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Lilly: (holding a paper bag): I brought a little BM for my BFF!
Miley: Please tell me that's a blueberry muffin.
Oliver: Of course. What did you think... Oh.
  • From the episode "Bad to the Chrome":
    Mamaw Stewart: Oh honey, I'm sorry you were on the wrong end of one of Loretta's car-toots.
    Miley Stewart: That's okay, Mamaw. Soot happens.
  • From the pilot:
    Lilly: A little higher, Oliver. I'm almost in.
    • Oliver talks about his fantasy: shampooing and conditioning Hannah's beautiful, blonde hair every night. The looks he makes as he says this and clenches his fists are enough.
  • From the episode "Oops! I Meddled Again":
    Oliver: So, Becca Weller wants to take a ride on the Ollie Trolley.
  • Miley and Jackson are hiding from Robby Ray in a closet in a real estate office (it makes sense in context):
    Jackson: There's a For Sale sign... in my backyard!
  • In "Don't Go Breaking My Tooth", Robbie Ray offers to cook Miley some frozen fish just for the halibut. He even repeats it.
    Miley: Dad, just cause you say it twice, doesn't make it funny.
  • In another episode, Robbie Ray came to Lilly's job looking all happy. Lilly notices this and says something about him getting lucky.
  • In "Sleepwalk This Way", Miley is having trouble sleeping after hearing a secret about Robby Ray, and starts sleepwalking. After discussing this problem and the issues that come with it with Lily, she unzips her jacket to reveal her bra over her shirt. Rico compliments her on her... "fashion statement".
    'Rico: "Love the new look, toots!"
  • In "It's the End of the Jake As We Know It", Rico has Jackson pretend to be his dad in order to buy a man's business. It is in this scene that we hear them say this:
    Jackson: (as Rico Sr.) Look, I have a goosebump right here. Go ahead, feel it. You know you want to.
    Rico: I don't think he wants to feel your goosebump, papi.
    Jackson: You don't want to feel... my goosebump?
  • In "Wherever I Go", Jackson's boss makes him box a kangaroo. Right before though, he hands Jackson a cup (yes, that kind) and tells him that the kangaroo fights dirty.
  • The censors must have been otherwise distracted in the episode "I Will Always Loathe You", guest-starring Dolly Parton and Vicki Lawrence. Not only is the word "trampy" used more than once, but we also get this exchange:
    Lilly: So this whole feud started over a boy?
    Miley: Yep. It was high school. Mamaw was having a summer romance and then Aunt Dolly bounced in and... well, that was really all she had to do.
    • Lilly also uses the word "trampy" in part two of "Achy Jakey Heart", referring to Miley's eyeliner.