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Warning: this may be a Disney comic, but it's from the Darker and Edgier Italian branch, and made by Italian writers who have different sensibilities compared to American ones. Some of the entries here are completely normal there.

  • Grrodon and Xadhoom basically commit suicide. Pretty heavy for a Disney comic, eh?
  • In PKNA #1 "Shadows On Venus" there is a photo of a woman clearly topless and barely hiding it behind a towel.
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  • In PKNA #35 we see how the Evronians consume the emotions they absorb: it really looks like a drug addict getting his fix.
  • In PKNA #43 "Time to Time" we have Lyla complimenting a fellow droid for his "nice bodywork". Paperinik's reaction also makes this a Funny Moment.
  • Space mercenary Neopard spouts alien expletives all throughout the two issues he appears in. When in the last two pages of the first issue Donald asks him what do they even mean, Neopard whispers something in his ear, and he freaks out saying "You can't say that kind of stuff in a teen-rated comic!!" In a milder example from the same issues, Neopard's Robot Buddy is The Unintelligible only apparently, while in truth he speaks a cleverly disguised dialect from the Lumbardy region. He never swears but he's ruder than the translation ballons say.
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  • In PK2 #4, Everett is watching over his daughter Juniper through a fake mirror while she's changing clothes, commenting on how much she's grown up and she having eyes like her mother. Nothing is seen (Everett himself acts as Scenery Censor), but it's still a bit creepy for a Disney comic. At least he turns around when she's changing clothes though, lessening the impact.
  • The back-up story of Pikappa #17 seems made only to cram in as much fanservice of Birgit Q as they could. She's first seen working with a very tight and short dress, then she undresses on-panel (the Toplessness from the Back trope is used), comes out of the shower in a towel, and finally dresses in a very form-fitting uniform for a special training.
    • The main story of Pikappa #20 is even worse: she undresses in front of Donald and some men (Toplessness from the Back is used again) to put on an armor and fight a robot. Clearly she is not shown while naked, but still...
  • The opening episode of Might and Power shows the event from which the Bad Future began: We first see a wrecked 313 car, then a shot of Donald Duck on the ground, with a clear look of helplessness on his face, and five laser pointers on his body. It's too easy to guess what happened a moment later. It's the representation of a cold-blooded assault and execution.
    • Later in the story, PK gets a new ally who openly encourages him to kill his enemies, gets angry when he doesn't, and does not hide his opinion that the Evronians are a menace again because the hero wasn't ruthless enough in the past.
  • PKNE The Banks of Time
    • The second episode has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where an angry PK, during a discussion with a library custiodian, pushes Lyla away to confront him face-to-face, and he doesn't realize he's pushing her breasts. She does not complain vocally but the way she looks down shows that she's aware of where PK's hand is...
    • In the following episode, Lyla crawls into an air conduit, followed by PK who compliments her. Turning of page, we read for what exactly, but right that moment, it looks like PK is complimenting Lyla for her backside. Too many readers have noticed that for it to be thought a simple coincidence.
    • At the end of last episode Lyla comment that is "like the good old times" and PK say that "is even better"... while his gaze seems aimed to Lyla cleavage!.

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