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Considering that Phineas and Ferb was created by two guys who worked on Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Simpsons, its Show Within a Show The Itchy & Scratchy Show, and (of all shows) Family Guy, it isn't surprising that this show gets a whole page dedicated to it...note 

Note: This page is for suggestive content sneaked by the censors by being subtle, not just anything you wouldn't expect to see in a kids show.

  • The time machine in "It's About Time!" was built by a man named Xavier Onassisnote .
  • In "Crack That Whip", Doof is plagued by a splitting headache, an aftereffect of the evil mixer he attended the night before. Yep, Doof had a hangover.
  • "Out to Launch": The "Shooting Star Milkshake Bar" song features the line "Shake your asteroid"
    • In the same episode, Doof describes in his backstory how he once lost the attention of a fraulein to a man with enormous hands.
      Doofenshmirtz: [sighs] I lost her to a boy with bigger fingers.
  • Carl does the "pussy whipped" sound effect ("rrowr, wah-cheesh!") towards Major Monogram in "Chez Platypus" when MM complains that he's going to be in trouble with his wife if he can't figure out somewhere special to take her for dinner.
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  • There's a scene in "That Sinking Feeling" where Candace gets attacked by seagulls while trying to bust her brothers. Her mother hears the birds over the phone and says, "Candace, if you're feeding the geese again, I hope you're not wearing a tube top." Did they just reference accidental flashing on a kids' show? Yes, yes they did.
  • During Jeremy the Tree's song in "Wizard of Odd", one line is sung by a bear reading a newspaper while sitting under a tree with his butt obscured. Evidently, even in Candace's dreams, bears do crap in the woods.
    • Another, more brazen allusion to the old bear toilet question comes up in "Buford Confidential", when Buford calls Baljeet while on the run from the French Fireside Girls.
    Buford: The forest is filled with patch-crazed Europeans and I'm a bear in the woods! Whaddya think I'm doin'?!
    Phineas: Ooh! Ooh! I know!
  • In "The Great Indoors" Jeremy's song "Set the Record Straight" has "propagation of the species" in the lyrics. They basically got away with making a sex reference in a song where a teenaged boyfriend is trying to talk about what he likes about his teenaged girlfriend.
  • During "Canderemy", Doofenshmirtz manages to combine himself with Norm and a fridge. And then we get this:
    Norm: (opens fridge) Would you like a nice, frosty beverage?
    Dr. D: Hey, that's private!
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  • During the episode "Magic Carpet Ride", there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sight gag with the name of one of the stores: "Ell No." This one is pretty tame.
  • In "Happy Birthday, Isabella", Baljeet says he hopes Isabella's birthday cake doesn't have a male dancer popping out of it.
  • A scene in "Druselsteinoween" has Buford tell Irving that his "drawbridge" is down, with the drawbridge on his castle costume being positioned in front of his groin.
  • In the final tale of the "Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" Halloween special, Isabella is dancing the twerk a la Miley Cyrus without the foam finger and wild gyrations.
  • Something that got past the radar during the promos for "Summer Belongs To You" but was later apparently censored for the actual broadcast was a very quick little shot in the Bollywood-style music video for "Rubber Bands" that was shown to promote this episode, with some of the dancing girls running across the screen in barely there bikinis. They were later given pants like the rest of the girls for the official episode release. Odd, considering that the same dancers had a cameo in "Carpe Diem" ("Rollercoaster: The Musical") without the censorship.
  • "Star Wars" also gave us lines like "Let's make some Sith happen".

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