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Technically the Nickelodeon series iCarly is supposed to be for children (tweens & young teens); however, as you can see, there seems to be so much questionable content (or overzealous editors) this section had to be split into six folders. It also has a Ho Yay page. Remember that not everything that makes you go "tee-hee" is an example of this trope.

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    Season 1 
  • iPilot:
    • Carly and Sam actually got away with making a comment about their teacher's boobs (and they did say boobs).
    • Spencer finds a naked female mannequin and acts very possessive about "her".
  • iWant More Viewers: Carly makes some spaghetti and Freddie says he really likes it, to which Sam replies, "If you like it so much, why don't you stuff it down your pants?"
  • iScream On Halloween:
    Spencer: So, what are you gonna be doing on iCarly tonight?
    Carly: I dunno, anything Halloweeny, I guess.
    Spencer: He-he. Hallo-''weenie''.
    • Also this.
    Sam: Wait, whose butt is this?
    Carly: Sam.
    Sam: Sorry.
  • iSpy a Mean Teacher:
    • There are many suggestive scenes. For example, two teenagers get trapped in a closet together, which makes for some interesting dialogue. Plus, there's a giant talking Randy Jackson cardboard cutout with which the teacher on whom they were spying flirts. Oh, and then she puts her glutes onto the cutout's crotch. They said glutes.
    • Sam mocks Freddie's 'pie cam' by retorting "My aunt Maggie's boobs look more real than that, and they're ridiculous."
  • iWill Date Freddie: "You won't get respect if your back's not erect!". Cue in-show laughs.
    • Plus before that:
    Mrs. Benson: I can't believe it's finally happened! Your first date!
    Freddie: Mom!
    Mrs. Benson: And with a girl!
    Freddie: MOM!
  • iHate Sam's Boyfriend: Spencer didn't notice his poison ivy until it spread. To places.
  • iHatch Chicks: "I picked him up thinking he was a bar of soap. Good thing I realized before..." Spencer stops, "Nevermind."
  • iMight Switch Schools: One of the mini-golf holes Spencer designs involves hitting a ball at a (cardboard) guy's crotch hard.
  • iFence: Sam and Freddie bet that Sam can't read a real book in one week. When Freddie loses? He has to do the "ushenote ": shoving the faucet hose down his pants and then Sam turns it on.
  • iCarly Saves TV: "Well, I ain't supervising what you produced in there!"
  • iWin A Date:
    • Sam remarks that her mom was banned from a dating site.
    • Earlier, Carly told Sam she had to rub lotion "all over that woman (Sam's mom). And those pox were everywhere."
    • This bit:
    Spencer: I'm gonna go take a shower.
    Sam: Why?
    Spencer: Cause I always get my best ideas when I'm wet.

    Season 2 
  • iSaw Him First has Sam and Carly fighting over Shane, Freddie's friend and we have this exchange:
    Carly: I don't even care because I have a date with Shane tonight.
    Sam: Obviously.
    Carly: What's that supposed to mean?
    Sam: Why don't you ask your new helping bra?
  • iHurt Lewbert:
    Lewbert: This ain't tomato juice!
    Carly: Then what is it?!
    Lewbert: Uh, nothin'.
    • And then there's this:
      Mrs Benson: Wet and sticky is very icky! Sticky and wet makes mommy upset!
      Spencer: I don't know how to respond to that.
  • iGo To Japan: There's a scene in a spa. Both Mrs. Benson and Spencer are wrapped up in seaweed. When they realize it was a trap, they try to get out of the tightly bound seaweed. Spencer eats his way out of the seaweed, and then he slashes the seaweed covering Mrs. Benson with a sword. She also has to constantly remind him that the towel he's wearing around his waist keeps falling down. And yes, Mrs. Benson sees Spencer naked. Twice.
    • Carly and Freddie are in charge of getting the room key, this conversation happens:
      Carly: We'd like our room key, please.
      Receptionist: Ooh, honeymoon couple? [Freddie turns to Carly and suggestively raises his eyebrows, she then slaps him across the face].
  • From iPie, when Carly and Sam are walking to Carly's apartment:
    Sam: And my mom keeps telling me over and over: "Don't squeeze it!" But how can I not squeeze it, you know what I mean?
    Carly: No...
    Sam: Well, think of it like a plastic bag just filled with pudding, and you know-
  • iKiss
    • The way Freddie and Sam decide to kiss, it seems like Freddie and Sam are both virgins and "kiss" just to lose their virginity because of insecurity. Kissing in this case would be a cleaner version of indicating that the two had sex.
    • Carly's really surprised Sam's never been kissed, because, "You seem so... willing."
  • iGive Away a Car, Freddie says possibly one of the greatest innuendos in the show:
    Freddie: Then you'd better throw your cupcake hard and hope it's sticky.
    Carly: That's something you don't hear everyday...
  • iRocked the Vote, the fake "not-Idol" contestant Wade Collins repeatedly calls the cast "hobknockers". As British slang, this generally means "someone who has sex with animals." No wonder it is "Gross... and illegal."
    • Also, Wade Collins using girls who who are wearing some skimpy dresses to dance around his music video, when said girls don't look like they could be older than 15-16. Two of the girls were Carly and Sam.
  • iMeet Fred: While Sam is beating him up with a tennis racket, Freddie screams "No Sam, not there!"
  • iWant My Website Back: Sam actually gets away with trying to trick Mandy into killing herself, by inflating a garbage bag with her lungs, indefinitely. The lines uses to convince Mandy: "Do you want to help get our website back or not?" "Of course!" "Then blow." (Beat) "On it."
    • Spencer disguised himself as an old woman, responding to questions of his identity with, "I am just a busty old woman." Made all the more questionable by the fact that he jumps up and down to demonstrate while saying this. Then an old man sees Spencer as the old woman and finds him attractive. Spencer tries shooing him away and it blows his cover. Later, Spencer is at his apartment and the old man knocks on the door with Spencer's wig and says something along the lines of "Put it on, we can try again."
    • Also from that episode, which launches the whole "Spencer in drag" plot to begin with. What pushes this onto this page is that Spencer's response comes with no hesitation whatsoever on his part:
      Carly: What size dress do you wear?
      Spencer: 10, why?
  • iMake Sam Girlier, Freddie uses a drop of his blood for some sort of DNA test and the results come up with "prone to excessive bleeding." Cue Freddie's finger spritzing out blood from the same finger he pricked.
    • Apparently, Pete "gets me [Sam] going".
  • iDate a Bad Boy: Carly tries to convince Spencer that she's not a little girl anymore and asks, "Remember when I sent you to the drug store for me last month...?"
  • iReunite with Missy:
    Carly: That's Kevin.
    Missy: Kevin?
    Carly:If he asks if you want to see his "onion ring," just say no!
    Missy: Why...
    Carly: JUST SAY NO!
    • Also:
    Spencer: Is this water?
    Chuck: You wish it was water!
  • iTake on Dingo: There is a hobo that sleeps in the outside area from the motel room the quartet rented. One scene shows him reaching out from the window and rubbing Carly's hair rather sensuously. Carly screams, whips his hand with a long rag, and runs to Spencer in terror.
  • iMust Have Locker 239: Carly tells Spencer that she needs to talk to him about something. Spencer's first, worried reaction: "You didn't go into my room, did you?"
  • iTwins: "You let my enemy penetrate my inner sanctum!"
    • Spencer recalls the time when Chuck locked him in the basement and squirted him with a "suspicious" liquidnote .
      • In the episode, he squirts him with a brown liquid that, based on Spencer's reaction when he tastes it, isn't chocolate.
    • Freddie is upset that Carly and Sam trick him into wearing a clown suit to school by sending him a letter that says it's Clown Day. Spencer tells him that some boys at his school once tricked him into thinking it was Naked Day.
    Spencer: Have you ever played dodgeball naked?
    Freddie: No.
    Spencer: Don't ever do it.
    Freddie: I won't.
    Spencer: Because...
    Freddie: I get it.
    Spencer: OK.
  • iFight Shelby Marx: One of the comments calls Carly a twig:
    Carly: I'm not a twig. But I'm getting curvier everyday!
    Freddie: (turns at Carly) I know.
    Carly: (sternly and jokingly) Eyes up, dude.
    • Early in the episode, Spencer mentions a doctor living in their building.
      Carly: In apartment 7-B?
      Spencer: No. The guy in 7-B just likes to dress up like a doctor. ...Don't ever talk to him.

    Season 3 
  • iThink They Kissed: When Spencer tells Carly he's going to prison, before he says it's so he can teach art to convicts, Carly's immediate reaction is:
    Carly: Oh my god, what did you download?
    Spencer: Nothing! (Beat) Yeah, nothing.
    • Hey, nice sacks!
    • Sam saying "Holy crap". The closed captions say "crab"note , but she obviously said "crap".
    • One must question the scene where the prisoners come out of the large pair-of-pants sculpture through the zipper area.
  • iCook: Ricky Flame's breakdown after his defeat, sulking in his room with tissue papers sticking on his face.
  • In the opening scene of iSpeed Date:, this is heard:
    All students going to the dance must submit their medical records to nurse Bogart. Thank you.
    • From that same opening:
      Nate: Sorry... Rebecca Berkowitz already asked me to the dance.
      Carly: Oh... I hear she's a lot of fun.
      Nate: Yeah.
      Carly: "Yeah... Well... enjoy her...
    • On the night of the dance, Sam decides goes to his house to pick him up anyway. While she tries to convince him to go a very attractive girl, Tasha, comes out from his door and asks "How long are you gonna keep me waiting?" Sam promptly leaves, but not before the girl exclaims "Gibby, come on! Your mom just brought us strawberries and whipped cream!" Gibby then proceeds to go inside with a very large grin on his face.
    Sam: Well... what's wrong with her (Tasha)?!
    Gibby: Nothing. Nothing at all.
    • After several failed attempts by Carly to get a date, Sam gets an idea to put Carly in a speed dating competition consisting of the webshows male fans. Carly instantly refuses and is somewhat repulsed by Sam's suggestion. During the live airing of the webshow Sam suddenly grabs Carly and somewhat violently ties her down to a chair and gags her then , Sam asks the male audience that if they find her cute, they should enter the contest.
    • This dialogue:
      Carly: You're in trouble!
      Sam: Who has urine trouble?
      • According to show creator Dan Schneider's blog, Sam's response was added the day the scene was shot.
    • When Carly wasn't asked to the dance, it was said that she was being crotchety about it several times. They finished the scene off with, "Haha, crotchety... It's funny 'cause it sounds wrong..."
    • After the speed dating is suggested:
      Carly: How can I get to know someone in 15 seconds?
      Sam: Come on, six of my mom's best relationships started in 15 seconds!
  • Spencer decides to attempt to have "the talk" with Carly.
    Spencer: I think it's time for you and I to have a little talk about-
    Carly: I'm not having this conversation!
    Spencer: Thank you so much!
  • iCarly Awards: Spencer hired European Swimsuit models. The male kind. One of them makes a skirtless Carly statuette.
  • iHave My Principals: Principal Franklin got getting fired because the superintendent thought it was inappropriate for him to come out of the fly of a giant pair of pants and sit on fudge balls in his students' webshow.
    • Spencer's bull riding teacher mounts him and yells "You can do better!" and Spencer replies "I'm not so sure about this!"
  • In iFind Lewbert's Lost Love, Carly is trying to tell a woman that Lewbert doesn't like her anymore. The woman then comes up with an unexpected (and terribly wrong) interpretation of Carly's words with Unfortunate Implications...
    Marta: You skunkbag!
    Carly: HUH?!
    Marta: You want me out of the picture, so you can have Lewbert for yourself!
    Carly (confused): Me have... Lewbert for my... I'M FIFTEEN!!
  • iMove Out: Mrs. Benson is negotiating terms with Freddie to get him to agree to come home, one of his conditions is that she unlocks all the TV channels. Which involves Elephant Love from the Nature Network.
    • Lampshaded in iMove Out was their use of "God" in "Oh My God" and such phrases. It was unheard of in kids shows, and still mostly is. It's usually "Oh my gosh". (However this show and Victorious were full on using "Oh My God" SO MUCH.)
      Freddie: Oh my g—
      Ms. Benson: You better finish that with 'gosh'.
      Freddie: Dear gosh, please make her leave.
    • Earlier, Freddie shows Carly and Sam the "apartment" Lewbert rented to him for $100 per month (really the elevator machine room). When Sam looks around, she mentions "there's no bathroom." Freddie replies, "There's the sink..." Cue the "ewwww" moment.
    • While Spencer is asleep, he was apparently dreaming about Harmoo. He wakes up screaming "NO HARMOO, DON'T BITE THAT!"
  • iQuit iCarly: In the mock horror film about evil wind, the trailer we see at the end has this infamous line: "This wind blows!"
    • It gets better. The title of the movie is called The Blowing. Coming soon.
    • Carly: "I'm jiggly." and "My tongue needs help!"
    • Freddie (to Spencer): "I'm not giving you a spongebath while you watch television! Not after the last time."
    • Freddie also peeks in on Spencer in the shower and comments on a birthmark on his buttcheek.
    • This exchange occurs during the Gibby/Spencer subplot:
    Gibby: A-ho!
    Spencer: Look at your pronunciation sheet.
    Gibby: Ahoy!
    • This:
    Freddie: So cross your fingers... and all other parts of you.
    • The opening suggests that Spencer was watching porn when it was actually about boats.
    • At one point, Sam calls Freddie a "dip-head", which can be easily misheard as "dickhead" and was most likely the intention.
  • In iSaved Your Life, Mrs. Benson's reaction to Freddie and Carly kissing was "What the yuck!?"
    • Before Carly and Freddie kiss for the first time, Mrs. Benson tells them she'll be gone for exactly '36 minutes' to get some medicine. After Carly kisses him, they really get into it, and an ad break appears. They come back, still kissing, and only stop when Mrs. Benson comes back with the medicine. Getting a 30 minute long makeout session under the radar is pretty awesome.
      Freddie: Ow ow ow!
      Carly: It hurts?
      Freddie: Well it doesn't feel good!
      Carly: Okay, um... where's your bed?
      Freddie: (groans) Right here...
      • In the Extended Version of the episode, a girl invited Freddie over to her house for the weekend, when her parents were going to be gone and her older brother was throwing a party. There is also a line of thought that suggests that not only were the parents going away, but that the brother's party was at a beach house somewhere, implying that they'd have the main house to themselves the whole weekend. She's offering him a weekend of sex. Carly then shoos her away by giving him a kiss.
    • Think about this line for a moment. Or better yet, go to your kitchen and do it yourself. See what it looks like.
      Sam: Whatever tickles your peach.
    • Spencer ambushes Sam with the line: "I got to stop saying witty things before I blow!"
    • Spencer receives a package, and suspects that Sam may be hiding inside it to ambush him:
      Spencer: Check to see if there's a girl in there.
      Delivery Guy: No. Why, did you order one?
  • iWas a Pageant Girl: Sam rips off Carly's dress from over the top of one dressing room stall, while she stands in the other. There is a lot of shaking and other movement going on. the stall wall is about nipple level at the end we get this dialogue
    • (both emerge from their stalls shortly after)
    Sam: I feel hot!
    Carly: I feel violated!
    • Earlier in the same episode, Carly is getting prepared for a pageant. Sam walks up and hands her two white objects that resemble to grapefruits. The dialogue went something like this:
    Carly: What are these?
    Sam: Just stuff them under your bra.
    • Carly asks again what they are and were she got them, Sam explains that they're fake boobs she ordered from the internet. One shot reveals that they are complete with nipples.
      • She then drops them instantly when she hears that Sam's mom wore them last night.
    • Spencer wants "squirtable fruits"
  • iEnrage Gibby: Carly tells the critic who gave a bad review of Spencer's work that he was so sad, he died.
    Carly: You killed my brother!
  • iFix A Popstar: Mrs. Gibson comes on to Spencer rather... bluntly.
    • Also in that episode, Spencer remarks that Carly and Sam went to Build-a-Bra. Gibby comments that he always gets thrown out of there; Freddie reluctantly agrees.
    • Spencer visualizes Gibby's mom as half Gibby. Since Gibby never wears a shirt, this is how he sees her.
    • The A plot, where they take Britney Spears antics and roll with them. Visible hangovers, implied teen-pregnancy, strange use of the word "sexy" and onscreen graphic violence (fork in the cheek/shoulder WITH blood) make the episode go beyond the radar. Oh, and that suggestive singing.
  • iBelieve in Bigfoot has many sexual references:
    • Beave-coon: Spencer mentions that 2 University students recorded video of male raccoon and a female beaver "socializing" (yes, he did the finger quotation marks) by a river.
    • Carly points out two squirrels "wrestling" and Freddie responds, "Uh, Carly? They aren't wrestling." Carly went right back to staring at the squirrels. Spencer brings it up again, much to her dismay.
    • Robin's Weiners: At one point, Sam falls asleep with one of Robin's Weiners in her mouth; then the "wienery".
    • Sam's mother dated a tall pygmy once. The others don't believe her. She offers to show them "the video". Everyone reacts in disgust.
    • Carly getting water out of Spencer's ear with a turkey baster:
    Spencer: Squeeze the thing on the end.
  • iPsycho:
    • This exchange:
    Sam: (referring to the soundboard Freddie was practically ogling at) Cool, why don't you use it to beam yourself to Jupiter?!
    Carly: Is that really necessary?
    Sam: I could've said Uranus...
  • iBeat the Heat:
    • "I have angina!" "..You have WHAT!?"
    • "I don't need this bag of ice in my pants anymore!"
    • "My Pee Wee Babies are more important than your Fallopian City!"
    • Freddie's futile attempts to lift Carly by her waist onto the kitchen countertop, complete with struggled groaning from both of them.
    • This exchange:
    Freddie: Sam, swear you'll be nice.
    Sam: Oh, I'll swear...
    Freddie: Sam!

    Season 4 
  • iGot a Hot Room:
    • What exactly did that goat do to Carly on her last birthday that was so bad that it made it her worst birthday ever and she refuses to talk about it?
    • Gibby's mostly blind grandpa mistakes Spencer as a girl after feeling his hair, which may be Justified in the fact that he has bad eyesight. But then Spencer says, "I'm a guy!", and to check if he's right, the grandfather pats down Spencer's body until he finds his chest and then says, "Oh yeah."
    • Spencer tells the kids about a wet spot on the carpet that Gibby's grandpa made. All three of them run away from it as fast as possible.
    • After scolding the Italian exchange student, Carly asks how she learned Italian - Sam replies that her mom "likes Italian dudes". Then Sam puts extra emphasis, saying "I mean she LIKES Italian dudes." Carly replies "I get it..." with a look on her face that strengthens the chance of it being innuendo.
  • iSam's Mom:
    • Sam calls her mom Pam's "parts" "worn out".
      • As if that isn't enough, that entire conversation is a little strange when you really think about it.
    Sam: I don't want any part of you!
    Pam: You don't deserve any of my parts!
    Sam: Why would I want worn out parts?
    Pam: Hey, take a good, long look, baby, because this is your future.
    • Gibby on the spycam. This bit is now in the opening credits, so it will happen every episode for the season.
    • Quote from Dan Schneider: If you're wondering why the Asian gentleman emerges from the restroom, looking at Gibby, with a terrified expression, then runs out screaming in horror… you'll have to ask Noah Munck who plays "Gibby". He's one of the few people who knows why. ;)
    • Further insight on the episode from Dan: You'll hear Carly say, "It's almost four o'clock in the morning." But that was NOT the take I had in this episode a week ago. In that version of the show, Carly said, "It's almost four o'clock in the flippin' morning." But the network called me and said they didn't want me to have Carly say the word "flippin" – so I changed it to another take where she didn't say it. Frankly, I thought it was fine for Carly to say "flippin" – but when the bigwigs at Nickelodeon have an issue with something, I try to accommodate them. And I didn't feel that strongly about keeping the "flippin" line.
  • iGet Pranky:
    • Carly not having pranked anyone is portrayed like how more dramatic teen tv shows portray teens being pressured into becoming sexually active. When Freddie and Sam are pressuring Carly to prank someone she says, "I'm sure it'll happen... when I meet the right person."
    • Pranks for Spencer are portrayed as being very addictive, to the point where Carly starts an intervention, Spencer recalls hitting Rock Bottom and discussions about how it effects the people around him.
    Spencer: At first I was just pranking on weekends.
    • Gibby's fear of being pranked while peeing forced him to use catheters along his pants.
    • Carly threatens to sneak into Spencer's room at night and cover his face with a pillow until he stops kicking if he doesn't stop pranking. They admit that it's a pretty dark thing to say.
  • iSell Penny Tees:
    • The episode opens with the gang holding an online auction during their webcast, aptly named "Show You Our Junk".
    • Freddie now has the urge to stab Sam with a knife, but is able to control himself.
    • Sam employs 4th graders to make penny tees with an iron grip and minimum wage labor. Plus, she also feeds them with food from the dumpster or animal food. Seriously, there is no such word as a radar in Schneider's Bakery anymore.
    • Sam spanks Freddie in this episode. And then he keeps going on about how she did it too hard and how much his butt hurts.
    • No mention yet of Spencer saying "I gotta go think about Krustacia!" line, while he runs to his room? Hmm...
  • iDo:
    • At one point in the episode, the groom's mom knees Spencer on the groin. When Carly says something to him about it, she uses the phrase, "That doesn't mean you had to kick him in the-" and is abruptly cut off.
    • Gordon loses control of his bladder when nervous. At one point, he tries to sing a song in front of a group, and ends up wetting his pants. The audience is graced with close-ups of the urine running down. A bit later, when he talks to the girls, he says something about his nervousness and that he's still peeing as they speak. The girls jump away as quickly as possible.
    • Two words: meatball patch.
    • After Freddie says "You two will make real purdy bridesmaids," Sam appears to subtly give Freddie the finger but it is quickly joined by her other fingers to her chin.
  • iStart a Fan War:
    • The word damnation is used in the lyrics of the song Spencer and Aspartamay are singing.
    • When Carly bites Aspartamay's thumb, he exclaims, "Son of a belch, man, she bit my thumb!"
    • Spencer's weapon is a "long staff" while Aspartamay's weapon of choice are 2 "wrist balls".
    • Sam says: "We're all better-than-average looking teenagers. We all have 'those feelings'.
    • Adam mentioned about going somewhere with Carly, asking her to "do it".
    • How satisfied Freddie was after being mobbed by those girls.
      • Which also stems from the sudden worry and attention Carly gave Freddie after Sam dragged him out the first time.
  • iHire an Idiot:
    • When Spencer is suggesting that the gang hire an intern, Sam asks, "Can it bathe me?"
  • iPity The Nevel:
    • As Carly reads viewer comments: " 'Nevel should take a golf club and shove it...' (beat) These comments should really be monitored."
    • The vampire boy has to choose between a (flatchested) farm girl and a bra. Dashed with a hilarious dose of possible triangle foreshadowing with the season ender, if the blatant symbolism is still not making its point.
    • The iCarly gang made Gibby stick his finger into a fishbowl with a fish to prove that it "enjoys the taste of human flesh", which he then agrees while pulling out a bloody finger.
    • Toward the beginning of the episode they're doing a bit on the webcast with Gibby in a tub of ice. He jumps up and runs out because he can't take it anymore and Carly says that they proved "ice is cold" to which Sam quips "Cold enough to freeze your gibbys!".
      • In another episode, Spencer tells Gibby to go do 'whatever it is Gibbys do', so it could just be a play on that.

  • iOMG:
    • Spencer is trapped in a box and experimented on by Carly and Gibby. When they pump foul smelling gas into the chamber, Spencer shouts "It smells like--" Carly promptly cuts off his mic.
    • Carly suggests to Freddie that they put Sam and Brad together in one room, comparing them to horses in barns they see on the Animal Channel. She clearly implies that the horses would mate and is uncomfortable with saying it, beating around the bush and trying to find other substitutions for the words.
      Carly: You’ve seen the Animal Channel. The... the horses. When they want two horses to... you know, “date” they put them in the same barn together and then they like turn the barn lights down and YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME SAY IT!
  • iParty With Victorious:
    • When Freddie tells Carly what BF means, Sam says it could also mean "Big Finger". The context of the tweet read is that she's sticking with his BF.
    • The scene where Gibby massages cream into Spencer's back. The noises Spencer makes are more than suggestive.
    Spencer: Gibby has the hands of a goddess!
    • When Freddie first sees Tori, he responds with a verbal "DOING", which was lampshaded by Carly telling him not to say. When Spencer is shown a picture of Tori, who is only seventeen on the computer, this happens:
    Spencer: (Looking at picture) Wow, that is one nice... (Carly and Sam stare at him) high-resolution monitor.
    • After the trio gets their facial disguises, Sam aptly renames herself Regina Goodbody, complete with hand gestures.
    • Sam's idea of exposing Steven: pulling his pants down. And then getting some hot sauce.
    • This exchange:
      Freddie: It's like she's oozing happy.
      Sam: Kinda like when my mom was taking those "special vitamins."
    • Sam's "Yeah, and my dad told my mom he was coming back!".
    • Marissa's remark on Carly: "I can't see how a boy could make a girl that happy"
    • Everything in the jacuzzi. Sikowitz ducking into the pool, with Spencer in it, to hide from someone. Later on, he has his arm around Spencer, and after a while, Spencer actually tells him to back off.
    • Jade's fantasizing about being kidnapped by witches and made into soup implies a Vore fetish.
  • iLost My Mind:
    • In the beginning of the episode, Spencer is seen in his tighty whities putting on Carly's pants. The tighty whities prove to be a bit revealing at times...which is even more old since shows tend to use boxers as Gag Underwear.
    • When Spencer asks where the olive oil is, Carly replies, "In the bathroom, where you left it." One would wonder what he was using it for.
      • He bought an ostrich because a meatball told him to. It wouldn't be surprising if he drinks the stuff.
    • Some of the signs on the walls of the mental hospital say things such as "Friends don't kill friends" and "Urine is for the Restroom."
    • When Spencer has Carly's pants on, evidently they were a bit tight. He tried to take them off, but to no avail. Apparently they were so tight, in fact, that it prompted him to say this:
    Spencer: These pants are squeezing me in places I can't even explain.
    • Spencer is hilariously eager to dress up as Pam Puckett, even uttering the line "I'll get my boobs".
    • "One huge Virginia."
      • One-upped by Carly responding to the comment with "Settle down, Virginia!"
    • "Kick me anywhere below the waist and I won't feel it."
    • Carly tells Spencer that Sam's Mom is in Tijuana getting laser hair removal:
    Spencer: On what part of her body?
    Carly: I didn't want to know!
  • iDate Sam and Freddie:
    • The lasagna at Pini's is so good that when Sam dies she wants to be 'buried naked in a bathtub full of Pini's lasagna'.
    • Gibby says "I LOVE Pini's," prompting strange looks from the others. With a slightly different inflection, it would sound exactly like a certain male body part.
    • The very title implies a threesome.
  • iCan't Take It:
    • A milder example. When Freddie tells Sam that he pushed her back inside Carly's apartment due to seeing his mom come out of the elevator:
    Sam: Oh, crab!
    Spencer *gasps*
    Sam: I said "crab".
  • iLove You:
    • The Training Bros is an innuendo referring to training bras. It does fit Nick and Dan's unhealthy obsession with bras.
    • Freddie mentions a "protective cup." Carly asks what it is. He begins to awkwardly explain, "It's this thing that you put on-" and begins to gesture down before Sam interjects: "Hey, hey! She's not ready for that yet!"
    • The whole "make out until midnight" thing is a toned down for kids version of breakup sex. Even just making out without being together is pretty radar worthy for Nick.
      • It's subtly implied they engaged in sexual activity in the elevator, considering they were going to be there for an hour and a half and they were breaking up and everything...
    • The borderline fetishistic relationship between Spencer and his former babysitter manages to straddle a handful of fetishes in one go. The first being a typical dominant/submissive relationship, the babysitter fetish, and infantilisim.
  • iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo: In one of the bloopers, Jerry Trainor says "Son of a—!"
  • iQ:
    • Mrs. Benson invests money in two chickens, but they refuse to create eggs, rendering the Bensons' plan unsuccessful. For the rest of the episode, the cast dances around the subject, finding other ways to say "mate."
  • iStill Psycho:
    • Were the censors even watching this one?
    Cassie (to Spencer): Why don't we let him play over there and you and I can play over here?
    • And this exchange:
    Nora: Here I am in the bosom of my youth?
    Gibby: Heh. Bosom.
    • Or this one:
    Ms. Benson: Get Out! And take your big ax with you!
  • iBalls:
    • The title.
    • The electronic toilet seat which warms your bottom. And it vibrates.
    Assistant: Think of me when you're using it.
    • Spencer's cameraman roommate sleeps beside him naked.
      • They met in a men's room (he was the attendant). Which also brings to mind this exchange which occured in said bathroom:
    Spencer: My hands smell like clams.
    Assistant: Oh, did you have the clams?
    Spencer: No.
    • This exchange between them:
    Spencer: Where will you go?
    Assistant: Wherever the wind blows me.
    Spencer: I hope it blows you someplace wonderful.
    • When Sam sticks a spoon into the camera, Spencer says "Oh my God, it's like I'm actually being spooned".
    • Another good exchange:
    Gibby: "Let's go bathe in the glory."
    Sam: "No one wants (pause) to see you bathe."
    Gibby: "My cat loves to see me bathe."
    • The assistant giving Spencer a piggy-back ride, and Spencer answering a phone call, saying "I'm riding him."
  • iMeet the First Lady:
    Spencer: Some people are just born with the weenie gene.
  • iToe Fat Cakes:
    • Carly's Bathtub Scene is a kid-friendly moment of gratuitous fanservice. Her scene started out fully naked in the tub covered in bubbly water. Once her toe gets stuck, she knew she needs somebody's help to get out until she realizes her condition, prompting her to wear only a sweater to cover her. She spends the rest of the episode stranded in the tub with her foot raised. Being in a bath in the presence of TWO males (one adult, one teenage) is eye-raising too.
    • After four months, Carly is "itching" to kiss a guy.
    • Eventually she does kiss her date while she is still in the bathtub, but the implication is that she is still only wearing a sweater.
    • Sam's possessiveness in holding a Canadian fatcake, moaning while licking and biting it with total relish.
      • Freddie watches her do this in abject fascination, in a way that seems to say "Freddie is thinking about Sam licking somewhere else".
    • The subtle demonstration of injecting cream into a fatcake, and later Sam sucks a piping tube of (white) fat cream dry.
      • With these two, the yonic (Fat Cake) and phallic (Fat Bag) innuendoes are covered.
    • Canadian fatcakes being illegal to the U.S. is a metaphor for "certain substances" banned over American soil and are therefore smuggled.
      • The border guards refer to fatcakes in terms of kilos (Canada uses the metric system), mainly used in the USA to describe cocaine and heroin amounts. Fatcakes are said to be full of sugar, which is often mistaken for another banned substance.
    • Spencer mentions Sam's aforementioned Precocious Crush on him.
    • Spencer's fake mayor pants are tight "in the crotch", which he shows the audience by tugging at them.

    Season 5 
  • iOpen A Restaurant:
    • Spencer comes running out of the shower in his room wearing Carly's robe, which Carly has left in the bathroom. Now, consider later in the episode, when Carly says that she's going upstairs to take a bath. Why doesn't she just use the shower in her own bathroom (and we see in iToe Fat Cakes that her tub has a shower nozzle attached)?
    • For that manner - if Carly used Spencer's shower, why would she leave her robe there afterward?
    • When Principal Franklin (at the end of the episode) tells Gibby that he's not shutting 'Gibby's' down, and calls out 'More hot meat for everyone!' as he puts a wad of cash in Gibby's hands.
    • Sam's beatdown of the jerk with the infamous 'butter sock', followed by her comment to Gibby: "I'm sorry I got butter on you."
  • iHalfoween:
  • iPear Store:
  • iGo One Direction:
    • Sam's moans and, yes screams, as Gibby rubs her feet are positively orgasmic and then when she tells him to do her heel she says "Rub it like a man!"
    • Gibby's behavior to the band is filled with Ho Yay. He's more fangirlish than Carly and Sam.
    • The above-mentioned Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male with Sam and Zayn. Sam has an overtly-enthusiastic face, while Zayn has a thrilled-Oh, Crap! expression as the elevator lowers. Being episodes after the Seddie arc, the other characters didn't seem to mind.
  • iBattle Chip:
    • Carly getting very close to Sam to see if she has pepperoni breath could, with a more casual glance, look a lot different.
    • Spencer shows up completely naked, only a big handful of branches covering himself (Chuck did that). Later, when they ask what's that on the branch, Spencer thinks it might be a beehive while shaking it a bit for a better view (which Freddie warns about). As soon as he asks why, it begins buzzing... Ouch.
    • Directly after this, Spencer forget to wear underwear, again.
  • iShock America:
    • Spencer mentions all of America seeing Gibby's "danger zone".
    • This whole episode is about Gibby's privates being exposed on live TV. TV-G show, people.
    • Mrs. Benson says she's "growing hair in new places." Make of that what you will.
  • iGet Banned:
    • After Carly bans T-Bo from her apartment, he calls Spencer.
    T-Bo: [on Spencer's phone] Man, you sister can be a b-
    [Spencer turns the phone in his cast off]
  • iFind Spencer Friends:
    • The entire discussion about how good Sam is at sucking the meat off chicken wings. Doesn't help that Freddie is saying how impressed he is.
    • Spencer plays tennis with a 3rd grader, but loses because his tennis racket is "floppy". Add in that Gibby pronounces tennis like "tenis" and you've got one weird scene.
    • Underage girls trying to pick up guys,each of the adults naturally reacts extremely nervously. Fortunately for them its for Spencer (though why no one thought they were trying to set up a date is beyond me).
    • The scene in the bathroom where Gibby climbs into a stall, stands on the toilet and tries to pick up a guy for Spencer, the guy is freaked out, understandably because a guy is talking to him whilst he's doing his thing with his junk on display. Freddie escapes as quickly as possible.
    • Heather went to a men's restroom to get a picture with him. When she got back she started to scream: "I touched Gibby, I touched Gibby!"
  • iRescue Carly:
    • When Carly insists on meeting Dana, Sam's friend from juvie, Sam's concerns could easily have a different meaning.
    Sam: You're like... whipped cream! And she's like someone who eats whipped cream.
    • And
    Sam: Do not get your toes close to her mouth.
    • And
    Sam's old juvie friend calls Carly "candy-pants" a lot.
  • iLost My Head in Vegas:
    • Gibby eats an entire bag of sugar, reacts like he's having a bad trip, tells Freddie he's freaking out and then screams I'm falling.
    • Spencer takes a shower and is washing himself with a brush. He starts washing his backside and then pulls out a watch that he thought he had lost. Although he's only shown from the front and waist up, it's fairly obvious where it came from.
  • iBust a Thief:
    • Gibby asks Sam and Carly about what they want him to rub on his artichokes. What really sells is that he says it in a weirdly seductive voice.
    • Freddy figures out the old lady is living in Whitman Towers. Hope it's not named after this guy in a tower.
    • After Freddie asks Sam if she trashed his apartment(looking for her stolen laptod) Sam says she trashed iit and also trashed Mrs Benson and says that he should bring some band aids and a mop.
    • When Sam tells T-Bo at the Groovy Smoothie that someone "horked" her laptop, T-Bo tells her not to say that word there.
    • Gibby says he caught Guppy "marking his territory"
  • iGoodbye:
    • Freddie shows everyone his new oversized Samsung Max Pad phone. When Gibby hears the name, he laughs hysterically, and says he can't even say it, before walking off screen. He then comes back and says that it's so huge. Later, Freddie notes that the purse-like carrying case for his new phone, makes him looks feminine.
    • Freddie tells Gibby they need to cheer up Carly. Gibby who just received a Weasel, says "I could show her my weasel."
    • Not to mention when Carly comments "Her boobs really are pointy" in regards to Ms. Briggs.
      • This is a Call-Back to the very first episode.
    • Again, Sam's reaction while riding in the motorcycle is positively orgasmic as she rubs her butt on the seat, saying "Momma's butt is home!" The extremely close bonding of Spencer and Sam throughout the episode is quite a nod over the entire Precocious Crush theme between them that was recurrent in the series. It doesn't help that the captioned photo of them is like having an OT3 with the motorcycle as "they never left the loft, making Vroom Vroom sounds".
  • When she wants Carly to test the back-scratcher she made, Sam asks her to take her shirt off.
  • Yet again, Ms Briggs' "big, pointy boobs" are mentioned.

  • Freddie lives in an apartment. His apartment number? 8=D To contrast, Carly's apartment number is 8=C, both resembling opposite parts of the human anatomy.
    • Not surprising from a line of shows that got away using certain parts of a human anatomy (jank, nub, boob) as euphemisms.
    • Come to think of it, people mention bras a lot. Even if there's no joke or plot relevance to be had. For example, the oft mentioned "Build-A-Bra" an obvious take on Build-A-Bear.
      • One of the recurring characters in their Pathetic Plays is George, a bra who tells ghost stories.
  • Carly and Sam wear some t-shirts that are a little... suggestive for someone of her age. Like 'Peanut Butter Love.'
  • There are a lot of times when they speak so fast or slur the words where they sound like something else:
    • The word "chizz" sounds like "jizz", not only when Freddie originally says it but when Sam says it again on iTake On Dingo.
      • It also sounds like "shiz" in a vague Australian Accent, and Sam even uses it as a substitute.
    • At one point, T-Bo utters the line, "Since when do I care where you sit?" It wasn't said very clearly, and it would be understandable to mistake the last word for the word 'shit'.
  • Everyone uses not-so-subtle euphemism's for cursing. At first they seemed like simple child's play but considering their at the age where kids love to curse, and the obvious substitute nature of the words...
    • They always say "Oh My God" which is considered taboo in kids' shows.
  • At one point in a CD for the show, we hear a conversation that goes like this:
    Carly: Hey, sorry, we're out of root beer.
    Sam: That's alright, I'll-
    Carly: WHOA! What are you doing?!
    Sam: Oh, calm down.
    Carly: Sam, are you insane?
    Sam: Would you relax?
    Carly: NO, you can't do that!
    Sam: What's the big deal?
    Freddie: (walks in) Hey, anyone- WHOA! What is she doing?
    Carly: I told her to stop!
    Sam: Okay! (pause) Well... what if I just do... this?
    Carly: Sam, NO!
    Freddie: Are you CRAZY?!
    Sam: Aw, you babies, just play the next song!
    • Who else remembers previously mentioned build-a-bra from the same exact album?
  • Mr. Howard is mentioned, various times, to be married but apparently he makes out with Ms. Briggs when she's supposed to be supervising detention.
  • One of the online segments on the iCarly website entitled "You're in Luck" had Sam hosting a game show by a urinal in a men's room (via video, she wasn't actually in the room). It's unclear if she could see into the room or if there was only a camera on her end. Oh, and all the questions are about pee or pea or the letter P.
  • Like Dan Schneider's other shows since Drake & Josh, characters frequently say "Oh, my God" and there are jokes about dying and death.


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