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This ain't just a flash frame.

  • The Banned Episode "In Support Of" has so many examples:
    • Pepper Ann is told she needs "support" (a partner) for gym class. Pepper Ann interprets this as needing a bra.
    • Nicky mentions that she's had support for 2 and a half years.
      Pepper Ann: (Stunned Silence) ...I don't even know you.
    • On her way home from school, Pepper Ann's chest lines up with an image of two egg yolks beside each other. Then, we get a shot of the watertower from above, which obviously looks like breasts with nipples. She also passes a grocer, along with a close-up shot of him holding two tomatoes up to his chest while scolding two other workers, calling them "Boobs". Then, one worker says "Busted!"
    • Pepper Ann gets home and her mother shouts, "Pepper Ann, do you want breasts?" Of course, two seconds later we find out she means "chicken breasts".
    • After Pepper Ann tells her mom she needs "support", her mom hugs her tightly. If you look close enough, you can see Pepper Ann looking at her mom's chest.
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    • Pepper Ann's Imagine Spot of herself as a bra-themed super hero, Supportra, with the villain's spitballs bouncing off of Pepper's very large bust.
    • When Pepper Ann and her family go to the mall, there is a Camp Gay guy working at the lingerie store.
    • Pepper Ann has her little sister Moose try on bras for her.
    • When Pepper Ann gets home, you can clearly hear her putting the bra on behind her bedroom door.
    • "Pepper Ann Pearson, you are a woman!"
    • Pepper Ann flashes her bra in front of the entire gym class and the gym teacher.
    • It then cuts to Principal Hickey saying that she was wearing an "article of femininity".
  • A semi-running gag on the show is Ms. Bladdar (the cynical English teacher who looks like Jane Lane if her art career flopped and she ended up a Jaded Washout with a teaching job) being the substitute teacher for an unseen teacher named Ms. Ford, who is implied to have a drinking problem (the episode "The Environ-Mentals" stated that Ms. Ford "...had too much "punch" at last night's PTA meeting" and the "Quiz Bowl" episode had Principal Hickey state that Ms. Ford is on sabbactical at the "I Can Shine" Clinic)
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  • In the episode "You Oughta Be in Musicals!," a police officer is seen releasing a woman in tacky clothes. While it can be argued that she might just be some overdressed fashion victim who committed a petty crime, the officer's line, "Go free, you little vixen," clearly implies that she could be a hooker.
  • On the episode where Pepper Ann tries to get her dad to appear on a game show with her, Pepper Ann reads some of her dad's old love letters to her mom...all of which have the risque parts removed (including one letter in which everything is cut except for "Dear Lydia"). When Pepper Ann asks her mom why the love letters are edited, Lydia can be heard running out of the house and driving away.
  • In the Romeo and Juliet episode, all of the girls are auditioning to be Juliet opposite Craig's Romeo. Then they show Dieter auditioning for Juliet. To top it off they have him use the line "What satisfaction canst thou have, tonight?"
  • From "Family Vacation": "I am forced to ride 3000 miles next to an opera loving ACCIDENT!" Out of context, that sounds very weird.
  • In "One of the Guys" when Pepper Ann wants to enter a beauty pageant and her mother takes her measurements:
    Lydia: 21... 21... 21... Peppie, if we're gonna win this thing, we are gonna need more than just a great dress.
    Pepper Ann: Like... padding?
  • Moose gets away with saying "I thought you said drama sucked" in the Romeo and Juliet episode. It's not a swear word, but at the time it was rarely used in that context in children's TV shows.
  • In "Manly Milo", Pepper Ann is trying to help Milo get more guy friends, so she brings some "manly" items to help him develop more "masculine" traits. One of those items she brought was an issue of "Playdude" with a hunky man and the phrase "Pecs! Pecs! Pecs!" on the cover, before she sheepishly says "Oh, how'd that get in there?" and tosses it over her shoulder.
  • Pepper Ann's Imagine Spot during "Nicky Gone Bad" is a rather dark (but still funny) example. While taking Nicky's "bad" streak to its (il)logical conclusion, she envisions Nicky betting at the dog tracks. While covered in filth, missing several teeth, and speaking in desperate hysterics.
  • In "G.I. Janie", Pepper Ann is describing video games that her aunt Janie purchased. One of the games is "Celebrity Stalker". Another game is "Cuba Libre!" in which, as P.A. describes, "You're on a CIA suicide mission to overthrow Castro." What.
  • In "Ziterella", Pepper Ann goes to Abe's Mall, and the store names are all Abraham Lincoln-related puns. These include two Radar-dodging gems: "John Wilkes Photo Booth" and "Logcabin Lingerie". Keep in mind, this was the first episode!
  • In "The Beans of Wrath", Aunt Janie and Pepper Ann are at Pepper Ann's plot in Hazelnut Middle School's community garden. Janie pulls out a jar of clear liquid from a cooler. Pepper Ann freaks out, saying that Aunt Janie can't drink that on school property. It turns out that the liquid is a mixture of water, yeast, and sugar that's meant to attract (and kill) slugs.
  • In "Moose in Love", Lydia tells her Camp Gay boss Mitch, to have fun on the "Cutie Cruise", and to Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do, with a chuckle.
    • Immediately afterwards, Lydia is walking by Veronica's Treasures and sees a very lingerie-y, bright red, silk nightgown in the display window that she likes. She goes into the store, and chats with her friendly rival Margot Lesandre.
      Lydia: I didn't think you worked during Happy Hour.
  • In "My Mother, My Self", Pepper Ann, in Lydia's body is working at It's You. Janie walks in, and asks Lydia for advice. Her husband Jojo seems distant, and she's trying to be more romantic. Then, she says she went to Veronica's Treasures and bought what is implied to be lingerie. We don't see it, because Lydia's boyfriend walks in.
    • At the end of the episode, Pepper Ann, now back in her own body, suggests that she and Milo stage an elaborate, phony exorcism after Milo's step-dad thinks his house is haunted.
  • In "Presenting Stewart Walldinger", Pepper Ann is invited to an 8th grade party. Trinket tells her that she shouldn't go, and if she caught mono, she could back out gracefully.
    • Later, Pepper Ann is suggesting guys for Nicky to bring as her date. She suggests "the hunk-a-hottie from the Novel Nook". Nicky replies that he's 34.
  • In “The Wash-Out”, one of Pepper Ann’s daydreams references the McCarthy hearings, and Gwen Mezzrow says “Fine, I am a Communist!”.
  • In “Pepper Shaker”, after an earthquake hits Hazelnut, Pepper Ann is extremely paranoid. She builds a shelter in her backyard, and when Lydia tells her to come inside, she says: “Cold War’s over, Peppie!”
  • The poster behind P.A.'s usual booth at Greezy 'n' Cheezy looks a little, ahem, phallic in certain episodes.
  • In "The Velvet Room", Lydia's old roommate is visiting. When she sees Pepper Ann and Moose, she says "I remember when you were just gleams in your daddy's eyes!". Pepper Ann asks what that means. Lydia hastily changes the subject, and pushes Pepper Ann and Moose out the front door.
    • In the same episode, there's a stereotypically Camp Gay interior designer named Toddius.
  • In "Live and Let Dye", after Pepper Ann dyes her hair bright green, she walks into the kitchen where her mom and grandma are talking. Pepper Ann asks her if she notices anything different about her. Grandma points to Pepper Ann's chest and says "Peppie, did you grow bosoms?". Pepper Ann covers her chest, and leaves.
    • Later in the same episode, Tex, a country dance instructor Lydia is trying to woo, is having dinner at the Pearson house.
      Tex: "So, no matter how much we loved that horse, if it's got a broken leg, we had no choice but to- (Lydia walks in and interrupts)

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