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  • The first episode has Flynn referring to a damaged Grinder as a "Piece of scrap!", but with his accent it's hard to make out the 'S'.
    • Even the closed captions can't make out the 'S' and it reads "Piece of crap!"
  • Summer and Dillon are about to have their Last Kiss being trapped in a burning factory. They move in on each other, grip each other tight, and... the Whale Zord blows water all over the factory, leaving the two soaking wet.
  • Only by facing a vacuum cleaner monster could Ranger Red get away with the line: "Suck on this!"
  • Don't forget Ziggy teleporting into Dr K's chair with the Teen Genius getting a very... exhilarated face after she finds herself in his lap.
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  • Also, Scott using a baby stroller to fight some mooks with the baby still in it.
  • And when Flynn was a Man in a Kilt in "Ranger Yellow Part 2", some Grinders tried to peek under it.
  • In the episode "If Venjix Won", Ziggy tries to cheer up Dr. K. He says to her, "I know exactly what I'm going to give you for your birthday. Here, hold my flashlight."
  • Listen carefully to the words in the BGM that plays after Ziggy gets in Dillon's car in "The Road to Corinth": "Way down in Georgia, the girls are fine / With legs so long, they'll blow your mind." This is a kid's show, right?
  • In "Brother's Keeper", Summer casually asks, "How's the happy couple?" That "happy couple" being Dillon and Scott chained together.
  • In "Ranger Yellow" Flynn is wearing a Kilt with nothing under it, and... he kept his morpher in the front of his kilt... though it may have had in a Sporran, it was still rather suggestive in the way it was presented.

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