant.
    Angelica: If you don't remember to ask for the password, anybody could just waltz right into the club. Count Draculator, Sadman Husseini or even Chuckie.
  • In the Passover special, Grandpa Boris and Grandma Minka argue over their "vine" glasses from the Old Country.
  • In Mommy's Little Assets Charlotte's assistant Jonathan thinks a "sweetie" directed towards Angelica is meant for him. Charlotte quickly corrects him, saying she'd never call one of her employees "sweetie," especially "after the Clarence Thomas hearings."
    • Also, Charlotte mentions to get the Mapplethorpe painting off the wall. Robert Mapplethorpe is known for painting nude men, so...
  • In the Chanukah special there's a building seen in the background in one scene with "מוהל" ("circumciser" in Hebrew) written over the door. There's also a sign next to the door saying they offer them at a cut rate.
  • In the episode "Cool Hand Angelica," Angelica is reading comic books while hiding out in the outhouse to avoid doing activities she considers "beneath" her. One of the comics is about a kid with a baseball cap, and is entitled Jimmy Hat. Jimmy Hat is a slang term for a condom.
  • Rugrats in Paris: When Chaz is looking at potential online dates, the picture of the woman not allowed in Kentucky looks like she's on drugs.
  • From "Chuckie Vs. The Potty": "This is the worst thing that's happened since my mom put me on the bottle!"
  • Didi liked to take dubious parenting guidance from Doctor Lipschitz. Read that again...
    • One of Dr. Lipschitz's degrees is D.B.S., which possibly stands for the fitting "Doctor of Bullshit."
    • Also in "A Visit from Lipschitz," Lipschitz claims that Stu was neglected during his Oedipal stage.
  • Somewhat questionable status on this one, but "Mother's Day" depicts Phil and Lil being breastfed.
  • Despite all of this, the cute-looking premise of the show (and the fact its protagonists are babies) was apparently enough to be considered acceptable for airing on Nick Jr. at one point during the 1990s and 2014.
  • In "What the Big People Do" Tommy says when you grow up you can have some babies, and even get married. The way he says it makes it sounds like he's referring to having kids out of wedlock.
  • Champagne is mentioned in two episodes. Charlotte mentions a wedding's champagne fountain in "I Do," and the babies mispronounce "campaign manager" as "champagne manager" in "Tommy for Mayor."
  • In "Sister Act", Angelica begs her dad to give her a younger brother or sister at a carnival. Betty responds with this radar obliterating gem:
    Betty: I guess you and Drew oughta check out the Tunnel of Love, eh Char? (laughs)
  • In the special, "Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts", Betty tries to set up Chaz with another one of her single friends and mentions that one of her qualities is that she had earned the nickname "The Spanker", all while suggestive music plays in the background.
  • The official synopsis of the episode "Daddy's Little Helpers" says "When the mommies leave the babies with their fathers, all hell breaks loose at home.".
  • The main premise of the episode "Word of the Day" was that Angelica got in trouble for copying a profane phrase from kids' show host Miss Carol. While the phrase is always cut off before we hear the obscenity, it can't possibly be anything wholesome. Eagle-eyed viewers might notice that Angelica can be seen in the process of making an 'f' sound just before she's cut off.
  • A debatable case similar to the aforementioned instant of Phil and Lil being seen breastfeeding comes from the Tales from the Crib direct-to-video film "Three Jacks and a Beanstalk". In the film, the babies are cared for by an anthropomorphic cow named Aunt Moo, who feeds them with her own milk. Her udders, which are covered up by a flap on her overalls when not in use, suspiciously never show up onscreen when she milks herself and we never see them until she shoots milk in Angelica the Giant's face. After she squirts milk in Angelica's face, she even says something to the effect of "Be glad that's just milk".
  • After Stu bores everyone with his home videos, Grandpa Boris calls Dr. Kevorkian.
  • One episode has Tommy reaching for a bag of candy labelled “Cum-like Squirmy”.
  • Angelica’s cookies land in a bucket of soapy water, but she eats them anyway and gets sick. While she’s eating them, her head is at Phil’s crotch level, and she then looks up with white residue on her mouth.
  • In Reptar's Revenge, a nude pinup can be seen on the side of the carnival owner's trailer.
  • In “Home Movies” at the beginning of Stu and Didi’s video they shot of their vacation, when you see Didi packing her suitcase you can briefly see what appears to be a condom among her luggage.
  • In the "Family Reunion" episode, Angelica's country bumpkin cousin asks her, "Wanna wrestle? Bet I can make you squeal like a piggy."
  • The fact that they got Andrew Dice Clay of all people to voice the repairman in "The Pirate Light." Perhaps not coincidentally, he goes by "Little Willy."

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