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TV Burp was a pre-watershed programme, but that didn't stop Harry sneaking vast quantities of crap past the ITV radar...

  • The many Accidental Innuendos highlighted in the various clips.
  • A contestant's lover on Freaky Eaters is given the challenge to share her boyfriend's eating habits, but she is shown throwing the bowlful of spaghetti hoops in her pedal bin disgustedly.
    Contestant's lover: [in her interview] That's the most disgusting thing I've ever had to do for my boyfriend.
    [Harry gives a bemused shrug to camera]
  • The famous "(*Bleep*)King Penguins" segment, in which a bleep is added every time Nigel Marven talks about king penguins. You get the idea...
    Harry: There's no need for bad language!
    • Any other time he does his "There's no need for bad language" joke. Once instance involved a couple who had "spent their honeymoon searching for the Fokker."
  • Whenever women's underwear flies onto Harry's desk, he pulls out a briefcase and snatches them inside, mumbling that he'll "save them for later". Gets even more radar-pushing when it's a photograph of a half-naked woman.
  • Harry takes a look at Heston's Roman Feast, featuring a scene in which, on his search for inspiration for his feast, Heston Blumenthal goes to see a butcher who has made a musical instrument out of pig skin. Harry's reaction is as follows:
    Harry: Yeah, I've never played the pork trumpet...
  • "That's the thing with cookery shows, out of context it's so easy to find inuuendo!" Really, it's a miracle this got past the censors at all.
    • Other episodes featured Harry taking things that the main celebrity chefs said and trying to interpret them as innuendos. Sometimes he would compare "innuendos" made by different chefs, but nobody could beat Nigella Lawson.
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  • "Right, let's see what's going down at Rosemary Shrager's School For Cooks..."
    Narrator: Both teams are boning like pros.
    Harry: [surprised] I beg your pardon?
  • One of the out-of-context post-credits clips, this time from from Royal Upstairs Downstairs, gives us this:
    Tim Wonnacott: Not many visiting queens go round sniffing drawer linings in stately homes.
  • One episode of Hole In The Wall featured weather forecaster Siân Lloyd having to sit with her arms and legs apart in a position that inadvertently looked vaguely suggestive...
    Harry: Yeah, I can't help thinking that if she'd done that a bit more often, her boyfriend might not have left her for a Cheeky Girl.
  • One episode featured Harry taking a look at The F Word, in which Gordon Ramsay made quick-fire recipes with Harry frantically trying to follow. Then at the end of the segment, we get this:
    Harry: What's for pudding?
    Gordon: Puff pastry. Cut discs. Prick.
    Harry: I couldn't agree with you more.
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  • After someone on American Princess remarks that Hampstead Heath is "a famous spot in London for kite-flying":
    Harry: Yeah, Hampstead Heath of course, famous for kite-flying. George Michael likes to fly his kite up there, as do other men who like to go up there and fly their kites. Afterwards, they zip up their kites and drive home, and so it goes on.
  • THIS.
    Harry: Eastenders now, and I learned a useful bit of information from the gay caterer Christian this week.
    Masood: What are you doing skulking about?
    Christian: Well you know what they say. Where there's greenery, there's queenery.
    Harry: And where there's shrubbery, there's - [phone rings, Harry answers it] I wasn't going to say that. [puts down phone] I was going to say where there's shrubbery there's bugs and all sorts like that, so be careful where you sit down. Honestly, you lot.
  • When Jean-Claude van Damme talks about how he had an "epiphany" in his youth:
    Harry: [aside] Hope you changed the sheets.

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