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aka: Madagascar 3 Europes Most Wanted

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  • Marty (the zebra), Gloria (the hippo) and Skipper (the penguin) all manage to get crap past the radar over the course of the movies.
    • Examples would be of Marty saying only the first letters of a swear (above) and Skipper and Gloria self-censoring (Gloria basically said "hell" but added an "o" at the end to make it OK. Skipper both censors the word "damn" by naming a famous dam to make it child-friendly, and gets to imply he and his fellow penguins killed the human crew of the cargo ship and ate their livers by saying he was only joking.)
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    • Two words: Gloria's butt. It's shown multiple times. In the open. Without any clothes on. It gets even worse in Madagascar 3, where the only clothing she gets for the circus scene is a tutu.
    • During the Meadow Run scene, when Marty realizes that Alex is livid, he says "oh" followed by a drawn out "sh" sound, which turns into "sugar". This appears to merely be something of a Last-Second Word Swap, unless you notice that he says "Sugar Honey Ice Tea."
    • When Gloria comes out of the crate, she has 2 starfish where a woman's breasts are and a crab on the nether-region. When she shakes them off, what else would she say but, "Fun's over boys."
  • Gloria's subplot in the second movie with Moto Moto is ridiculously rife with sexual subtext. Moto Moto can only ever talk about how much he loves Gloria's big body (amplified by the "Big and Chunky" song that plays when he's first introduced), not to mention how much focus there is on Moto Moto's own pecs and butt..
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  • Julien offering his behind to Maurice, saying "What is a simple bite on the buttocks amongst friends? Here, give me a nibble."
  • The Christmas-themed short on the DVD of the first film includes both the aforementioned "Hoover Dam" phrase, as well as "Shiitake mushrooms!"
  • The HELP message having the "p" fall down to spell out HELL.
  • The creators also get to show a shark die horribly in a volcano in the second movie by downplaying it as a good thing (it saved one of the lemurs).
  • When 'landing' the plane in the second movie, Skipper and Rico have a little Incest Is Relative scene:
    Skipper: Rico, you've had your fun. Pull up. Gear down. Gently. You just want to kiss the ground. Just a peck, a smooch, like you'd kiss your sister.
    (Rico slams the landing wheel into the ground so hard that it snaps off and the plane drags a deep furrow in the ground)
    Skipper: (irritated) I said kiss it!
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  • In the third movie, Vitaly gets a moment that is this, Unusual Euphemism, and Parental Bonus all at once: "Bolshevik!"
  • "I was flyin'! I was F'ing-'ell-yin'!"
  • King Julien and the she-bear have a hilariously Does This Remind You of Anything? sequence involving the words "No means no!"
  • In one scene in the third movie an elephant is being hit by a kid with a slingshot, then gets frightened and (after losing his grip on his partner) rolls backwards. Guess who he runs into.
  • When the monkeys unionize in the second film, they demand maternity leave benefits, which confuses Skipper, who looks under the table to verify that the monkeys are in fact all male.
  • In the 3rd film, when Marty meets the small circus dogs he exclaims "Aww. You gotta go back to your momma's belly, 'cause you're too cute to be out here in the real world." Then the dogs threaten Marty with broken bottles and he cowers behind Alex. Seems like Chris Rock just couldn't leave that line out of the script.
  • In the third movie, the whole preparation and lead-up to Vitaly's ring-jumping act (and the nature of it) seems like one big example of this: he's forcing himself through a very tiny hole, after lubricating himself with slippery liquid, and the scenes where he douses himself are practically Fanservice for anyone who likes looking at big muscular males in posing trunks...
  • In the third film when monkeys give their thumbs up, the lower one has his thumbs up stick out from the "groin" of the King of Versailles costume.
  • In Escape 2 Africa, the flamboyant King Julian pops out of a cake dressed as a cheerleader, then enthusiastically asks the other lemurs (male and female) whether or not any of them find him attractive.
    Julian: Surprise freaks! I'm a lady! Which of you is attracted to me?
  • When Gloria meets Moto Moto, he gives her a wink, then slowly rises out of the water flashing his abs and does a sexy walk as he goes to talk to her.
  • When Alex fights the old lady, she manages to give him a titty twister.
    Blue Hair: Come in, Tokyo!

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