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Not only did Fire Emblem Fates continue Awakening's success, it also kept the innuendo flowing. While the localization had to tone some of said innuendo down, quiiiiiite a bit of it was kept...

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    My Castle 
  • A Japanese-exclusive feature in the game lets the Avatar call up members of the army into their room so that they can pet and stroke their faces, during which the character blushes and thanks the Avatar for honoring them with their touch. Apparently, this can be done to characters of any age range and any gender... and it includes the Avatar's siblings...
    • And the lines they say can be pretty lewd sometimes. Many can be easily translated as "Hey, are you really touching me there?!", or "Hmmm, please don't stop", or "That feels so nice..."
    • More than one character says you're making them lose composure. Others express concern about the time and suggest that you do this later, but they aren't sure they'll be able to wait that long...
    • Special note goes to one of Jakob's finish lines when he's married to a female Avatar:
    Jakob: "In front of everyone else, I am only your butler.... But right here and now, I want to make a mess of you."
    • While arguably not as blatant, there is a similar line in the localization whenever you reach a full heart with him:
    Jakob: "At first we were master and servant, such a tidy distinction. I wasn't so comfortable growing this close. But now... I welcome the mess."
    • Speaking of Jakob, one of his lines goes beyond the above-mentioned comments: he can straight-up say that it's hard for him to maintain composure around the Avatar, even when the others are around.
    • There's also this line from Takumi:
    Takumi: I've gotten bored with being touched. Next time, I want to touch you.
    • And this one from Laslow:
    Laslow: It was really embarrassing to be touched so much. Tonight... can I pay you back with the same amount?
    • Odin also throws all subtlety out the window with this gem:
    Odin: Hey, I can't... hold back any more... I'm sorry... if I'm not gentle today.
    • Forrest admits that it's easy for him to make clothes for the Female Avatar because he thinks she looks good in anything... But he personally thinks she looks best when she's wearing nothing at all.
    • If you are married to Keaton, he will say something along the lines of, "Hey, right here and now...can I eat you?" while giving you a sly grin.
      • In the English localization he says the very similar and suggestively kinky "So, look... if I ever bite you? It's out of love, okay?"
    • The women of the army don't exactly hold back, either:
    Hana: When it’s nightfall, let’s… "train" together again…okay? *giggle* You’re turning red!
    Azura: Nnhh… hey… touch me more… That’s not enough…
    Camilla: Must you touch me so gently? ... Can you really be satisfied by that?... Ufufu...
    Elise: I want you to fill me with your love.
    • Azura flat-out tells the Male Avatar that she's "fine with anything", so long as he's the one doing it to her. This has not helped stop the fandom's jokes about them having a kinky sex life in the least.
    • Hana gets quite possibly the most direct sexual reference in the Japanese version:
    Hana: If you're up for it, do you wanna train right now? I'm gonna squeeze you hard!
    • The siblings and their children aren't exactly subtle.
    Ryoma: This won’t do… I’ll start to want things beyond this point.
    Takumi: You can touch me wherever you like… but I’m not responsible if I become interested.
    Xander: This armor… is in the way, huh.
    Camilla: It was good. But this isn’t enough… next time let’s do even better things.
    Leo: If you touch me like that… no matter how I return the favor, you have no right to complain.
    Siegbert: Later, are we able to be alone together like this again?… At that time I won’t hold back anymore.
    Forrest: It’s my first time thinking that clothes are a hindrance.
  • The Avatar can still invite other units in for face touching... while the spouse is still present. This can be seen as a reassurance to said spouse about the Avatar not cheating on him or her... but also as them liking to watch such stuff, probably as long as it doesn't go into straight-up cuckolding.
  • One of the things the Avatar can do with a spouse is blow bath steam out of their face. The "Blow gently" and potential "Blow a little harder next time..." messages are already rather suspect, but some of the spouses' comments make it even better/worse. One of the prime examples of this comes from Niles, naturally, with a voiced "That felt good..." that sounds rather... pleased. Several of the others will comment that they'd like to do that to Corrin next time, or praising them for "being creative."
  • Despite the localization toning down some of the more suspect dialogue, the spouse lines in the Private Quarters tend to be either happy greetings, sexual references, or implied post-coital comments. One example from Felicia, of all people:
    Felicia: Welcome home! Can I get you something? ... Oh! You wanted me instead?note 
    • Another example is this line from Setsuna. At first, it doesn't seem much... until one thinks on what a husband and wife would do behind a locked door with no one home.
    • Another one, from Nyx of all people. Bonus points if she happens to be sitting on the bed when saying this:
    Nyx: Ah, you're home. You must be exhausted... No? That's good to hear...
    • From Azura, including a voice clip of her giggling.
    Azura: Welcome home. ...Now where were we?
    • Soleil has these, also with a clip of her giggling for the first one. It doesn't help that she's commonly sitting on the bed while saying these.
    Soleil: Hey, cutie! I've been waiting right here for you.
    Soleil: Welcome home. Do you have any plans, or should I make a few suggestions?
    • Shiro's no slouch, either.
    Shiro: Welcome back. It's... just the two of us.
    Shiro: You're home! I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER. I need some Avatar time.
    Shiro: I could spend the whole day with you just talking... or not talking, if you prefer.
    • One from Nina, also featuring a giggle audio:
    Nina: Welcome back Avatar. Quick! Lock the door, I want you all to myself!
    • Also, her kiss quote can easily be misinterpreted as... something else:
    Nina: This isn't what I had in mind.... but it feels so right.
    • Saizo gives this example, with an audio clip of him chuckling:
    Saizo: You're home. Come a little closer, Avatar... It's just the two of us.
    • From Laslow, it could innocently mean a hug, or it could easily mean groping.
    Laslow: Welcome home. Let me give you a squeeze!
    • Some spouses give comments that would sound innocent enough if not for ending the sentence with an ellipsis.
    Xander: Welcome back. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you unwind...
    Hinata: Welcome home, Avatar. I'm glad we're able to get some time alone...
    • And then there's some post-bonding comments. Makes one wonder what you and your spouse were doing, as it seems more like pillow talk than anything else. Bonus points if they trigger when both are sitting on the bed... and even MORE bonus points if the Avatar is sitting on the bed while your spouse is lying on it.
    Azura: Do you mind if we stay here a little longer? My heart aches when you leave...
    Sakura: I love our time together, but it always leaves me wanting more.
    Soleil: I could stay in your arms all night and day, Avatar. Wouldn't that be nice?
    Nina: I love it when you get that look in your eye. Can't you be late for once?
    • Another is this one for Charlotte. She's very direct.
    Charlotte: So, uh... I was thinking. There's no need to rush back out... if you know what I mean.
    • Takumi can drop these gems if he's called to the Private Quarters by a married Avatar:
    "Huh? If this is how it is, I'll get my slippers. We can all cuddle."
    "What's with all the racket in here? Are you playing the drums or something?"note 
    • Also, if Niles is in the same situation, he drops this even better line:
    "If you two don't have anything planned for tonight, I can think of a few suggestions."
    "Ah, welcome back. What's that? I am NOT blushing! I'm just flushed from the heat..."
    • Keaton, too.
    "What have I been up to...? Nothing! My cheeks are always this pink after my bath."
  • It's not just the localized Private Quarters, either. Many of Niles's innuendos in general were kept (i.e, he still asks Felicia if she dropped hot soup on him so she'll see him take off his clothes), Laslow and Charlotte's S support still implies a prospect open relationship, Azura still turns Laslow's tea offer down because she thinks he wants to bed her (and is probably right, etc).
  • Your spouse will sometimes idly be sitting on your bed while in your Private Quarters. If you invite someone else into the room, they'll stand up as if not wanting to look suspicious!
    • Even better/worse is how sometimes one of the two will be lying down while the other sits on the bed next to them. If Corrin invites someone into the room afterwards, they'll sit up abruptly while their spouse will stand up, looking even more suspicious.
  • Soleil says she likes peaches if standing under a fruit tree, because according to her "they look sexy". This may come from peaches being associated with butts thanks to their bottoms, or from the Japanese word for "peach" ("momo") can be sort-of found in the word for "thigh" ("futomomo")
  • If My Castle happens to have a milk farm and Soleil is standing in it, she drops this lovely gem:
  • If married to Silas he will "promise not to keep you up so late." Doesn't seem like it if he's sitting on the bed.
  • The infamous "Blow Gently" minigame... Doesn't help that the words appear right on top of the spouse's face. It's especially hilarious if the spouse is a man because the game tells you to "blow harder next time" if done incorrectly.
  • The Avatar can run into their spouse at the Hot Springs. The spouse always happens to be alone, and they start talking about how wonderful a shared bath is.

  • The ending for Conquest gives a very nice close-up of Camilla's chest... and they even jiggle, because, due to Elise pulling the Avatar along, they run head-on into her. The movie is also filmed from a first-person perspective...
    • There's also Camilla's pre-boss cutscene in Birthright, which has her doing a Sexy Walk towards the player as the camera pans around and closes in on her breasts and her buttocks.
  • In Birthright, Midori's Paralogue doesn't unlock unless her father survives Chapter 15, where he and the Avatar find themselves dangling off a cliff. Logically, this is to not cause inconsistencies in her supports if Kaze dies, but it could have an in-universe explanation.
  • Silas has this to say when the player recruits Sophie:
    Silas: Now that we'll be riding together, she'll see how her daddy handles his horse.

  • The Shiro/Nina C support... Oh Shiro.
    Shiro: Who doesn't love a good romp with a friend?
  • In Odin and Selena's support, Selena catches Odin wandering into her room at night to do...something.
    Selena: Hey, Odin! I have a question for you. Just answer honestly, and I PROMISE I won't get mad.
    Odin: Um...what's on your mind, Selena?
    Selena: Did you happen to sneak into my bedroom the other night?
    Odin: What?! How dare you! I would never—
    Selena: REALLY? Then how do you explain this scrap of paper I found by my pillow? It says "new spell ritual notes." I found a bunch of weird half-burned herbs too. YOU are the only one in the world who carries stupid things like this around!
    Odin: I can explain!
    Selena: I KNEW IT! WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN MY BEDROOM?! By the gods, if you were doing anything gross, I will destroy—
  • If your spouse is at the bath at the same time you go in, both characters stay.
  • The second part of Xander's Love Confession to the female Avatar in the Japanese version. One can almost bet he'd jump her bones right there if he could:
    Your hair, your body, your everything… It all belongs only to me.
  • And then there's Laslow and Charlotte's S-Support, where they pretty much agree on an open relationship where despite being married, they will keep flirting with others and even playfully dare each other to find a better guy/girl. Wow, IntSys, wow.
  • If the player has them S-support, then Camilla pretty much asks Niles to talk dirty to her every morning... and this is after Niles, as early as in their C support, says he'll make her "reach her limit" (and in the original Japanese, he uses a phrase that can also mean he'll make her "have an orgasm"). Lewdness isn't just limited to Amie, it seems.
    Niles: To put it another way... I want to tie myself to you.Japanese Version 
    Charlotte: I appreciate the offer, but that really isn't my thing, Niles.Japanese Version 
    Niles: What...? Oh, no. Heh. For once in my life, that isn't what I meant.
    • And then there's this bit from his S support with Nyx.
    Nyx: But...were you being truthful when you swore to curtail your vile tongue near me?
    Niles: Yeah. Like I said, it's against my policy. I'd never be that crude to someone I loved.
    Niles: Huh?
    Nyx: When I think of you employing that gutter mouth of yours against others... My skin burns, as if with jealousy. I demand no less treatment from my soon-to-be husband.
    Niles: that's how it's going to be. You're not leaving me much choice, huh? Fair enough. If it's dirty talk you want, my heart is your landfill, "little girl."
    • It says a lot that Niles' seiyuu is Takehito Koyasu. Not only he's a Badass Baritone, but he's famous for having a very sensual voice and has had several roles in R/M-rated anime. The people in charge of the voice casting definitely took this in consideration when they gave Koyasu the role of a huge Tease.
  • Elise and Silas's B-support has her suggest that they sleep together. She means it in a Sleep Cute way, but from his reaction it's clear he thought she meant it in a very different way. This is only present in the Japanese version.
  • In Laslow and Azura's C support, Laslow tells Azura that they should go out for tea. Thing is, this particular support happens late at night so it's all but stated he has something else in mind. Azura immediately catches on and flatly turns down the offer.
  • Saizo's C-Support with an Avatar of either gender has him mention that he keeps a surveillance log on him or her. When the Avatar asks about it...
    Saizo: That's classified. All you need to know is that I'm watching you. Always.
    Avatar: Even when—
    Saizo: ESPECIALLY then.
  • Odin and Orochi's supports are filled to the brim with innuendo, but there's these stand-out lines from their B-support in particular.note :
    Orochi: Th-that can't be. I'm sure I felt your mojo get flushed out on my side.
    Odin: Well, you're wrong. I tried casting a spell to restrict the motion of my enemy. But I felt it get all clogged up. You said you could plunge my gunk.
    Odin: You leave my mojo OUT of this!
  • The fact that there are S supports available for Avatars and some characters of the same sex... in a game rated "T". Western games may have had the Gay Option open for years, but very few of them have managed to sneak by with a "T" rating.note 
  • Charlotte's victory pose, especially if she has Clothing Damage. HOW this didn't get changed for the English version is anyone's guess.
    • Charlotte's portrait, too. Even excluding her clothes, she places her hands pretty much on her Boobs of Steel, and it's a pose often seen in hentai, as the placement of the forearms makes the woman's breasts appear even more apparent...
  • As abundantly stated above Niles is already quite the pervert, but one of his Critical Hit lines is a rather... excited-sounding "Oh, yes!"
    • More Niles, if he's at a fruit gathering spot
    Niles: Don't you find fruit so... stimulating? All that juice, bursting forth at once...
    • The rest of his battle quotes aren't exempt, either; one of his post-battle lines is "That was good for me!", in almost as suggestive a tone.
  • Siegbert and Mitama's S support. Funny, heartwarming, and has a line that might be slightly suspect:
    Mitama: I think my dreams... will be about you. I cannot wait.
  • Hisame's support with his mother has her returning his diary, absently wondering what's in it. His horrified and frantic reaction, along with begging her not to read it, causes her to muse that it must be that kind of diary. It's most blatant with Selena:
    Selena: Oh, I gotcha. It's THAT sort of stuff. Well, no need to be embarrassed! Puberty is a weird time for everyone, kiddo. Although, to fill an entire book...
    • A later part of their support has Hisame wondering if his mother is bothered by something that she can't discuss with her son. The fact that he's blushing opens up a number of possibilities.
  • Keaton's infamous support with Camilla, in which he finds a cave filled with human remains that he refers to as "the bone hole". Camilla is not amused.
    Keaton: I can't get back there! You know, to the bone hole!
    Camilla: "Bone hole"? I hope for your sake that you mean the burial ground you showed me.
  • While it Makes Sense In Context, this line from Oboro in her support with Kaden is still rather suspect.
    Oboro: Hey! Did I tell you to stop? Less talking, more practicing! I'm gonna keep riding you until you can do this on your own, Kaden.
  • While it was toned down in the translation, Kaden and Sakura's Japanese support is filled with innuendo. The two of them become nap buddies, with Sakura especially enjoying cuddling up to Kaden's tail because of how fluffy it is (in the translation, she instead takes a liking to scratching his ears). But the way Kaden describes his tail, and how touching it "makes people feel good", sounds entirely like something else... Especially noticeable since Sakura is all but stated to be in the 13-to-15 age range tops.
  • Male!Kana's C support will have his father mention what they do for the Avatar. Some of them are fairly suggestive like Kaze giving her "scented oils and ointments" or Saizo's "magical whistle that only he can hear." Not kidding.
  • Another Oboro-related one: the final line of Silas' and Oboro's S-Support. In context, she's overcoming her prejudice against Nohrians after falling in love with him. However, since Sophie's paralogue becomes available right after this line, it can make you wonder... Good at what?
    Oboro: I look forward to seeing just how good a Nohrian can be!



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