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Early on in its lifetime, Fuzzy Memories was actually marketed as a more "kid friendly" TPI for the community. As time has gone on though, this marketing has all but disappeared, and while it is a more appropriate TPI in it's own right still, it can't really be denied that with everything they've done with the series since then, that it probably shouldn't be allowed to have this reputation still.

  • Across the entire series, the contestants frequently say "crap", "sucks", "hell", "prick", refer to a god, etc. If it weren't obvious, this probably shouldn't fly with this kind of reputation, and as the series continued, it actually went on to add "damn" to it's list, and other kinds of swearing will occasionally still be used in order to effectively show the drama of a situation.
  • Blood was actually shown on-screen in "Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island", and a select few later episodes would go on to show the same substance.
  • Several times across the series, it is hinted at that a good number of the contestants have abusive relationships with their parents or friends back home, and come FMTDA, it stops being hinted at and more so confirmed outright.
  • Sexual innuendo became a common enough joke throughout FMTDI that Doc basically made it one of his recurring themes to hint at it. Later on during the special, Tempest and Zetsu are hinted at participating in sexual relations as well.
  • Speaking of Doc, he was intentionally brought into the series in the first place so the writers could get away with just about any controversial jokes they want, using him for just about anything they want, including but not limited to sex jokes, censorship of his many attempts at swearing, his many apparent times of having destroyed public property purposefully, the many hints that he could be an anarchist or at least anti-government, and more. To put it simply, if he was on an actual TV show, he'd likely be kicked off it immediately due to the network not wanting to put up with him, or everything he says would simply be censored in order to avoid controversy.
Doc: "All I want to say is...I hate all of you equally, I know how to make bombs and am a potential sociopath, I have no real morality towards hurting annoying losers, and most of all...Kids out there, remember to do one thing for me...Ask your mother how that mailman felt as he plowe-"

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