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Radar / PaRappa the Rapper

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Apparently the Beanie-Wearing Rapping Dog managed to out-rap the Media Watchdogs.

  • The first game:
    • There's a level in which Parappa is on a date with Sunny and suddenly feels the call of nature. Rather than using the facilities at the park he's at, he tries to hold it in for as long as possible, even while driving. And then when PaRappa goes back to the car after taking a dump, Sunny thinks to herself, "He's the same PaRappa again. Oh well."
  • The second game, despite some lines getting censored, managed to slip a few in:
    • In the first level with Beard Burger Master on one of the signs in the background has the words "More MEAT means More BEEF".
      • Also during the song you rap, Beard Burger Master is saying some suggestive stuff in the backing vocals:
      Beard Burger Master: "My buns are very toasty"
    • Chop Chop Master Onion has a show that's "Strictly for Adults" and PaRappa and his best friend try using the moves on each other while unbeknownst to the two of them, PaRappa's father and girlfriend's father watch. This is never mentioned again. This time, it's only one-eighth of an E-rated game, but lyrics include "Caress your lover" and "Let's get it on." Very subtle, Sony. Very subtle indeed.
    • In Instructor Moosesha's song, there's a part where she and PaRappa are between two jump rope machines. One of them is styled to look like a stripper, with both jump ropes being tassels on her breasts.
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    • In the rap battle with Colonel Noodle, some of the lyrics are kinda suggestive.
      Colonel Noodle: Slurp it, Suck it, I know you all like it.