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Being an internet cartoon, Homestar Runner has the benefit of not being forced to deal with a conventional radar per se, as opposed to anything on television. Nevertheless, the Brother Chaps have expressed their intentions to keep the content of the show confined within a family-friendly, PG-rated level (though the ESRB slapped the first episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People with a T Rating note ) and thus creating a self-imposed radar of sorts, making these lines all the more striking.


  • At one point, e-mailing Strong Sad would give this automated response:
    "Strong Sad is no longer accepting emails because you people kept signing me up for "natural male enhancers." That, and the death threats weren't very cool either. Leemee 'lone!"
  • Sbemail 10, "trevor the vampire", has Strong Bad typing "what the f" before interrupting himself.
  • During "3 Times Halloween Funjob", Homestar is amazed that the lady at the last house gave Pom Pom a hundred dollars, implying Pom Pom is a literal pimp.
  • Entering the command "sleep" in the baby lady's cottage in Peasant's Quest results in the response, "That's probably how the first baby got here. Forget it."
  • One of the former Scroll Button songs on the Strong Bad Email page had this lyric that is pretty surprising for Homestar Runner's standards.
    Coach Z: And if you're tryin' to fade me, then ya must smoke crack!
    Strong Bad: Scroll buttons, oh yeah, like that heart attack!
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  • In "Bug in Mouth Disease", Strong Sad tries to track down his favorite pair of underwear after Strong Bad puts them up for sale on an online auction. At one point he complains "I even did an image search for "the blue ones" and got nothing. Or... nothing pleasant, anyway."
  • "Marzipan's Answering Machine 5.0" has Coach Z and Bubs drunk-dialing Marzipan; Bubs shouts gibberish in the background, while Coach Z gets maudlin and breaks down crying, calling Marzipan a beautiful person.
  • In SBEmail 163, "what I want", one of the things on Strong Bad's Decemberween "want" list is a "hot step-sister". There's also a gag in which Strong Sad calls to complain about Strong Bad dousing his laundry in wildebeest pheromones, only to be interrupted by what sounds like an amorous wildebeest.
  • In the holiday special Happy Hallow-Day:
    Strong Bad: We should be out there turning treats right now!
  • From sbemail 197, "your edge":
    Strong Bad: Go away, Strong Sad! The Cheat and I are down here shenanigan-ing each other in the dark alone by ourselves.
    Strong Sad: Uh, are you sure you wanna go on record with that explanation?
  • From "Halloween Safety", Homestar demonstrates several different road-sign costumes — one of them being a couple crossing road sign, where the woman's legs move to form his mouth.
    Homestar Runner: This one just
  • From "Strong Bad (Butchers The) Classics":
    "Will you please stop sleeping with that lamp?" "It's okay, I am married to it."
  • Strong Bad includes "dry T-shirt contests" on his "bottom 10" list from the sbemail of the same name.
  • The "Sweet Cuppin Cakes" Decemberween special is called "Cactus Coffee and the No-Tell Motel," although it is a non sequitur.
  • In "4 Gregs," Tompkins is shown to own a "Hot Lady Escort Service" website.
  • This line from sbemail 154, "keep cool":
    Strong Bad: So later on anybody wanna get together a game of Sharks and Minnows? Einstein and Kreskin? Pregnant and Seventeen?
  • Strong Bad mentions "babies havin' babies" at the beginning of the sbemail "animal".
  • The Strong Bad Email "concert": While Strong Bad slowly realizes that sloshy isn't metal, we are treated to a visual of some Limozeen song titles transitioning into sloshy song titles. One of the Limozeen song titles is... "Sunset Strip(pers)".
  • In "Play Date":
    Strong Mad: LET'S FOOL AROUND!
    Homestar: Hm. Maybe not "fool around" either.
  • In "Which Ween Costumes?" when the characters, having missed Halloween, dress up for Decemberween instead:
    Strong Bad: I think we may have gotten our 'weens crossed.
    Strong Sad: Can you please never say that again?!
  • In the 2016 fan costume roundup:
    Strong Bad: This kid seems to have invented his own line of "I have five minutes and zero dollars to make a Halloween costume" costumes. Are you just wearing a green long-sleeve shirt as pants?
    Coach Z: Yup! Just like the real thing!
    Strong Bad: Then what is the neck-hole for?!
    Coach Z: Not what you'd think, actually!
  • In sbemail 189: "pet show", Marzipan shows a different side of her relationship with Homestar when she gets him to wear a collar and leash so she can enter him in the pet show.
  • "Characters from Yonder Website"'s reveal has the G-Rated Drug version of coming home, finding your friends and family sprawled across the room, high as kites, and deciding to join in.
  • "Trogdor Was Dragon Man", as part of its parody of disco/funk music, features lots of gratuitous, somewhat suggestive Shaking the Rump in its music video.
  • This gem from the Halloween special "Mr Poofers Must Die", where Coach Z tries to finish Homestar's Halloween story which is supposed to end with the titular dog getting killed.
    Coach Z: Ain't nobody can get fatally irresponsible with an animal like Coach Z! Let me take a whack at it. [beat] And I'll try and finish your story too!

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