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  • When Antonio goes into a Heroic BSoD in "Something Fishy", Emily gets him a drink - of water of course, but the way he knocks it back is almost a signature gesture to some.
  • When did "The Strange Case of the Munchies" debut? April 21, 2012, the day after 4/20. Not very subtle, Nickelodeon and Saban.
    • Doesn't help either when the next episode was called "A Sticky Situation".
  • When Mia and Emily pose as brides in "There Goes the Bride", a close-up of the wedding registry shows that one of the couples due to get married that day had the respective last names of Beaver and Wetter.
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  • Jayden & Lauren, though siblings, act like they want to bang each other. Not helped by their dialogue about how they "can't be together".
  • When Antonio joins the team and has a reunion with his old friend Jayden, he begins to advance towards him in a very suggestive fashion.
    Jayden: Can't believe you're back.
    Antonio: Oh, yeah, baby. I'm back. And I'm ready for some action.

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