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"You don't have to tell her everything!"
Alya, "Animan"

While Miraculous Ladybug is Lighter and Softer in reality than it was in the concept art, a lot of Parental Bonuses abound for the Periphery Demographic, not to mention that the Radar in France works differently to the Radar in America. Spoilers are unmarked, so BEWARE!

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    Season 1 
Stormy Weather
  • When Stormy Weather announces a spate of winter storms for the summer, Cat Noir remarks he was looking forward to swimsuit season, before looking at Ladybug and giggling. She responds with a flat look. Also a case of Dub Text, since in the original, he just says that he'd look good in swimwear.

The Bubbler

  • Chloé drapes herself on Adrien during the slow dance.
  • The Bubbler traps Cat Noir and Ladybug in a bubble and plans to send them to outer space. Ladybug tells Cat to destroy the bubble with Cataclysm since they can't stay trapped forever. Cat gives her a knowing grin, which causes her to Face Palm before he uses Cataclysm.
  • Word of God says that alcohol wasn't a factor in Gabriel not allowing Adrien to have a party, but it's a fact that underage drinking is more common in France than it is in the States, and teens in Paris do party.

Dark Cupid

  • This conversation:
    Max: Beginning of Operation Valentine’s Day. According to my numerous searches on every shopping site online… [hands a box to Kim] It’s this jewel that meets the most success with girls!
    Kim: It’s perfect, Max! I can’t take a red card with this! Love is like football, right? You need a strategy, or else, you’re out! But if you aim correctly, you’ll get right between the poles and score!
  • When Chloé texts a picture of a humiliated Kim to Marinette and Alya, the latter remarks "What a witch!". But the way Alya says the last word implies that she wanted to say something else...

The Gamer


  • Ladybug locks up Alya and Nino in an animal enclosure for their safety, shortly after Nino has blurted out to Marinette (and an eavesdropping Alya and Adrien) that he liked the latter when trying to confess his love for Marinette. By the end of the episode, Nino and Alya have hooked up for real with Alya having to cut off Nino before he can tell Marinette details.


Princess Fragrance


  • In a Comically Missing the Point moment, Jagged Stone tells Ladybug that his mother's poker games are not creepy.
    Jagged Stone: Oh, not that much, it's just old ladies getting together to have a good time.
  • When Pixelator breaks into Jagged's room, he has his idol cornered on the bed. Pixelator is on his knees while Jagged's standing. It gets better when Ladybug rescues Jagged and ends up slamming Jagged's crotch in Pixelator's face.

Guitar Villain

  • Guitar Villain's attack makes people "rock out". When he targets some cars in the street they start rythmically rocking back and forth - making it look like the occupants are getting busy!

Simon Says

  • While Adrien pretends to be in the shower and is told to come out, he asks if he can dress up first. Ladybug replies, "If you must". It's clear that Ladybug wants to see Adrien naked.


    Season 2 
Prime Queen


  • As part of her plan to take down the titular villain, Ladybug ties Cat Noir to a kite, blindfolds him, and has him hold her yoyo in his teeth. Out of context, it looks a lot like BDSM.
    Season 3 
  • When Weredad declares that someday "a prince will come [...] daring enough to face me, who will brave the many dangers and will pick the magic rose for her." that sounds a lot like he's talking about her being deflowered.

Chris Master

  • Philippe, a grown man, tells Santa that "[he's] been a really good boy this year." His extremely camp delivery does not help.


  • Nino and Alya got akumatized as a pair in the episode because they snuck off together to an isolated dark closet to "play a game together", and got so embarrassed after getting caught by the class that they pinged Hawk Moth's radar. Afterwards, they apologized to the class on the bus, where Mylène says that she and Ivan "play together" all the time. The same is true for Rose and Juleka, and even Chloé and Sabrina, although Chloé didn't want to admit it. Humorously, apparently only Adrien and Marinette haven't played. Adrien says it seems like fun, and Alya tells him he just needs to find "the right partner", not-so-subtely suggesting that it be Marinette.


  • When Ladybug ties herself and Cat Noir together with the string of her yo-yo so that the titular villain would swallow them together, Cat Noir asks nervously; "You sure it's the right time, m'lady?".
  • Cat Noir loudly exclaims that the sentimonster has "swallowed his stick whole".
  • "Oh no, not the tongue!"


  • Félix, while disguised as Adrien, tries to kiss Ladybug without her consent while the cutesy BMG that was playing until that point turns distorted. To older viewers, it may look like he was trying to do something far more sinister than just kiss her.

  • Reflekta's battle quip can be taken in an entirely different way than intended...
"You think covering us in whipped cream will save you from being punished, Ladybug?"

  • Actually, a lot of the dialogue in this episode can really sound dirty if taken out of context, between the emphasis on punishment and even a few "Naughty boy/girl" comments.

Cat Blanc

  • Several of Cat Blanc's actions have rapey vibes: physically restraining Ladybug so he can steal her earrings, vacillating between flirtatiousness and anger...

    Season 4 


  • Kagami tries to kiss Adrien at one point after pinning up up against the wall, but unlike the other Almost Kiss moments they've shared, Adrien is visibly uncomfortable with her advances. Her reaffirming her (rather unhealthy) fixation on his "pure and perfect" persona doesn't help much either.


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