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Radar / Let It Shine

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Don't run away from the truth. Well, you should because listed below is the truth.

  • Cyrus says "dope", to which his father scolds him for. Wow.
  • It is mentioned multiple times that Roxanne's videos are a tad revealing.
  • Cyrus tells Bling that "the only girls he gets are in the pages of a catalog." Yes, a Disney Channel movie made a masturbation joke.
  • "Self Defeat" has Cyrus's line "I'm not a busboy I'm a waitress. My apron looks like a dress, I should twirl around like a pretty princess." Yeah, they just made a crossdressing joke. Also from "Self Defeat" "Let me buy another round for your guests" Wow.
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  • Also in "Moment Of Truth" Bling tells Cyrus "You should walk around in some high-heeled shoes, You should rock pigtails and a skirt, You're shaking in your boots, Are your feelings getting hurt?" They did it AGAIN.

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