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Rigby, a.k.a. The One Cheek Wonder.

"In a perverse way I like the limitations writing for ostensibly a 'kid's show' put on me. That makes the under the radar stuff that much more outrageous & satisfying."
—Storyboard Artist Calvin Wong on his

Regular Show: it's anything but...a G-rated kids' show.

It's currently the most radar-dodging show found on Cartoon Network's current crop of animated shows. The constant radar-dodging is partially justified as (a) the writers love the challenge of slipping in racy material in a show alleging to be for kids (as inferred in Calvin Wong's quote on this very page), (b) Regular Show is, in essence, a misplaced [adult swim] shownote , and (c) the show is a more-or-less Bleached Underpants version of J.G. Quintel's student films, The Naive Man from Lollilandnote  and 2 in the AM PMnote .


In fact, the show is so racy, a lot of the content gets edited out of practically every foreign dub (with the UKnote , Australian, and Latin American ones getting the worst of it — to the point that some episodes have to be banned so as not to cut them into a plotless mess). All of those can be seen here.

As of late (particularly in seasons five and six), the radar-dodging antics have been relatively light. It's unknown whether it's because of Cartoon Network's censors finally intervening or J.G. Quintel and company deciding to flesh out the show so that way it's more than just adult jokes and dubious content. That doesn't mean the show has cleaned itself up, as there are times where it shows flashes of being like the first two seasons.


In General

  • Sexual innuendo and obscure sexual slang terms flow like water (and other bodily fluids).
  • Death has happened quite a lot, on screen and implied. Several one-shot characters seem to die in horrific ways (murder-suicides, stabbings, decapitation, suffocation, drowning, mauling, etc.). One-shot characters (like Muscle Man's dad) are killed off. Even lead character Rigby died four times in the show.
    • Death of random characters (mostly unnamed passers-by) is frequently seen and played for dark laughs. For example: the TV store clerk who got punched by The Hammer so hard that he flew into the horizon and exploded, and the clown who got disintegrated by the Destroyer of Worlds.
    • Suicide seems to crop up a lot, which is odd, considering that Cartoon Network edits out suicide gags from their classic cartoon collection (Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, the Popeye cartoons, etc).
  • The show uses swear words such as "pissed" and "crap", euphemisms like "freaking" and "fricking", along with sexual terms like "sucks", "blows" and "screwed" a lot (but only if they're used non-sexually. "Sucks" and "blows" non-sexually is used to describe something that's bad, unfair, or inferior while "screwed" non-sexually can be an adjective meaning "done for," "doomed," or "cheated out of something."). Surprisingly, "God" was used in the finale.
    • The censors have recently caught onto "Pissed", dubbing it over in both episodes and replacing it with "Ticked".
  • Muscle Man's "My mom" jokes, a lot of which imply that his mother is promiscuous to the point that she could be a prostitute (i.e., "You know who else likes to score so she can get computer rights for a week? My mom!") or is sexually deviant ("You know who else likes "special entertainment" like that? My mom!"note ). The only reason they get by is because Muscle Man doesn't understand that the "mom" jokes are supposed to be insults about someone else's mom, not his. "Trucker Hall of Fame" revealed that Muscle Man's "My Mom" jokes are actually the "My Wife" jokes his dad told.
  • The character of Muscle Man himself, who seems stoned all the time, and is shirtless half the time. He has sickly, green skin, pale pink eyes with bags underneath, a Pink Floyd poster in his trailer, and both Mordecai and Rigby have complained he has a smell about him, which are also telltale signs of a drug usernote . You could argue he's not human like the rest of the main cast, but his brother is human colored and Mordecai has inferred that Muscle Man is human.
  • Starla, who has the biggest breasts ever seen in (recent) cartoon history. But then again she's fat...
  • Drugs and alcohol are often euphemistically depicted as common things. Soda, sugary snacks, milk, coffee, spinning around, spicy peppersnote , and even water have been used as G-rated drugs. Starting to become more blatant, with wine appearing in restaurants and "Grape Juice" was used in "White Elephant Gift Exchange."
  • The Family-Friendly Firearms trope doesn't exist, as cops and other authority figures (such as the FBI and Animal Control) have used guns that aren't remade or redrawn to look like something from a fantasy or sci-fi series (even though this series isn't all that grounded in reality), even in the face of shootings that have happened in real life that would force TV shows (animated and otherwise) to tone down the gun violence.

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    Season 1 
101 — The Power
  • "Now, how in the H are we gonna fix this S?"
    • Sadly, this was redubbed to "Now how in the heck are we gonna fix this stuff?" on Netflix and in some of the reruns that run before 8:00pm Eastern Time, but the closed captions still read the original line.
    • And if you live in the United Kingdom (or have seen it on the UK Netflix feed), the line is either edited as "Now, how in the heck are we going to fix this hole?" or "Now, how in the H are we going to fix this hole?" (the latter still gets crap past the radar because the T-Word Euphemism for "hell" [H] wasn't edited).
      • However, the line is still intact on DVD releases pre-The Complete First & Second Seasons (i.e., the Slack Pack DVD set).
  • This line:
    Mordecai: Don't call me a 'hole! You're the 'hole!note 
  • The wizard urinates in a bush. It's fully audible (in the US version. The UK and Australian versions edit it to make it look like the wizard just ran in the bushes and sighed for no reason).
    • Sam Marin (the voice of Benson, Muscle Man, and Pops) said that the "urinating" was actually a Censor Decoy for masturbating.
  • "But he's gonna be pissed!" (changed to "But he's gonna be ticked!" in all reruns)
    • Thankfully, this line like all the ones dubbed over on reruns is still intact on DVD releases.

102 — Just Set Up the Chairs

  • "Benson's gonna drop his balls when he sees how good we set up these chairs!" "He's gonna be all, 'Oh no, my gumballs!'". In the UK, the "balls" from the first line was changed to "gumballs".
  • When Muscle Man goes to pick up the "Special Entertainment". The front door of the motel opens and "soda" cans come pouring out. A clown and a horse with a party hat on stumble out, the clown complains about the brightness, and nearly vomits before asking Muscle Man if he can borrow five bucks. And to top it all off:
    Muscle Man: Do you know who likes "special entertainment" like that? MY MOM!
  • "What the H, dude?!"
  • Benson gets called a "crazy slop jockey" by a bratty birthday kid.

103 — Caffeinated Concert Tickets

  • A giant coffee bean has coffee come out of his nipples. And the coffee is sent into Mordecai and Rigby's mouths, causing their pupils to widen and they seem to go through some kind of trip. In order to make the coffee come out, the coffee bean has to raise his nipples up and squeeze them while fixated at a 90-degree angle.
    • Believe it or not, the squeezing bit is WORSE in the "censored" version that aired in Cartoon Network Australia and Cartoon Network Southeast Asia (particularly the Filipino cut). The scene where the giant coffee bean squeezes out the coffee from his nipples is cut off from that version, and it cuts to Mordecai and Rigby mouths open and drinking a blast of coffee coming from offscreen, making the implications of where the coffee could be coming from more disgusting than if any of those channels actually showed the coffee bean squirting coffee from his nipple.
  • The term "lady pecs" (their euphemism for "breasts") gets thrown around quite a lot in this episode.
    • After Mordecai hears that Margaret is going to the Fist Pump concert:
    Rigby: I can't believe you're going to a concert just to see some... lady pecs!
  • "One day, Rigby, you'll be old enough to understand the real reason people go to concerts."
  • The line in the Fist Pump commercial announcing that the band just got out of jail and rehab. Despite the other edits done to this episode in the UK and in Australia, apparently implying that a rock band has had trouble with the law and trouble with drugs (and possibly sex, if sleazy celebrity confessions of "sex addictions" are anything to go by these days) is acceptable, 'cuz it was in there uncut and uncensored.
    • In the Romanian dub, it said "dezintoxicare", which means drug rehabilitation.
  • Margaret's revealing outfit at the concert, showing a bit of side "lady pec".
  • After meeting Slasher, Mordecai gets this insult hurled at him.
    Slasher: Hey, Margaret, tell your boyfriend to stop pumping it in the wind and start pumping it at the gym!

104 — Death Punchies

  • Rigby's messed up rear as shown in this page.
    Mordecai: WEE-OOO WEE-OOO WEE-OOO! (impersonates a doctor) Quick doctor, both of these butt cheeks are unrecognizable. If we want anyone to recognize this as a butt in the future, then we have to do a complete butt-transplant stat!
    Rigby: STOP TALKING! There was only damage to the one cheek and you know it!
  • Mordecai kicking Rigby in the groin in the punchies montage. The UK version replaces the actual Groin Attack with a frozen shot of Rigby lying on the couch.
  • What could Rigby mean by his pepperonis roasting down there?note 
  • Mordecai telling Rigby an option was the "Death Dump".
    • And the sensei's reaction:
    Student: Umm, Sensei, I think someone Death-Kwon-Clogged the toilet again.
  • One of the moves taught in the book of Death Kwon Do was "Pelvic Thrust of Death".

105 — Free Cake

  • This exchange at Skips' surprise party:
    Benson: Kill the lights, it's almost 8 p.m.!
    (Unzipping sound)
    Muscle Man: Skips is going to be so surprised when he sees us totally naked!
    Benson: It's not that kind of party, Muscle Man.
    Muscle Man: Awwww....Don't turn on the lights!note 
  • When Skips's immortality was taken away. He actually slowly turns into dust, lying on the floor. You could see his skull.
  • "No! He's gonna be pissed!"

106 — Meat Your Maker

  • When waiting for Mordecai and Rigby to grill the hot dogs, Benson, Skips and Pops start drinking. The bottle looks awfully like a beer can, and Pops is heard speaking gibberish, implying that he is very drunk.
    • Skips shotguns a "soda" while everyone shouts 'Go! Go! Go!' before crushing it against his head.
  • When Mordecai is first waking up from being unconscious, the camera shows Rigby kneeling down next to the box of hot dogs. The placement of the hotdog on the box, juxtaposed with Rigby's body... is very phallic.
  • The talking hot dogs' on-screen cannibalism/murder-suicide.
    • "Yes! It is our destiny to be eaten!"
    • One of the hot dogs is seen "eating itself."
  • Mordecai's dream has Margaret in an exposing seashell bra. His chest then thumps excessively.
  • "You pissed me off."note 

107 — Grilled Cheese Deluxe

  • Near the end of "Grilled Cheese Deluxe", we get a shot of Benson staring at a picture of another gumball machine online which can be implied for pornography.
  • The song "Lies" by the Thompson Twins is used in the episode, which wouldn't be so bad, but the song in reality is about a man who finds out his wife is cheating on him with other men.
  • "The only thing you're better than me at is being a big piece of—*punch* OOF!!!!!"
  • The "ostrich thing with the balls" video. It starts to look like an ostrich about to play baseball but it also performs a Groin Attack on the man next to it.
  • When Mordecai claims he only wore pink that one time because he had to borrow from Dr. Asinoskovich, she happens to be right there and doesn't remember him. So, he doubles down on the lie by vaguely referring to a conference, at which point the Doctor then looks nervously embarrassed, saying she doesn't remember very much from that conference, and excuses herself promptly. The astronaut he's lying to seems to take that as possible evidence of a sexual affair.
  • After Mordecai and Rigby are thrown out of the van by the astronauts, we get this:
    Rigby: WE SAVED THE CITY, ASTRO- *gets the grilled cheese deluxe thrown at him*

108 — The Unicorns Have Got To Go

  • The DudeTime bodyspray commercial's underlying message is, "This cologne will attract sexy women to you and make them rip your clothes off!"note 
  • Rigby's line: "What kind of loser wants a bunch of chicks tearing their clothes off?", which, in and out of context, can either mean that Rigby doesn't see the appeal of women tearing men's clothes off or women tearing their own clothes off their bodies.
  • During the commercial, the women rip off the man's clothes and his crotch bump is clearly visible through his pants.
  • Mordecai's lady dreams have girls ripping of their clothes at the scent of his cologne. One even cradles his neck.
  • The unicorns' lady dreams, one of which is a girl in a bikini feeding a horse. In some slang circles (mostly Urban, as the expression is not so common in real life), "feeding the horse" means to fingerbang — sexually penetrate with the fingers on your hands — a woman.note 
  • Another great gem of an exchange:
    Mordecai: How is this supposed to help me get the ladies?
    Rigby: They got you a lady!
    Mordecai: That's not a lady.
    • According to this storyboard, the original "lady" was going to be a cross-dressed man in a wig and skimpy women's underwear, but Cartoon Network rejected it.
  • Mordecai uses the term, "What the H?".
  • In medieval times, it was believed that only virgins could attract unicorns. Thus, since the cologne attracts them so readily, anyone who wears it must be a virgin. Therefore, since Mordecai wore the cologne, he must be a virgin.
  • Also, the unicorns put something that "definitely isn't unicorn slop" in his hair.
  • Benson gagged and tied to the wall. Even worse when one of the unicorns takes two of his gumballs and eats them. Note that both the gumballs are red... And come out of Benson's crotch.
  • Apparently the only way to get rid of unicorns is to flat out murder them.note 

109 — Prank Callers

  • A cooler is seen in The Master Prank Caller's house, filled with bottles of (what can only be assumed as) booze.
  • Master Prank Caller makes a joke about sleeping with Mordecai's mom. "Hurry up. Your mom's, like, totally starving."
  • It is implied that Pops' head is oversized because it's filled with pulsating tumors (or has a very big one) from using a 1980s cell phone (which is said to be radioactive).
  • Rumors say that when this episode originally aired, the Prank Caller's bathroom floor had a condom wrapper on it. In all reruns (including the American ones and in DVD releases), the condom wrapper is digitally removed.
  • Master Prank Caller: "I warned you two to leave me alone. Now I'm going to prank you so hard, you're both gonna 'poop a duke.'"

110 — Don

  • Don's design - much more humanoid than Rigby, even to the point that he has non-explicity drawn genitals (just a crotch bump where a penis and testicles would normally be).
    • A fact which is referenced when Don tells Rigby he stopped wearing pants because Rigby didn't wear them. So, even in the show, Mordecai and Rigby are always viewed as naked. Don even yelled- "You were naked! I thought that was so cool!"

111 — Rigby's Body

  • The slide scene: "Oh man, my mouth was open!"
  • Muscle Man's line: "We beat the living-"
  • A conversation made completely up of 'turd'.
    • J.G. Quintel, William Salyers and Sam Marin, the voice actors of Mordecai, Rigby and Pops, were forced to change it to "plank" (as "plank" is British slang for someone who is considered dumb and "turd" is considered too gross for children's TV over there) in the UK. They had a lot of fun doing it.note 
  • When the athletic character takes over Rigby's body, he's wearing a workout suit with a blatantly obvious crotch bump in it.
  • "Since when does being right make you a-"

112 — Mordecai and the Rigbys

  • In the morning, Mordecai doesn't remember ordering T-shirts. In a flashback when ordering them, Mordecai is downing a liquid in a blue can and then throws it in a huge pile of the same drink, while talking really fast.
  • Mordecai and Rigby's future selves teach them how to do a little crotch hump dance. Mordecai and Rigby later do the crotch hump in the performance... and the audience goes wild.
  • Mordecai gets a little too excited when Margaret puts on a revealing T-shirt.

    Season 2 
201 — Ello Gov'nornote 
  • The taxi is hiding in a woman's shower, while the woman is in the bathroom. The taxi grits its teeth and gets excited after seeing the girl, and pulls her into the shower while screaming is heardnote .
  • Mordecai's reaction to seeing the real taxi from the movie approaching him and Pops: "HOLY CRAP, IT'S REAL!!"note 

202 — It's Time

  • In the video game that Mordecai lost to Rigby in, the superhero strips off the woman' ropes. Later, the superhero strips off her clothes, leaving her only with a revealing bra and tongue-kissing the superman.
  • Father Time had a clock that blatantly read 4:20 (a number associated with marijuana and stoner culture) through most of his scene.
  • This bit on Pajama Sisters 2:
    Rigby: They're just going to sit around discussing their feelings. Fully clothed!
  • It's not much and a slightly different color, but in the preview for the zombie movie, they show a person bleeding after a zombie biting them. You rarely see blood on Cartoon Network (unless it's on an anime, and even then, the blood will either be digitally removed or recolored into a less realistic color). Also, they show the same person's guts being torn out of the body a scene later.
  • The whole tongue kissing thing in the game and how Rigby demonstrates is suggesting that he's going to do Margaret.
  • Mordecai even yelled, "I'll kill you," pushed Rigby off a microwave that was shooting through space to the end of time because he put CLOCKS IN THE MICROWAVE. He starting disappearing in a disgusting manner. Father Time explicitly says he wasted his time (Rigby's) by killing him. Not only does he say "killing" and "dead", but that was an example of manslaughter.

203 — Appreciation Day

  • The monster being named "Snowballs" may or may not have been intentionally suggestive.

204 — Peeps

  • Benson installed cameras in the bed and even a bathroom stall, with the longest camera being IN THE TOILET, and at about penis-level.
  • Peeps himself was watching a naked Pops in the shower, which is a new level of creepy and wrong.

205 — Dizzy

  • This:
    Mordecai: Hey, I know. Why don't you picture everyone naked?
    Pops: Naked?
    Mordecai: Yeah!
    Pops: OK.
    (camera zooms on Mordecai and Rigby's crotches)
    Pops: I don't like doing this!
  • When Pops was crossing the dimensions, all of his clothes are removed. Luckily, you don't see any body parts, just bare skin, but it's blatantly obvious he is nude.
  • Also this:
    (Mordecai & Rigby look at eachother, and grab hold of eachother's hands)
    Rigby: Make this quick. I don't want people to think we're holding hands or something.note 
    Mordecai: Just spin!

206 — My Momnote 

  • Most of Muscle Man's mom jokes were under this.
    Muscle Man: You know who else will blow a fuse if she found out we were slacking off? My mom!
    Muscle Man: You know who else says UGGHGHHHHH!?
    Muscle Man: You know who else messes around? My mom!
    Muscle Man: You know who else gets supervised for not doing it right? My mom!
    Muscle Man: You know who else has the best tacos in the town?
  • This:
    Muscle Man: Pull your panties out of your butt, bro!
  • Also in the arcade scene, one of the game titles is "Percolator". A percolator normally means a device that warms up coffee, but in stoner culture (which is definitely the Periphery Demographic of this show), it's yet another slang term for a bong.
  • Muscle Man makes Mordecai and Rigby eat a photoshopped picture of his butt, which they think is his mom. Before they figure it out, it sounds like Muscle Man told them to eat his mom.
  • In the arcade, Q*BERT gets changed into PUBERT.
  • They actually got away with using Poison's "Nothing But a Good Time" during the montage and didn't censor the following line: "They say I always spend my money on women and wine..."
  • Muscle Bro comes out of Hell to get his revenge (even though "Trucker Hall of Fame" established that his brother is still alive and his father had just died).
  • Rigby calls Muscle Man and H-Five Ghost turds, once again, the UK censored it to planks.

207 — High Score

  • GBF gets kicked in the nuts and he exclaims an "OW! My chin!"
  • GBF explodes in "brain goo", which looks white and gooey, not unlike semen.
  • After winning a game, two kids type TRD as their initials, meaning "turd".

208 — Rage Against The TV

  • "Kick him in the junk! Kick him in the junk!" "I'm kicking him in the junk!" They even wait a while before revealing that the video game character they're trying to defeat is actually holding a big pile of junk.
  • As the Hammer is about to deliver one of those land-on-the-guy finishing moves on Skips, Rigby throws him a chair and the Hammer lands on the top of the chair, crotch-first. He then falls in the fetal position.
  • Muscle Man's man boobs slap him in the face.
  • "Eat on that, triple thugs!"

209 — Party Petenote 

  • Muscle Man talks about wanting a lot of guests with breasts (and not using any other word for it, he does say 'breasts') at the party. Not talking about his, of course.
    Muscle Man: It takes more than expired soda to have a party. It takes guests with breasts and mine don't countnote .
  • When Party Pete arrives at the house, there are a few quick close-ups. One of them was of one of his women's breasts note .
    • Speaking of the women, a lot of the women seem to be wearing skimpy clothing at the party.
  • "Suck on this, promotional ice sculpture!"note 
  • Party Pete's ice sculpture had a considerable lump in the part between his legs.
  • "And that was the mating of the Toledo Horsefly, narrated by *laughs* me."
  • Pete does some really suggestive crotch humping. He puts his hand over his crotch and rubs it around, then his crotch enlarges.
    • The way Party Pete was thrusting his hips at women during the party, looks like he was grinding his crotch on woman's backsides.
  • The entire Party Pete dry-humping scene.
  • Two girls shake their rears towards Pops.
  • It seems like Party Pete got drunk or hyper from the RadiCola.

210 — Brain Eraser note 

  • Pops' naked body is shown throughout the entire episode, butt and all.
  • Mordecai later describes Pops' junk- "saggy, wrinkled, shriveled, pasty..."
  • After Mordecai, Rigby and Skips successfully erase said memory from Mordecai's brain, Benson comes down in a towel. His towel slips off, showing that his gumball flap is standing upright. Benson, Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips all have shocked expressions, implying that an open flap equals a naked Benson.
  • Pops uses his hat to cover himself. For a moment, his hat stays in place without Pops holding it.note 
  • While in the Movie Shop, all of the DVD covers are replaced with Pops' naked butt. note .
  • In the arcade, there are soap suds covering Pops' crotch.
  • Suicidal Pops strikes again. He jumps off a cliff and laughs.
  • It is implied that Mordecai saw Pops fully naked on the Cowboys stand, "junk mail" and all.
  • There is a very short close-up on Pops' hairy butt.
  • Well, it is a naked-themed episode, but you would expect some censoring. No, they actually say the words "naked" and "nude" without any type of censorship.
  • Rigby jokes that Mordecai saw Pops' "junk mail". If you look at Rigby while he says "His junk mail?" he wiggles his pinky in a rather... stiff way.

211 — Benson Be Gone

  • Leon slurring his words could mean that he's drunk.
  • The gang kills Susan and send her to Hell, only to have her rise from the ground.

212 — But I Have a Receipt

  • The term "blows" is used nine times in the episode. Either the censors were absent that day or they don't know that "blows" is used in the same context as "sucks."note  Or, they do know, but they just don't care.
  • A background character at around the 4 minute mark has a visible camel toe.
  • "Oooo! Muscle Man! Quit pinchin' my butt with your war claw!"
  • Darthon gets stabbed with a ruler.note 

213 — This Is My Jam

  • This:
    Skips: Muscle Man blows a mean piece of brass.
    Muscle Man: You know who else blows a mean piece of —?
    • Not helped by the fact that Muscle Man's idea of playing the trumpet is leaning with both hands behind his head while Hi-Five Ghost works the buttons.
  • Rigby pretends to take a leak with the hose while cleaning the roof.
  • The Ghost tape put his hands behind his head, relaxing style, while he thrusts his hips up three times.
  • While cleaning the roof:
    Rigby: You need to get your mind out of the gutters and into the summer!

214 — Muscle Woman

  • Naked Muscle Man crying in the showerthree times.
  • Rigby walking into Starla's boobs note .
  • The end where Muscle Man and Muscle Woman reunite, which would be heart-warming if not for the disturbing amount of Gainaxing (from both Muscle Man and Muscle Woman) as they run into each other's arms and tongue kiss (which, if you can believe it, is actually worse)note . Rigby's line captures the audience's reaction quite well:
    Rigby: This is the most disturbing day of my life.
  • Starla having tramp stamps of her ex boyfriends' names (all crossed out except for the most recent one, Mordecai).
  • This:
    Rigby: Muscle Man had a girlfriend? I wonder who had more junk in the trunk.

215 — Temp Check

  • A tattooed biker plays a harmonica through his butt, and the camera cuts to a disgusted Rigby note .

216 — Jinx

  • By the end of the episode, about thirty people end up in their underwear. Most of the women have a good deal of cleavage showing, too.
    • Muscle Man also is lying naked, but the camera thankfully obscures the genitalia.

217 — See You There

  • One woman at the party has a pair of cones over her boobs as a costume (similar to what Madonna had on in the early 1990s).
  • Rigby says "What the H, Bobby?!"

218 — Do Me a Solid

  • Mordecai is grossed out by one of those "shake weight" commercial and asks Rigby to change the channel.
  • '4:20' once again makes an appearance on the VCR. A close examination of it shows evidence that it's not a coincidence but was edited in at the last minute. The previous scene reads 9:25, and the 4:20 bar actually clips over Rigby's hand as it passes over the clock.
  • Muscle Man's line: "Hey ladies, look at what else I can do with my ice cream sandwich." Made worse with Margaret's uneasy reaction.
  • The look on everyone's face, the fact that it's shown off-screen, and the fact that Rigby's Videotapes it, indicates that whatever Rigby's unnamed "solid" was rather Sick and Wrong.

219 — Grave Sightsnote 

  • At one point in the episode Skips kicks a zombie in the crotch. The crotch turns into dust and the zombie shows no pain.
  • One of the gravestones read "Welspy Mouch. 1922-1914. A life unlived." The implications are rather horrifying.
  • One of the women in the audience isn't wearing a shirt, just a bra.

220 — Really Real Wrestling

  • These lines:
    Mordecai: "Dude, Benson would have snapped his crank if we just up and left work! You've gotta be responsible sometimes."
    Rigby: "And that's why we don't have tickets for wrestling, 'cause all you can think about is Benson's crank."

221 — Over the Top

  • Benson is clearly drunk in the first bar scene. "Skips...Skips...I am your boss and I order you... to wrestle me..." Really, everyone was drunk there. No way would anyone even try and arm-wrestle Skips knowing his great strength, so alcohol (or a similar substitute) here is making everyone say and do stupid things.
  • Skips outright kills Rigby (albeit unintentionally).
  • Mordecai and Rigby order a "waterini and ice on the rocks, while Pops gets an "aquarita".

222 — The Night Owl

  • "If a car was a girl, would you take her out on a date and try to get to second base?"
  • "I can't wait to shove my key into THAT." The UK version of this episode edited the line to "I can't wait to do doughnuts in THAT!"note 
  • Muscle Man says "that competition blew logs".
  • Muscle Man pretends to stab Mordecai (and High Five Ghost poses as Mordecai's soul ascending to Heaven) to scare off the remaining contestantsnote .
  • High-Five Ghost punches Rigby in the groin.

223 — A Bunch Of Baby Ducks

  • The duck collector's creepiness and obsession with kidnapping the baby ducks makes him come off as a pedophile (or a serial killer — or a pedophilic serial killer).
  • The duck collector gets cut in half on screen, although it happens so fast it's easy to miss.

224 — More Smarter

  • When Mordecai and Rigby first drink the Brain Max, they get a bit of brain strain.
  • After Rigby drinks the Rig-Juice, he says hat his face feels like magic.

225 — First Day

  • Rigby humps the chair when trying to see if they are sitting in the chair incorrectly.
  • The milk carton at the beginning reads: "Best Milk-- Freshly Squeezed".

226 — Go Viral

  • "I don't know how much longer these panties will hold!"

227 — Skunked

228 — Karaoke Video

  • It's pretty obvious that Mordecai and Rigby were drunk during the first karaoke night. This is supported by them not remembering what happened the day after.
  • "Go chew on your own gumballs, Benson!"
  • "Ooh, I can feel the excitement in my bladder!"

     Season 3 
301 — Stick Hockey
  • This:
    Benson: And now I find you holed up in here twiddling some sticks?!
    Mordecai: Ugh, don't say it like that!
    • The hand motions Benson makes doesn't help either.
  • Later:
    Chong: Who, these pathetic stick twiddlers?
    Benson: Please, don't say it like that.
  • And also:
    Mordecai: And now we're gonna be playing hard all night!

302 — Bet to Be Blonde

  • Outside of the blond cult trying to kill Rigby by dipping him in boiling hair dye, nothing really got past the censors this time around.
303 — Skips Strikes
  • This line:
    Death: Get your balls. (chuckles)
  • After talking about Death's bowling ball of souls:
    Rigby: I could rub that ball in so many people's faces.
  • "After we shove our bowling bags in your faces!" Originally, the line was supposed to be "After we shove our bowling balls in your faces," but Cartoon Network thought that was going into [adult swim] territory.
  • "And because of my backup balls! (chuckles)"
  • L'Petit Mort Toys. Good thing they're normal toys, as that name sounds like a brand name for sex toys (i.e., vibrators and dildos).

304-305 — Terror Tales of the Parknote 

  • Creepy Doll
    • Pops kills Percy by kicking him into the furnace, letting him burn to death.
  • Death Metal Crash Pit
    • Muscle Man kills himself (and everyone around him gets caught in the explosion) just to escape some bad music.
    • The lyrics to the death metal song are disturbing. "I want your devastation nation!"
  • In the House
    • Mordecai gets decapitated by his own knife.
    • High Five Ghost gets liquified out of a phone.
    • Pops suffocates in a dresser.
    • Skips gets sucked in a fireplace and burned alive.
    • Benson drowns after getting flushed down the toilet, with his gumballs floating to the top.
    • Muscle Man cocks and loads a shotgun, then starts shooting everywhere. It is implied that one of the bullets ricocheted and hit himself. Then his SKIN is ripped off his body. We then get to see him flex. It is highly detailed. note 
    Muscle Man: "I told you I was ripped!"
    • This exchange, after Rigby's turned into a house and everyone looks around:
    Muscle Man: Whoa! There's even a bathroom! Hey, Rigby, can I-
    Rigby: No way!
    • Benson pukes his gumballs, which was also cut in the UK version.
    • Benson getting strangled and drowned in the toilet.

306 — Camping Can Be Cool

  • This:
    Random Employee: Isn't this a bit weird?
    Ranger: No! We'll just put some clothes on the Humany Parts!

307 — Slam Dunk

  • "You know who else likes to score so she can get computer rights for a week? MY MOM!"
  • The use of "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter can count. The song is about R. Budd Dwyer, a Pennsylvania treasurer who shot himself through the mouth on live TV in 1987 during a press conference to escape jail time for bribery. Apparently the CN censors thought the song was referring to basketball shots.
  • Mordecai staring at Margaret's butt in low-cut jeans and tank top. The UK version was reanimated so that way her butt doesn't look too big and adds tail feathers to remind viewers that she's a bird.
  • The Basketball King puts two balls near his crotch and they look like his testicles.
    • Also, his limo has basketball truck-nuts.

308 — Cool Bikes

  • This exchange later comes up. It sounds more suggestive than it is, but they are actually refering to Mordecai and Rigby.
    Girl: Muscle Man, what are those?
    Muscle Man: Baby, those are wieners! (laughs)note 
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, they swear! There is nothing cooler than that!"

309 — House Rules

  • Kevin the prank caller kills himself in his stand.
  • The unicorns explode in their own "unicorn slop".

310 — Rap it Up

  • This exchange. It sounds kinda nasty when you realize how sleazy Muscle Man portrays his mom in his jokes (or it could be Muscle Man's way of calling Mordecai and Rigby homosexual because they cross-dress.):
    Muscle Man: Where'd you get those outfits? My mom's closet?

311 — Cruisin'

  • Toward the end of the episode, the commercial for the airplane showed some scantily-clad women.
  • In the Hungarian dub, Scabitha's name is changed to "Lotyóra", which translates to "Slut-ra".

312 — Under the Hood

  • Muscle Man's "my mom jokes":
    "You know who else likes to clean up other people's messes? MY MOM!"
    (during Muscle Man's crappy stand-up routine): "My sofa weighed 600 pounds and was sweaty and smelled like butts. You know who else smells like a pile of butts? MY MOM!"

313 — Weekend at Benson's

  • The Mississippi Queen hot pepper trip, which plays out like a drug trip, complete with Eileen and Margaret calling a cab so Benson, Rigby, and Mordecai can get home safely and the trio finding themselves passed out and hungover on the lawn the next day.
  • The jar of Habanero Peppers that Benson eats from says "Pepper on Pepper action".
  • "Mississippi Queen" had "wine" in the line "she moves better on wine" bleeped out with a car horn (which is odd, considering that Poison's "Nothin' But a Good Time" had the line, "They say I spend my money on women and wine" uncensored). On the other hand, the song is still quite obviously about a stripper ("You know she was a dancer").

314 — Fortune Cookie

  • When Benson is picking up a newspaper in nothing but a robe a man with a floor cleaning device walks by and his floor cleaner sucks up Benson's towel rendering him naked. Later on in the episode the same guy utters this line after talking to Mordecai and Rigby "Oooh! Excuse me, there's a hot chick getting her paper over there" in a rather giddy tone.
  • Muscle Man plays the old "add 'in bed' to the end of your fortune" game, but replaces "in bed" with "in the back of a car" ("You will be on the cover of Video Game Monthly... in the back of a car!!!")
  • "You know what else is hot and likes to tear through stuff? MY MOM!" (possibly the most obviously sexual "My Mom!" joke Muscle Man has made since the ones he made on his first appearance in "My Mom")

315 — Think Positive

  • When Mordecai and Rigby didn't clean the cart after Pops spoke to Benson, Rigby questions what a hose is. And they start to say the word "hose" really slowly.
    Rigby: Yeah, and what is a hose? Hooooose...
    Mordecai: Hooooose...
    Rigby: (looking rather suggestively) Hose?

316 — Skips vs. Technology

  • One of Error 220's random pop-ups reads Do Me.

317 — Butt Dial

  • One of the lyrics of Mordecai's songs talk about Margaret making his insides feel like knotted twists. When Pops hears the song, he pulls a disgusted face and falls to the floor.

318 — Eggscellent

  • The whole episode is about Rigby going into a coma and almost dying.

319 — Gut Model

Muscle Man: While you'll be striking out with chicks, I'll be scoring with wings and chicks.
  • Muscle Man is asked to pose as a pregnant woman. They also mention how real pregnant women cost twice the money to buy.

320 — Video Game Wizards

  • Skips punches a wall and breaks most of his fingers.

321 — Big Winner

  • When dancing at Wing Kingdom, Muscle Man does pelvic thrusts to the music playing out of the jukebox.
  • A guy in the park is seen reading a magazine with the title, "How to Give a Man Hug."
  • In the big fight scene, Muscle Man kicks a guy's head OFF HIS BODY.

322 — The Best Burger in the World

  • The Burger Truck falls into the crash pit, with an explosion, killing the two workers.

323 — Replaced

  • Mordecai's pizza parties are pretty obviously supposed to bring to mind a drinking binge. This is only supported by the fact that the house is trashed at the beginning of the episode after one.
    • In a similar vein, Mordecai and Rigby were probably drunk so they couldn't clean up.

324 — Trash Boat

  • The ending contains future band members killing each other for popularity.
  • While "The Urge" can be considered innuendo, the Brazilian dub - which usually tones down the language a bit - goes arguably further by making it "Super A Fim", "Feeling Like It".

325 — Fists of Justice

  • One of the Guardians of Youth gets a hole blasted graphically through him by Klorgbane. The camera clearly shows the hole (and what could arguably be considered blood within the hole) before the Guardian drops to the ground dead. One of the few times there is even slightly blood. Made worse by the fact that, even though the Guardians clearly have adult personalities and voices, their outward appearance is of an oversized infant, meaning we get to see a baby get a hole blasted through it and die.

326 — Yes Dude Yes

  • C.J.'s clothes fall off during her transformation to a tornado.
  • Mordecai sees a cloud shaped like buttocks.
  • On the game, the fourth best person at it's initials are "TRD" meaning turd again.

327 — Busted Cart

  • Benson is forced to take a sobriety test after an incident involving napkins, a water bottle, and soggy eyes has the cops mistake him for a drunk driver.
  • Rigby refers to a pitstop as a "piss stop." According to an interview with Sam Marin (the voice of Benson, Muscle Man, and Pops), this was not a mistake.
  • Benson pulls the gas nozzle in and out and in and out of the car. When he stops, some excess gas drips from the nozzle.
  • The Joyspot (G-Spot) Arcade where they take a video game break.

328 — Dead at Eight

  • Mordecai's reaction to Almond Milk.
  • Muscle Man calls Mordecai and Rigby turds.

329 — Access Denied

  • A commercial has girls in revealing bras.

330 — Muscle Mentor

  • While Rigby is hanging on for dear life, we see quite a bit of Muscle Man's butt.

331 — Trucker Hall of Fame

  • How Muscle Dad died: He was mauled by a bear whom he thought was a cop in a bear costume.
  • "You know who else got smoky on her tail?! MY WIFE!" Viewers finally learn that Muscle Man's "My Mom" jokes are actually altered versions of the "My Wife" jokes his dad told.
  • "Hey, Trucker Hall of Fame! Kiss my dad's trucker hat ashes!"
  • In 10-year old Muscle Man's room has a poster of a woman in a bikini.

332 — Out of Commission

  • The cart gets drunk and starts fighting people in a "family restaurant" bar (which, according to the sarcastic quotation marks on the sign, is neither a "restaurant" nor a "family"-friendly place — or was, but time and increasingly rowdy patrons have ruined it).
  • The cart telling Mordecai to tell Benson that he just "...picked up his mama".
  • Cart tells Mordecai and Rigby, "I've never felt the hot, delicate touch of a lady cart."
  • The cart wants Mordecai and Rigby to live out his last wishes and assist him with suicide, which is pretty dark for something alleging to be a kids' cartoon (or any form of media for that matter, as there is a lot of moral and ethical questions and issues associated with assisted suicide).
  • The cart having what can only be described as sex with a red car involving jumper cables. Obviously, the part was edited when aired in the UK.

333 — Fancy Restaurant

  • The waiter calls his hands on a chain a "satisfaction chain".
  • Muscle Man regaling one of his "My Mom" jokes to Starla's parents.
    Muscle Man: which I replied, "My mom."
    Starla and her parents: (laughs)

334 — Diary

  • When Mordecai says that he and Margaret are just friends, Rigby replies with, "Yeah, friends without benefits." In the UK, it was changed to "Your friend that will never be more than just a friend," which is the same thing as saying "friends without benefits," only it's not as sharp and to the point.
  • Margaret's Guardian of Secrets is dressed in a rather revealing Roman outfit (though it doesn't look any different from what a Greco-Roman goddess would wear).
  • When Mordecai reveals his secrets, he yells, "I like going commando! A LOT!!!!"
    • Trivia: in the Spanish Latin American dub, this was censored/changed (as there's no proper 1:1 translation for "going commando" from English to Spanish) to "Soy fan de Hora de Aventura. Me encanta", that's it "I'm an Adventure Time fan. I love it".

335 — The Best VHS in the World

  • Rigby's butt-cheek pants is a woman's bra.
  • Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost's conversation about badminton equipment:
    Muscle Man: Dude, where are the balls? You were supposed to bring them!
    High-Five Ghost: Where's your racket?
    Muscle Man: I'm not talking about rackets, I'm talking about balls.
    High-Five Ghost: But badminton doesn't have any balls!
    Muscle Man: What? I'm not playing any game that doesn't have balls in it!
    • Come to think of it, badminton uses shuttlecocks. Hmmm...
    • The joke was originally supposed to be this:
    MM: How are we going to play in the badminton tournament when you don't even know where my shuttlecock is?
    HFG: Well, where's your racket?
    MM: Don't turn this on me! I'm talking about the shuttlecocks!!!
    HFG: Dude, stop saying that word.

336 — Prankless

  • The Prank War seems like an actual war, with references to being "taken out", and when the workers get hit, they're deemed "lost".

337 — Death Bear

  • Death Bear rips off an Animal Control Worker's arms.
  • Mordecai accidentally shoots Rigby, the darts obviously had drugs in them, making Death Bear go to sleep and Rigby slow down.

338 — Fuzzy Dice

  • This conversation:
    Benson: Now, when the balls drop...
    Mordecai & Rigby: (chuckles)
    Benson: When the game starts...note 
  • The climax featuring the animatronic robot band getting taken out by the FBI, complete with very real and very dangerous weaponry.
  • Muscle Man is shown swinging the fuzzy dice around without a shirt on, and Mordecai and Rigby hide their faces.
  • The name of the Ski Ball machine is "Skeeze Ballz". "Skeeze" usually refers to a woman of loose morals, and "skeezeball" itself is used in the same context as "scumbag" or "slimeball" (someone — male or female — who is morally or ethically reprehensible). See here.

339 — Sugar Rush

  • The entire episode could be seen as an acid trip. The apple fritter doughnut was obviously a drug stand-in. Pops gets "hyper" on them and says they "taste like magic", and they take you on a "trip".
  • "You know who else likes to stuff themselves with their bosses' free doughnuts? My mom!"

340 — Bad Kiss

  • When Margaret leans in towards the glove compartment by Mordecai's crotch to look for the wallet, his face turns to disbelief.
  • Mordecai yells at his future self for "lip-blocking" him, an obvious stand-in for "cock-blocking".

     Season 4 
401-402 — Exit 9B
  • "Looks like my John Hancock's the biggest. Now give me a high-five 'cause I have a huge signature!
  • The answer to Muscle Man's algebra problem is C=8 (the joke would be more understandable if 8=D was used instead, but Cartoon Network may have told J.G. Quintel and company that it was too suggestive for primetime Cartoon Network).
    • After that, Mordecai asks "You know who else's C equals 8?" in order for Muscle Man to give his "My Mom!" response.
  • A flashback of Pops covering his penis with a hat from the infamous episode "Brain Eraser" is shown.
  • The climatic battle, featuring the deaths of at least 200+ past and present enemies.
  • A flashback of Benson dropping his towel and exposing his gumball slot (also from "Brain Eraser") is shown.

403 — Starter Pack

  • Thomas' bumper sticker reads "Interns do it for free."
  • When Muscle Man wedgies Thomas, he answers with "Aw, dude. Should've gone commando."
  • In the pranking video, a worker gets pantsed and he has a clearly visible crotch bulge.
  • Another worker dies when he gets put in an exploding casket and catapulted during his own funeral (despite still being alive, and the worst he got from being hit by a bus was two broken arms).

404-405 — Terror Tales of the Park II

  • Payback
    • Uncle Steve's death, which is equated with a tree being pushed into a woodchipper.
  • Party Bus
    • The party bus has a stripper pole in it. Granted, none of the women used it the way it's commonly used (it was more used as something for dancers to grab on to, since the bus was in motion and it is hard to stand up in a moving vehicle), but, it was there and this is Regular Show, Cartoon Network's (new) gold standard for getting away with [adult swim]-like content.
  • Wallpaper Man
    • An intestine falls on Pops' head when the house explodes. Coincidentally, it is oddly raccoon-shaped.
    • Muscle Man's "PACKAGE."
    • A leg shoots out of Jan's crotch when he transforms into a spider.
  • The ending of the episode features all the park workers being killed in a car crash. Granted, that's nowhere near as horrifying as the original surreal ending rejected by Cartoon Network, in which they are killed and seemingly go to hell.

406 — Pie Contest

Rigby: Starla, your pie tasted like a sack of butt cheeks!

407 — 150 Piece Kit

  • During the concert, the lead singer kills the monster by kicking it in the groin.
  • Skips punches a band member in the groin.
  • The special 3D picture "Hair to the Throne" gives Mordecai is of a man decapitating his friend.

408 — Bald Spot

  • Muscle Man flexing his breasts and all the women being attracted to them creates more innuendoes than one can count, let alone describe, but we at TV Tropes are going to do it anyway:
    • Margaret states how Muscle Man flexing his breasts is "oddly hypnotic". Mordecai then gives her a dirty glare.
    • In the end, Muscle Man and Starla make out on the floor of the roller rink, moaning in pleasure.
    • All the girls in the club start to grab Muscle Man's breasts and Muscle Man gets beat up by the girls' boyfriends.
    • Starla believes Muscle Man is flexing his breasts because he is cheating on her with other girls.
    • Muscle Man reminds High-Five Ghost of their visit to the water park the summer before, in which he started flexing his "pecs" and Starla "couldn't keep her hands off (him)".

409 — Guy's Night

  • Muscle Man's pelvic-thrusting when 6:00 pm rolls around and everyone gets off work for Guys' Night.
  • The Milk Challenge is obviously a G-rated stand-in for a drinking (as in "alcohol drinking") contest.
  • One of the milk monsters tries to bite a guy in the groin, but he gets slapped away.
  • The magazine that Mordecai, Rigby & Muscle Man are looking at seems to be a girlie mag, but it's actually a hot rod mag. Doesn't help that this is the dialogue for that part:
    Muscle Man: Oh yeah, baby.
    High-Five Ghost: [seductively] I think I'm in love.
    Mordecai: Uh, yeah. I'd parallel-park that.
    • It's more than likely that Mordecai was originally gonna say "I'd ride that," but Cartoon Network shot it down...

410 — One Pull Up

  • Rigby using the electrical machine to quickly gain muscles could be taken as a substitute for steroid abuse.

411-412 — The Christmas Special

  • "You know who else has the best cookies? Mi...chael's bakery at West 5th."
  • When Rigby says he's going to fix the Snowman in Gene's park and reaches for the carrot nose, it seems to imply that he intended to put the carrot into the snowman's crotch so that the carrot nose would become a carrot penis.
  • Like "Fuzzy Dice" and "Exit 9B," this episode features lots of gunfire, explosions, and people getting injured and (supposedly) dying.
    • The evil elf shoots Santa Claus 3 times in the chest, with bullet holes and minimal blood. Luckily, he was wearing a bulletproof vest. The UK has edited Santa getting shot, even going as far as digitally removing (and showing alternate footage of) Santa with no bullet holes on his shirt and cutting any verbal reference to the gunshots he incurred.

413 — TGI Tuesday

  • This conversation at the party store (which can be taken as either a joke about Muscle Man and his mom's weight or something more perverted):
    Muscle Man: "Huge" is me and my mom's middle name! Muscle Man "Huge" Sorenstein out!
  • This conversation about the Parkside Lux ballroom:
    Benson: This ballroom held the most elegant balls in its day.
    Rigby: Woah! Were they big?
    Benson: Oh, they were huge!
    Rigby: [snickers]
    Mordecai: *punch*
    Rigby: OWWWW!
  • The Parkside Lux closed because of a wild party thrown that trashed the entire club. Rigby then finds a woman's bra on the floor, causing Eileen to snicker, implying that a woman at the party went topless.
    • The gang said that "They partied so hard that their bodies gave out", implying that they died from anything from drug overdoses to suicide to simply overexerting themselves by dancing excessively.
  • One dancing scene features a close-up of several guy's crotches.

414 — Firework Run

  • There are heavy allusions to drug dealing (substitute "peppers and fireworks" for any illegal drug of your choice [since it's Mexico, go with marijuana and maybe cocaine, though the man-made manufacturing and the basement lab do suggest crystal meth], and you'll understand).
  • The Mexican stereotyping on Hector and his goons. They have a heavy Spanish accent, and the restaurant they sell the chili peppers at is called "South of the Line" (south of the border), which is filled to the brim with criminals and illegal "chili pepper" dealers.
  • Armando's house and appearance suggests that he is either an alcoholic or a drug addict.
  • There's a sign in the underground pepper factory that reads: "Minutes Without a Death: 45," meaning that people have died while trying to put gunpowder in the chili peppers.

415 — The Longest Weekend

  • The entire episode is pretty much a call for (and a Take That! against) sexual abstinence.
  • In the monster truck show, two cars hump each other. The act is called "Couples Crush", and the announcer makes the scene seem real dirty.
  • "They're really going at it now!"
  • Muscle Man's magazine is called "Under the Covers".
  • One of the inanimate Starlas are three watermelons. The top one is her head, and the bottom two are her breasts.
  • Mordecai, Rigby and Fives drink "soda" in a paper bag in public, which is a stand-in for beer.
  • At the end of the episode, Muscle Man and Starla tongue-kiss and make out in front of everyone.

416 — Sandwich of Death

  • The episode is about Benson being close to death.

417 — Ace Balthazar Lives

  • Ace Balthazar dying in a bus crash from reckless driving.
  • "You know what else isn't cool? Not wearing pants." The camera then zooms in on his crotch, with an obvious lump.
    • When the band members in the hot tub stand up after seeing the knight dressed as Ace, they also have visible crotch bumps.
  • After the knights watch the Adrenaline concert, some of them grind on women.

418 — Do or Diaper

  • Muscle Man calls his kiss "dessert" in the same way he would sex. Then, he and Starla do full-on making-out.
  • Later, Starla says, "Ooh, you're so bad," in a sexual way before full-on making out.
  • Mordecai's magazine: "Lady Life: What the Women Really Want".
  • The woman who sees Mordecai practice puckering up gives him her phone number.
  • "When are you gonna do it?" "I just came to see him do it!" and other "do-it" jokes.

419 — Quips

  • Quips does a pelvic thrust whenever he yells "zingo".

420 — Caveman

  • This part of Greg and Diane's conversion.
    Greg: Mordecai and Rigby gave us an hour to catch up, what do you want to do?
    Diane: (Ughs)
    Greg: Oh, we can't do that, it's more civilized time now.
  • The cavemen violently running amok in the park.

421 — That's My Television

  • The ending reveals that RG-B2's actor is actually a naked old man curled up in a fake TV (though nothing explicit is shown, you can tell he has no clothes on).
  • They also close his eyes when they think he's died; he was just resting.
  • This episode has a TV-PG for violence once again, due to the recurring use of guns, a chopper, drones, RG-B2's rocket-launcher bazooka from the Russian prime minister, and Mordecai and Rigby being threatened with a sword-wielder.

422 — A Bunch of Full Grown Geese

  • Two hippies playing hacky sack in the opening montage have very dilated pupils.

423 — Fool Me Twice

  • The repeated use of "balls" in the Baka Blitz challenges.
  • During the Sumo Slide, Rigby tumbles and goes down the slide face-down, and his mouth goes on the crotches of the sumo-wrestlers.
  • The game show host and the robot both commit suicide (the host, by punching himself so he could fall into the lava faster, and the robot by self-explosion), though it's not that much of a surprise, since it's making fun of the Japanese idea of committing suicide rather than living with shame.

424 — Limousine Lunchtime

  • The limousines hold explosions and guns.

425 — Picking Up Margaret

426 — K.I.L.I.T Radio

  • Donny G seems to be killed off when a record blasts through his stomach. Although, he is shown with Mordecai and Rigby during the ending (albeit with a giant hole in his stomach).

427 — Carter and Briggs

Rigby: Donuts for show nuts!

428 — Skips' Stress

  • Many weapons are used in the episode, such as Ninja Swords, axes and wrecking balls.

429 — Cool Cubed

  • The smoothie store is called "Fast and Easy," two adjectives often used as insults to women who are promiscuous.

430 — Trailer Trashed

  • Frank Jones is wearing a Jason-style hockey mask.
  • The hangout area for Frank and his friends is a dump called "Huge Dump"

431 — Meteor Moves

  • Rigby asks Mordecai sarcastically if he's been "tongue wrestling with Margaret".

432 — Family BBQ

  • Margaret's father is a human. The only one who ever has a reaction from this is Mordecai, but it's soon over. Seriously. No one saw that coming. The G-rated way of looking at it is maybe Margaret's mom was once married to a bird, but broke up with her first husband to be with a human man, but it would still give off that Interspecies Romance vibe even without the implications of sex.
  • "You know your father... always thinking with his chopper. But that's why I love him." In the UK, the line was changed to "You know your father...always thinking with his helicopter..." which means the same, only there's no Accidental Innuendo.

433 — The Last LaserDisc Player

  • When Mordecai, Rigby, High Five Ghost, and Muscleman have to activate the Obsolete Format Guardians, Mordecai, Rigby, and HFG put a Betamax tape, an eight-track tape, and a floppy disk into the head of the first three guardians. Muscleman has to put a pair of reel-to-reel rolls onto the fourth guardian's nipples.
    Muscleman: Dude, sick!
  • The climax of the episode is a giant battle with several guns and the death of one of the guardians, as well as many of the VHS Cult members.

434 — Country Club

  • The rich people's obsession with turning things into toilets.
  • Muscleman plans to still use his reclaimed meat locker despite it being part toilet. He even takes out some meat from it.

435 — Blind Trust

  • "You have to squeeze... and release!"

436 — World's Best Boss

  • There is a mug that is based on a butt. Rigby also walks into it.

437 — Last Meal

  • Muscle Man & Starla make out & tongue-kiss in front of everyone once again, but this time it was so Squick that even Death himself puked from it! Oh, and Rigby's reaction:
    • "Are people allowed to do that to each other?"
  • Rigby's "Should we tell Muscle Man there's a hot dog sticking out of his pocket?" while Muscle Man is making out with Starla has some interesting implications.

438 — Sleep Fighter

  • A new version of the "Ostrich Thing with the Balls" is shown, where a man gets kicked in the crotch again.
  • Thomas is afraid because Muscle Man knows where he lives.

439 — Party Re-Pete

440 — Steak Me Amadeus

  • The gunfight at the restaurant.
  • Margaret's cleavage is seen a lot in the beginning.

    Season 5 
501 — Laundry Woes

  • Rigby calls Mordecai a "Sad Sack Chump".

502 — Silver Dude

  • The God of Street Performing doing the splits on the floor in a Speedo. Benson tells Mordecai and Rigby to clean the floor after seeing that. Whether he means because of the body paint or his genitals is left ambiguous.

503 — Benson's Car

  • Two teenagers want to go to "Make Out Point".

504 — Every Meat Burritos

  • For one scene, a lot of pistols are fired at a car.
  • The list of meat sources in the Jimbros Burritos commercial includes "long pig" as one of the ingredients. "Long pig" is a euphemism for human flesh.

505 — Wall Buddy

  • The Wall Buddy commercial. "My mom's havin' another baby!"

507 — Survival Skills

  • One of the tortillas at the store is called Big "O" Tortillas.
  • The tree bark drug trip that turns Mordecai into a gyro and Rigby into a Minecraft character. It's not as chaotic as the hot pepper trip from "Weekend at Benson's"; it was more like a G-rated take on the drug trip from 2 in the AM PM (the short film that Regular Show is based on).

508-509 — Terror Tales of the Park III

  • In the "Jacked Up Jack-o-Lantern" story, Muscle Man gets turned into a pumpkin and so do his man-boobs.
  • Muscle Man and Starla are shown making love yet again, this time hidden inside a giant brown bag.
    • On that note, Their halloween costumes are both loafs of bread covered with peanut butter and grape jelly respectively. (As in their shirts are covered in them.) This is Role-play sex while only being close to sex.
    • The peanut butter/jelly are spilling out from the bottom of the bag while the couple are making out. Make of that as you will.
  • Mordecai whacks Muscle Man in the groin with a golf club.

513-514 — The Thanksgiving Special

TV Guy: Things have certainly been heating up in the kitchen!

516 — New Year's Kiss

New Years Man: The balls are dropping on my watch!

517 — Dodge This

  • Even though Benson has a concussion, it was pretty clear that he acting drunk off of chicken wings. And by the end of the episode after his team lost the game, Benson dropped this last line:
  • While they are practicing for the dodgeball tournament, Mordecai accidentally hits CJ in her breasts and is visibly discomforted by it.
  • During the final round of the dodgeball tournament, Benson smiles and says "Nice" right before getting hit by a ball from the Thunder Girls. It's obvious what he was referring to.

518 — Portable Toilet

General: Three, two, one! Let's drop a number two on this duke bucket!
  • In the UK, the line was changed to "Let's liberate some latrines", as the original line was too mired in toilet humor to slide past the censors.

519 — The Postcard

  • The front cover of Mordecai and Rigby's favorite magazine is a butt.

520 — Rigby in the Sky With Burrito

  • This exchange of dialogue:
    Muscle Man: I'll take you tomorrow after Starla and I finish brunch. And by "brunch" I mean...
    Rigby: (disgusted) We don't need to hear it!
  • And later:
    Muscle Man: I'll take you tomorrow after Starla and I...
    Mordecai and Rigby: (covering their ears) La la la la la la la!
  • One of the things Rigby promised to do before he met his classmates again at a high school reunion involved mooning on all six continents.
  • "You know who else hasn't done anything since high school? My mom!"
    • Even worse since this implies Muscle Man was the product of a teen pregnancy.

521 — Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit

  • "You're a dark hole."

522 — Saving Time

  • In the beginning of the episode, Mordecai and Rigby mention that Muscle Man believes he can get a suspiciously unspecified body part sewn back on.

523 — Guitar of Rock

  • Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson literally going to Hell (as in, "Death takes them to an underworld rock bar that's obviously in Hell, but the censors won't let J.G. Quintel and company say it") and back to replace Mr. Maellard's guitar.

524-525 — Skips' Story

  • The nail hammering scene and the line about how if your aim is true, you will hit your mark could be an allegory for sex.

526 — Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys

  • "You're not blowing hard enough!" in reference to blowing on a trumpet.
  • Eileen being visibly aroused when she watches Rigby rub a glass of ice water on his sweaty body to cool off.

527 — Bad Portrait

Rigby: You've got everything, you know, his face, his arms, you know, you've got his butt!

529 — I Like You Hi

  • Hilariously double-subverted with this line: "And that was the day I lost my innocence. (sniffles) At making coffee! Not at making out with girls! I did that way earlier. To the extreme!"
  • An advertisement for the song "Fax Me Gently".

530 — Play Date

  • At one point during the (normal) playground scene with Thomas, Mordecai buys an ice-cream, and asks CJ if she wants to share, which she agrees to. You can catch them looking at each other slyly for a split second just before Thomas interrupts them.
  • Death's son Thomas gets Mordecai in trouble with a minotaur husband with a pregnant praying mantis wife.

531 — Catching The Wave

532 — Gold Watch

  • It is pretty clear that chicken wings are a substitution for alcohol in this episode because Benson is once again acting drunk off of chicken wings and he doesn't even have a concussion or some kind of head injury this time.

533 — Take the Cake

  • "Line cutters! Their cake's gonna get cut!"

534 — Skips in the Saddle

  • Muscle Man goes into one of his "my mom" jokes by asking, "You know who else likes to polish other people's rocks?"note  He doesn't actually say "My mom!" but Mordecai and Rigby perk their heads up in surprise.
  • When Skips is telling everyone who he really is, he mentions that he wants someone who doesn't mind that he always goes commando.
    • Not only this, but nobody gasps like they were, until the sign says gasp, which is possibly referencing that everyone in the audience always go commando.

535 — Thomas Fights Back

Muscle Man: No starch this time! It wrecks havoc on my pepperonis!

536 — Bachelor Party! Zingo!!

537 — Tent Trouble

  • One of the audience members shirts has "Mud Waifu" written on it.
    • Just the fact that Starla is a mud wrestler and they actually show a mud wrestling match between two women (not as racy as most other examples, but close enough, given this show) is enough.

538 — Real Date

    Season 6 
601 — Maxin' and Relaxin'
  • Mordecai's mom starts twerking in front of Mordecai and his girlfriend.

602 — New Bro on Campus

  • All of Muscle Man's clothes burn off in the viral video of him trying to fry a chile relleno, apart from his underwear.

603 — Daddy Issues

  • The title is often used in association with women who do sexually foolish or dangerous things because their fathers never showed them love or abused them in some way.
    Rigby: Hey man, what's with the balls?
  • CJ's Dad hits a golf ball into an animal's crotch.
  • CJ is shown putting from the rough grass. "Putting from the rough" is a euphemism for gay anal sex.

604-605 — Terror Tales of the Park IV

  • The Hole
  • Rigby doesn't like his Planet Costume because it's the Planet Uranus.
  • When Muscle Man finds out that he's not going to die, he reaches into his costume arm hole and takes out his underpants while swinging them around.
  • The basic goal in the story is to get Pops in a hole, so they can stay alive. What's mainly bad is that Benson says:
    Benson: This must be the reason we're alive!
  • Unfinished Business
  • Ghost Rigby pulls down his pants to reveal his buttcheeks, which are actually the faces of Ghost Mordecai and Rigby.
  • The Scary Movie
  • Two teenagers make out a lot in the first movie, with their crotches close, they even get a bit worried that people are watching them.
  • At the end, everyone's butt cheeks are stuck together.
  • Muscle Man's reaction to his story is telling Rigby that he didn't know he was an expert on "Lightning Balls".

606 — The End of Muscle Man

607 — Lift With Your Back

Muscle Man: Looks like CJ's the remote in that relationship! Because she's the one with all the controls!

608 — Eileen Flat Screen

  • When it turns out Rigby has what he calls a utility whip, CJ and Mordecai make him demonstrate his skills.
    CJ: Rigby, show us your whipping skills.
    Mordecai: Yeah, Rigby, whip it out.

609-610 — The Real Thomas

  • The entire episode is political commentary on the current situation in Ukraine. This flies WAY over the heads of the average viewer.note 
  • Rigby says, "OOOHHHH! Now, we're all boned!"note 
  • The US President spanks himself to insult the Russians. In the UK version, this was replaced with the President pointing into his rear end, which is still rude.

611 — The White Elephant Gift Exchange

  • Muscle Man gets Benson some gloves made out of his old underwear and later on when Muscle Man is getting pranked some more underwear gloves fly towards him, in the mouth.
  • Pops and High Fives go to a store named "Naughty-9 Cent!"
  • Easy to miss: When the White Elephant stands up at the end of the episode it's revealed that the box he's holding is actually attached to his pants.

612 — Merry Christmas Mordecai

  • Mordecai cheating on CJ with his ex-girlfriend Margaret. This is something that's not been allowed with many cartoons. Granted, it was only a kiss, not sex, but it was treated as if it was something more than that.

613 — Sad Sax

  • The episode is a sequel to Merry Christmas Mordecai, where Mordecai cheats on CJ with Margaret, when Mordecai tries to get back together with her, somebody comes to CJ's house and she says "Do you even know what he did to me?" When the man comes back, he slaps Mordecai and says "You disgust me!"

614 — Park Managers' Lunch

  • Rigby says, "Gene sucks!" when Benson announces that he's having lunch with him. In the UK, the line is changed to "Gene stinks!"

615 — Mordecai and Rigby Down Under

  • The Aboriginal guide that picks up Mordecai and Rigby is wearing pants that look like he's wearing a loincloth with tribal tattoos.

616 — Married and Broke

Announcer: First person to hit the wet ding-dong wins!

618 — Format Wars II

  • Archie (the LaserDisc Guardian) talks about "favoring large things" then exclaims "Size Matters!"

620 — Benson's Suit

  • When Benson puts on his pants, he seems to think his butt fits just nicely.
  • Benson is very obviously drunk (or wasted on chicken wings) when he buries the suit.
  • How about the fact that it's a Whole Plot Reference to Kill la Kill of all things?

624 — Men in Uniform

  • Chicken Wings are once again used as a replacement for alcohol. This time, everybody's drunk.
    • So drunk, that they are partying in the rival park and make a stupid purchase online that they don't remember the next day.
  • Everyone takes off their clothes, and they are all in underwear, even the characters who are usually naked.

625 — Garage Door

  • Mordecai and Rigby laugh at this:
    Bolt Keeper: I am the Bolt Keeper, keeper of the bolts, and the nuts. (turns eyes to right)
  • There is a man with a toilet for a face, (the toilet also has a beard). Oh and his trial is also, to plunge a toilet.
    • Mordecai also looks so nervous and awkward while doing it.
    Mordecai: Dude, are you okay?
    Garage Door Seller: No, I'm actually dying.
  • The Garage Door Seller's body is garage door pieces, one of them is a light string, coming out of his crotch.

626-627 — Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special

Skips: I strongly recommend wearing protection.
  • While insulting Play Co.
    Mordecai: More like Play Blows!
    Then a few seconds later.
    Play Co Man: (opens a box) Does this Play Blow?
  • Benson wears some more pants where he thinks his butt fits nicely again (cf. "Benson's Suit" for the first time this happened)
  • The entire Earth gets burned away (with heavy implications that no one [save the main characters and antagonists] survived)...all for merchandising rights over toys.

628 — Not Great Double Date

  • The Dump Cam, which is shown through a toilet being flushed.
    • In the Philippines and UK version, the toilet is replaced with a garbage can.
  • Del's line when he breaks up with Margaret after her revelation that she has feelings for Mordecai causes CJ to call her out on her lies and Mordecai to run off:
    Del Hanlon: You broke me heart, Margaret! Good luck getting that bungalow in Connecticut. I'm keeping the kids!

     Season 7 

702 — The Parkie Awards

  • Benson gets drunk on chicken wings when he gets snubbed for the Parkie Award.
  • One of the ghostly park manager's acceptance speeches is a rant that tells everyone to go "shove it" (the shortened form of "shove it up your ass").

703 — The Lunch Club

  • Once again, "shove it" is used (Benson's letter to Mr. Maellard ends with, "Shove it, you decrepit old fart!") The UK version changes "fart" to "man", surprisingly leaving "shove it" uncensored.

704 — Local News Legends

  • Del Hanlon reveals that he once used steroids to win a race.
  • One of the leads Margaret follows is one about the park workers running a gambling ring. Turns out they were having a charity-based casino night.

705 & 706 — The Dome Experiment Special

  • When Benson's arrow hits Dr. Dome's "An Ice Storm at Weather Control Booth" button, thereby dooming Dr. Dome to a certain death and allowing Benson and the others to escape the dome, Dr. Dome says, "Dome it all to hole." After all of the 'dome' puns throughout the episode, it is clear that this is a punny way of saying, "Damn it all to hell."

710 & 711 — Terror Tales of the Park V

  • When Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson attempt to kill Mr. Boss Man, Mr. Boss Man taunts them by saying "You don't have the chimichangas!"

734 — Pam I Am

  • Benson said he shared a "chemistry" with Pam, this made Rigby get disgusted and say "gross, I'm trying to eat my lunch"

     Season 8 

806 — Ugly Moons

  • There are a few innuendos involving the Space Bush. For example:
    Space Bush Computer: Comb the bush for intruders.

    • Also, this exchange:
    Commander Tanner: Now, get these Space Tree hacks off my bush.
    Gaurd: Yes sir, off your bush, sir!

809 — Fries Night

  • When Roxy, a sentient rock, tells Crystal, a sentient crystal, that she has a new crush, Crystal asks if he's "cut".

826 — Cheer up Pops

  • Benson trying to work the controls on Blu-Ray's back is played as if he was taking off her clothes, as Benson gets very nervous went asked to do it and on-lookers saying he's been lucky with the ladies recently.
  • Blu-Ray makes a Blu-Ray player with her body and squeezes it out while grunting, like some bizarre mixture of child birth and taking a crap—either way, everyone is disgusted and tells her not to try the same with a big-screen TV.

827 — A Regular Epic Final Battle

  • Rigby starts describing what seems to be an Erotic Dream about Eileen to Pops (he says something about dreaming that Eileen walks in wearing something) before Mordecai cues him to stop.
  • Before the explosion from Pops's Heroic Sacrifice cuts him off, Rigby is shouting about what he wants to be reincarnated as:
    Rigby: No, a pterodactyl! With a really big-


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