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Pixar is a company famous for appealing to both young and old audiences - for more reasons than one.

A Bug's Life

  • The scene where the two flies hit on Francis (who they think is a girl at this point) contains a line that seems rather questionable when you think about it.:
    Fly: Hey cutie, wanna pollinate with a real bug?
  • "Jiminy H. Cricket!"


  • At the beginning of the movie, Fergus actually playfully grabs Elinor's butt. It's just off camera, but her reaction makes it undeniable.
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  • This little bit of dialogue in the Witch's cottage:
    Witch: The last time I did this was for a prince.
    Crow: Easy on the eyes! Tight pants!


  • One of the cars at the sponsor's tent describes the race in the beginning of the movie as "a real pisser." In a G-rated movie.
  • Lightning McQueen groupies Tia and Mia "flashing" him with their headlights. Had they been human, they each would have flashed a pair of something, but it wouldn't have been headlights! Also, if you look at the left side of the screen during that scene, one of the "cameracars" gets a nice rear view of one of the groupies, and he looks quite pleased about it.
  • Mater overhearing Lightning's gushing over Doc Hudson:
    Lightning McQueen: He's won three Piston Cups!
    Mater: [Spit Take] He did what in his cup?!
  • When Lightning McQueen bursts into Doc Hudson's office, he finds Sheriff in a compromising position on the hydraulic lift, as Doc examines his underbelly. He even has an examination pipe up his exhaust pipe; Lightning walked in on the car equivalent of a rectal exam.
    Sheriff: Gettin' a good peek, city boy?


  • In the Land of the Dead, Miguel passes a nude woman posing for a painter. Even though they're skeletons and nothing is shown, their expressions clearly sets the scene.
  • The performance art that Frida Kahlo previews for Miguel begins with multiple versions of herself climbing out of a half-eaten papaya. "Papaya" is a Spanish slang term for a woman's naughty parts, meaning Pixar basically flashed the entire audience.
  • Héctor revises a Bawdy Song's references to a woman's anatomical features mid-verse when he remembers his audience.
    Héctor: ...and her— [Beat] —knuckles, they drag on the floor.
    Chicharrón: Those aren't the words.
    Héctor: There are children present!

Inside Out

  • The German dub managed to sneak in a curse. Anger calls San Francisco "San Franschissko". That would be the German equivalent of calling the town San Franshitsko.

Pixar Shorts

  • At the end of Tokyo Mater, the villain Kabuto (an obnoxious Japanese racing car) is stripped of his modifications as a result of him losing to Mater in a drift race.
  • In the short film El Materdor (where Mater imagines himself a bulldozer fighter) at the end he is between "the twins," teenage girl Miatas Mia and Tia, who are fawning over him. He swings his hook over and yanks one of the girls closer by her rear bumper. Her surprised facial expression, though momentary, pretty much confirms that he's grabbed her butt.
  • In Party Central, Art tells one of the party-goers he saw their girlfriend "making out with some slug in the closet".

The Incredibles

  • Syndrome's exclamation about how Mr. Incredible "got bizzay" after marrying Elastigirl when he notices Violet and Dash.

Toy Story

  • One of Woody's Catchphrases is "There's a snake in my boot!" "Snakes in the boot" is an old slang for drunken hallucinations. Arguably it's an In-Universe example as well.

Toy Story 2

  • While it could just be seen as a "job dropping" move, Buzz suddenly extending his wings after witnessing Jessie's moment of awesomeness near the end of the movie could be seen as representing something a little more risque.


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