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Radar / Mr. Peabody & Sherman

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  • When he's trying to avoid a Time Paradox involving two Shermans from different timelines, Peabody says he has to prevent Sherman from touching himself. Everyone's reaction just sells it. Especially Ms. Grunion, who begins furiously writing on her clipboard.
  • Mr. Peabody receives a triplicate presidential pardon at the end of the film, including one from Bill Clinton, who claims he's "done worse".
  • Agamemnon mentions Oedipus' relationship with his family.
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  • This gem:
    Mr. Peabody: Ah, ah, ah! Careful, Sherman. It's a booby trap.
    Sherman: (laughs)
    Mr. Peabody: What's so funny?
    Sherman: You said booby!
  • When explaining to Penny what the consequences of marriage to King Tut will lead to when he dies, she's shown a picture of a woman getting her heart ripped out of her chest in a bloody mess. Penny is seven. They also give her detailed description of what they will do to her body when she's dead, involving that they will rip all of her organs out and then proceed to make her emptied body into a mummy. Worst part is that this is actually Truth in Television.
  • Also, when Leonardo da Vinci and Mona Lisa are having a quarrel when he wants her to smile for his painting.
    Mona Lisa:... while I sit here on my abbondanza!
    Sherman:...I don't think that means "chair" in Italian.
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  • Bill Clinton can be seen putting the move on Mona Lisa in the moment between Mr. Peabody explaining how to repair the time rip and Agamemnon saying he doesn't get it.


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