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Considering that Milo Murphy's Law was created by the two guys who created Phineas and Ferb and also worked on Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Simpsons, its Show Within a Show The Itchy & Scratchy Show, and Family Guy (of all shows), it isn't surprising that this show gets a whole page dedicated to it.

Going the Extra Milo
  • Although the purpose of the devices were never explicitly stated, two aliens with probe-like devices nearly use them on Zack and Milo in the first episode.

The Undergrounders

  • After Zack saves Milo and Melissa from the pile of rubble, one of the undergrounders mentions that he would have just left them to start their own society. The more obvious interpretation is that they would build a city just like the undergrounders did, but just the two of them would not exactly be a society... unless of course they would start... um... reproducing. Based on the look on Melissa's face, that is the first place her mind went.
    • When combined with the entry under "Rooting for the Enemy," it seems Melissa thinks about this sort of stuff pretty often.

Rooting for the Enemy

  • The cheerleader's cheer for the pep rally:
    We're the geckos, we got class!
    We're gonna climb right up your glass!
  • This moment. Milo, who doesn't get why people need a rally to inspire pep, asks Melissa if she finds it at all peppy. She watches the Gecko mascot fall out of his costume and replies that it does.
  • "Dude, you're on my didgeridoo!"
  • Melissa being abducted by an Orangutan. There are folktales in Sumatra and Borneo that Orangutans are sexually attracted to human women. The fact that she's a redhead doesn't help much.

Sunny Side Up

The Note

  • Milo's doctor, Eugene, hides the fact from a fellow golfer to make him accept him who he is, implying that their relationship is closer than friends.

Party of Peril

  • Milo, to Melissa: "Think of all the times you've helped me when I've had a sprained arm!"
  • There is a sign for B's Nuts prior to the Christmas trees being burnt.

The Wilder West

  • Jackie says that she can't believe the rock slide happened.
    Melissa: My Butte believes it.
  • Soon after:
    Milo: You know what they say about assuming...
    Melissa: It makes a bull's lunch out of you and me.

Murphy's Lard

  • One of the compliments Milo gives to Melissa's (dubious) courage is praise for her "intestinal fortitude" (translation: not crapping herself out of fear).

The Substitute

  • Melissa has apparently warned Chad repetitively about "rising up from under her desk".
  • Diogee inches towards the pistachio plant and begins lifting a hind leg, but is stopped and shooed away by Cavendish.
  • Someone who walked in on Mrs. Baxter after her incident with the wormhole, reclining at her desk with unkempt hair and sunglasses over her eyes, could be forgiven for thinking that she had a hangover.

Time Out

  • A henchman grabs both of Savannah's wrists in a suggestive way, so she kicks him in the face (in a physically impossible way) and he then gives the kind of moan used in comedy to mean getting struck in the gonads.

Missing Milo

  • In a Call-Back to "The Substitute", Diogee actually does pee on the pistachio plant this time...and it's shown on screen.

Some Like It Yacht

Island of Lost Dakotas

  • Apparently, Cavendish has died multiple times, and it's shown on screen. They even get away with having Cavendish fall in lava and leaving behind his skeleton.
  • Among the many Dakotas on the island, one is blatantly referred to as a cannibal, and another (whom we don't see) is nicknamed "Birthday Suit Dakota".

Fungus Among Us

  • The Pistachion leader actually uses the phrase "Fertilize me." Just think about that. (Give up? It's the plant equivalent of "fuck me").
  • Dakota eats Pistachians who have been turned into sprouts and it's shown in all its graphically detailed glory.

Backwards to School Night

  • After Dakota says he left his wallet in another tracksuit, Cavendish questions how many tracksuits Dakota owns. Dakota replies that he has six.
    Cavendish: So, then, what do you wear on Sundays?
    Dakota: *shrugs* Not much.

The Phineas and Ferb Effect

  • Upon discovering that Zack and Melissa have snuck off together (actually in pursuit of Candace, who they suspect might be a Pistachion spy), Buford announces "I knew they were a couple!"
  • Most of the main characters have been captured and tied up by the Pistachions. What's the first thing Isabella says when she shows up? "Hey, Phineas. What-cha doin... all tied up like that?"

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