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  • In the original seven-minute pilot, Ami and Yumi—at one point—try to evade the angry mob hounding them by running through a nude beach.
  • To a lesser extent, in "Dis-Harmony", Harmony comes out of Yumi's chest when the duo thought they would be safe from the former at the moon.
  • The show isn't afraid to display butts.
    • In "Mini-Puffs", there are shots of the titular babies naked with visible butts; when Yumi tries to examine one of them and when Ami attempts to let another take a bath. They also barfed at the girls' faces when they attempted to burp the babies.
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    • To a lesser extent, in "Spaced Out", the aliens resemble giant bananas. When they view Yumi's mind later, she's seen peeling one's "skin" off, minorly revealing his butt.
    • To a way lesser extent, in "Big Waldo", Bigger Frida seduces the titular alligator by shaking her detailed buttocks.
  • The song that Ami and Yumi sing (K2G) in "Save the Farm" sounds pretty harmless enough, that is, until you see the translation of the lyrics...
  • In "Driving School", Yumi adds the fifth and final word "bucko" to finish her sentence "eat my exhaust fumes", but the pronunciation of the word sounds a lot like a more she's letting out a Precision F-Strike.
  • Yumi touches Ami's butt in "Truth or Dare"...only to use her dress as a tissue.
  • A set of storyboards has a monster coming out of Ami's body from the front, as Yumi then attempts to kill it.

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