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House segments:

  • Why are Chip and Dale wearing bowties on ladies' night? Because they're the Chip and Dale Dancers, of course! Cue swooning women in the audience.
  • In "Goofy's Valentine Date", Mortimer tries hitting on Cinderella's stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, and says that they "don't have to be home by midnight," followed by a very suggestive growl.
  • In one of the Clarabelle's Gossip segments, Clarabelle Cow mentions that Lady and the Tramp got into a dogfight, which was obviously a joke about domestic abuse.
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  • "Suddenly Hades" has a part where Pete attempts to lure Hades out of the House of Mouse by disguising himself as the love goddess Aphrodite. When Mickey exposes Pete by ripping the dress off, Hades asks Mickey what kind of club he is trying to run.
  • In "House of Turkey", the turkey complains that the guests are after his "giblets". The giblets are the parts of an animal that are cooked separately, and one such part is commonly the genitals.
  • In "Clarabelle's Big Secret", Clarabelle is writing down everyone's big secrets, when she gets to Pluto she remarks "oh my, I can't write that down!"


MouseWorks shorts:

  • In the Pluto Gets The Paper short "Wet Cement"' Pluto ends up in wet cement and changes into several famous sculptures. When he turns into the Venus de Milo, he covers the breast part of the statue and gives an embarrassed whine.
  • "Donald's Fish Fry" has a scene where Donald ends up naked and thrown into a house, afterwards he is kicked out while a woman is heard calling him a "masher", which is slang for a man who performs unwanted sexual advances on women he does not know.
  • In "Goofy's Radio", the mountain lion trying to eat Goofy at one point does a fan dance with two giant leaves when the radio's music starts to distract him again.
  • "Mickey's Big Break" has quite a lot of it. Not only does the premise of the short involve Mickey and Donald crossdressing to replace a picture of Minnie and Daisy they accidentally broke, but Horace Horsecollar at one point sees Donald in drag and bashfully thinks he walked in on Daisy changing clothes. In addition, Mickey runs into Mortimer while disguised as Minnie and Mortimer ends up arrested when the cop assumes Mortimer was sexually assaulting Minnie.
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  • "Donald's Double Date" is yet another short that is full of questionable content. Donald gives Daisy a coupon permitting her to tell him to do anything she wants. When Daisy asks "anything", Donald has an Imagine Spot of him and Daisy apparently naked in a hot tub. Later, when Clara Cluck pops out a brick from the wall Donald is building, Daisy catches Donald looking through the wall and accuses him of being a Peeping Don, an obvious pun on "peeping Tom". To say nothing of the Running Gag where Daisy assumes that Donald is cheating on her with Clara Cluck.
  • In "Donald's Grizzly Guest", while Humphrey the Bear is channel-surfing on Donald's TV, he stops at a channel that has a sexy female voice say "The Bear Necessities Channel", which then causes him to Wolf Whistle.
  • "Mickey's Rival Returns" has Minnie call Mickey a "chauvinist pig" when Mortimer tricks her into thinking that Mickey only sees her as a trophy. In addition, Mortimer later attempts to have his way with Minnie, and when Minnie asks "One lump or two" while preparing to beat up Mortimer after he asked her for some sugar, Mortimer then says "I'm not really asking for sugar".
  • In "How to Ride a Bike", Goofy at one point responds to the narrator's Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness by saying "I can't do that with people watching!"
  • In "Donald's Rocket Ruckus", Donald sees what he thinks is his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie disguised as a tall woman in order to trick him into letting them on the ride. He tears the dress off only to find that the tall and lumbering woman actually is a tall and lumbering woman and is now naked, getting a punch from the embarrassed woman for all his troubles. In addition, Donald's nephews later play a cruel joke on their uncle by faking their deaths, using ketchup for blood.
  • In "Donald's Shell Shots", Baby Shelby tricks Donald into running through changing rooms while girls are still using them, resulting in their undergarments flying in the air while they scream. Daisy also catches Donald in a dress twice, on both occasions assuming that he is a closeted crossdresser.
    Daisy: So, this is what you do in your spare time!
  • In "Future-Mania", when Mickey is attached to Professor von Drake's device that shows the future, he accidentally sees Minnie in only a towel when he tries to call her on a viewing monitor. Minnie is so ashamed of this that she assumes that Mickey will leave her for a mousedroid. When Mickey insists that this is not the case (and at the same time telling her that he likes what he sees), he is then approached by a buxom mouse gynoid, which results in Minnie getting angry and dumping Mickey after she is mistakenly teleported to Mickey's location while still in a towel. At the end of the short, after Mickey, Donald, and Goofy give Professor Ludwig von Drake a taste of his own medicine by hooking him up to the future viewer, Ludwig encounters a shapely duck gynoid and comments on how much fun he will have. The duck gynoid then embraces Ludwig a little too vigorously.

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