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Radar / Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

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Mc Fist: You got a license for that?

Season One

  • A subtle one in Last Stall On the Left, Howard appears to have figured out Randy's secret, which involves "sneaking off so [he] could have the bathroom all to [him]self every time the ninja shows up."
  • In Got Stank?, both Randy and Howard come in to the school's basketball game wearing only blue paint and speedos. Later, the Monster of the Week appears after they come out from taking the paint off but still wearing underwear. What does Randy do? He pulls the ninja mask out of the front of his speedo, which is immediately lampshaded.
    Howard: You're gonna put that on your face?!
    Randy: Yes I am!
    Howard: But it was in your pants!
    Randy: YES IT WAS!
  • In McFists of Fury, Howard goes to check if a head is human or robot.
    Howard: We're good! It's robot!
    Crowd: Yay!
  • Another scene shows a cafeteria worker grinding up a squirrel in a meat grinder, onscreen.
  • What about this bit from Gossip Boy?
    Heidi: Turns out Becky's just a little bloated, so it was all just a huge misunderstanding!
  • And from Stank’d to the Future:
    Howard: His name is Dickie, and he hates his parents, I'm assuming cause they named him Dickie.
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  • Not to mention the science teacher, Mrs. Driscoll, carries around her dead husband's skeleton wherever she goes, and is still very... affectionate with him. Necrophilia! You know, FOR KIDS?!
  • "Let's skip the roarplay and get right to the good stuff!"
  • In Evil Spirit Week, Howard gets possessed by a demon bird and one of the first signs is a feather growing out of his neck. Howard plucks it off and tells Randy he saw "something weird growing out of his body". Randy's response is somewhere along the lines of "that's not weird, Howard, that's natural, the health teacher said so, remember?".
    • There's also the male librarian leering at a magazine centerfold. Of a magazine featuring muscular male librarian wrestlers.
  • In Secret Stache, Viceroy pulls out the results of the ninja's identity from the robot's butthole, much to Mc Fist's horror and the robot's surprise. That's where the image at the top of the page comes from.
  • "Ninja Trippin'-Balls", anyone?
  • Jacques reading a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey in Shoob Tube
    • When Randy challenges Jacques in parkour, the latter calls it a "flip-off".
  • Just the title "Swampy Seconds". Do Disney censors exist?
    • Not for Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja!
  • In Shloomp! There It Is!, when Randy gets transferred into Howard's body after leaving the Nomicon:
    Randy: (in Howard's body while fighting Nomi-Randy) Must. Find. Away. Out of Howard. And into me. That is a weird thing to say.
    • It doesn't help when he said it to Howard in school:
    Randy: (putting his hand on Howard's shoulder) Howard, being inside you...
    Howard: (backing away) Don't say that. Never say that again.
  • In So you think you can stank, Howard's sister blackmails him with a video of him and Randy bathing together.
    Howard: We were 3!
    Heidi: Not that video.
    Howard: Oh.
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  • 30 seconds to math.
    Randy: What has 5 nipples and is gonna win the battle of the bands? These guys.
  • In Viva El Nomicon we get this when Debbie Kang was scolding Randy and Howard for their idiocy
    Randy: Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the taco this morning.

Season Two

  • McFist and Viceroy spreading moisturizer over themselves in front of the Shark-Dermanator during Flume-Igation, complete with excited giggling as they put the stuff on one another's legs, chest, and lips.
  • If you ignore that Howard is telling a booger story and just look at the hand gestures he's making in "Welcome Back Catfish", you will most certainly not think he's telling a booger story. The gestures he makes are very reminiscent of hand gestures used to imply sexual intercourse.
  • Randy and Howard appreciating the Soupsicles in "All the Juice that's Fish to Swim". They passionatey lick the Soupsicles while suggestive music briefly plays.
    • But why was that so necessary.
  • In Everybody Ninj-along, we somehow manage to get a brief Panty Shot of the lunch lady in one shot.
  • If you don't know Randy has super senses in Best Buds...
    • Speaking of Best Buds, how did Randy get the super senses again...? Oh yes, he touched the tongue of a wave, which was incidentally wearing his face. Oh, and how did he touch it? With his tongue... Oh.
    • Randy looking around uncomfortably while tongue-touching the Nomicon.
  • During "Let the Wonk One In", McFist and Viceroy hit the town as Frankenstein and...the Bride of Frankenstein, respectively.
    • To fight the Halloweenja, Randy and Howard have to dress up as Mr. and...Mrs. Teddybear.
    • When the trick-or-treaters have gathered to the garage, Howard says "Which of you candy bars has the almonds to enter", which sounds suspiciously similar to asking them if they have the balls. This one is especially risque because almonds are a type of nut and "nuts" can be used in the same context as "balls".
  • "M-m-my Bolonga" has this after the Randy fights a mutated bologna that gets larger the angrier it gets.
    Randy: Why is it so hard? Every time I slap this bologna, it gets bigger!
    • The title itself counts.
  • "Let Them Eat Cake Fries" has a scene where the French language teacher uncrosses her legs in front of Randy and Howard. Their shocked reactions imply she wasn't wearing underwear.
  • In "Winner Takes Ball", the Nomicon reminds Randy to "Protect the balls [Chaos Pearls]! At any cost" while displaying a pair of Chaos Pearls.
    • From the same episode, Howard exclaims "Oh, shoob me sideways!..." Doesn't take to long to figure out what word could replace "shoob".
  • "Snow-klahoma!" has a few moments. The first one comes from Julian after he was almost pulled into the Land of Shadows by his evil counterpart; upon escaping, he sees Randy and cries "Oh Randall! Praise cheese!"
    • Immediately after, we get this exchange between Julian and Randy:
    Julian: It was horrible! I strained and struggled and pulled!
    Randy: Well, see, there's your problem; you're supposed to push.
    • A similar exchange occurs between Julian and Howard a few seconds later.
    • When the three get to Snow-klahoma, we see the three of them trying to ride a two-person bobsled. When Julian hops in between Howard and Randy, he unintentionally sticks his butt in Howard's face. Howard isn't amused by this.

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