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The game in general seems to delight in pushing the T rating as far as it goes, and is markedly dirtier than most other Final Fantasy games.

  • In 1.0, the first NPC you could talk to in Ul'dah is obviously a prostitute and several of the dancers in the same city's local pub make it very clear that dancing is not all they make money with. If your character is female, the (female Lalafell) master of the adventurer's guild will tell you she enjoys measuring some manhoods from time to time. A Realm Reborn doesn't parade it quite so much in the main story, though there are plenty of "wenches" in Limsa and the dancers remain in Ul'dah and elsewhere, and Momodi still mentions manhoods and their measurements. Another NPC offers her services to the player character, also stating "even two girls can have fun together" if they're female.
  • One from Limsa Lominsa:
    Adventurer: How dare that hells-damned 'Cuda give the final Seal Rock position to Merodaulyn when he'd promised it to me! And after the things he made me do last night!
  • From one of the main storylines:
    Emerick: An 'undred pardons milady! I ain't got no treasure but the jewels 'n' scepter me mum gave me - an' I'll 'appily share 'em with ya if ya fancy a go!
  • A particular FATE in Costa del Sol has the players escort a "Cute Courtesan" to "entertain" a guest of Master Gegeruju.
  • Dragon Quest X cross over event. Actually Zig-zags between Played straight, and played for laughs. At the end of the quest, for aiding in collecting a sample of the Brickmen gollems, the quest giver calls over some female entertainers who are wearing some partially revealing outfits. Said entertainers offer the player if they would like to enjoy "ze Puff-Puffs" while the camera pans towards their uhm... various curves, which the player accepts to some varying degree. The "puff-puffs" turns out to be them rubbing the player with some Phurbles, which are creatures best described as a giant, living, fluffy ball of hair. This is a running gag in Dragon Quest series, though it's normally done with slimes
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  • In the Manderville Gold Saucer, an Elezen woman rudely demands a waitress to get her the best wine in the saucer. She takes this well.
  • By walking along the docks in Costa del Sol, you'll hear a female Hyur letting out her frustrations on someone she's hired.
    This is why I don't hire men! You only think with that head twix your legs!
  • A mission in Ul'dah has you helping a Weaver by finding out what some locals think is the most popular clothing color. One of the locals answers:
    "Well, you know what they say: once you go black, you never go back."
  • One of the new enemy encounters in Heavensward is a Tyrannosaurs (and its similarly Palette Swap versions) and it attacks in a way you'd expect a dinosaur to attack. However, one of its attacks is called Third Leg Forward. Granted, the attack is just a Tail Slap in a different name and it's entirely possible to refer a tail as a third leg in a practical sense, but the naming scheme had to be intentional.
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  • In The Dravanian Hinterlands, there's a FATE title called "Cockatrice Block".
  • The description for the Gaelikitten after a certain meme...
    "Rumors that the gods kill one of these everytime a young man thinks pleasurable thoughts, are completely unfounded"
  • In Churning Mists, a moogle has this to say to you: "What the kupo are you doing here?"
  • One of the descriptions for the Wind-Up Succubus Minion;
    "100% anatomically correct. Handle with care."
  • If you selected a female Roegadyn with a rough personality to be a retainer, this is how she greets you:
    So—sellin', buyin', drinkin', whorin'? What's it to be today?
  • Out in Idyllshire, you'll find a Lalafell smoking a pipe and waxing how for many years, a smoke after a hard day's work is the best. His Roegadyn neighbor is quick to correct him in that the Lalafell hasn't even seen his twelfth summer.
  • Some new recruits to the Scions in 3.2 are Aenor, her sister and Orcher Boulder, the younger brother of Hoary Boulder. Aenor and Orcher have had a physical relationship with each other (a Midlander Hyur female and Roegadyn male), to her sister's horror (they always slept near by each other, meaning they did the deed not ten yalms from her). When Hoary Boulder returns, Aenor is enraptured and can't decide who she'd prefer, then starts musing if she can have both of them. Seven Hells.
    • And in 3.4, Aenor is still trying to convince Orcher to see things her way, prompting Ocher to suggest that the four of them go out and drink. Aenor seems to like the idea, while her sister replies that Aenor would try to get rid of her at the first opportunity. And considering the above... Seven Hells.
  • An achveiement for clearing the Gold Saucer mini-game "Any Way the Wind Blows" is called WTFungah. The "WTF" is intentionally capitalized.
  • In Lower La Noseca next to the brdige, there's two female NPCs in a back alley with a Sea Wolf Roegadyn and they ask him if what people say about Sea Wolves is true. Said Sea Wolf asks the two ladies to see for themselves. Note that the two females are in a flirtatious/attract pose if the intent wasn't clear enough!
  • A fairly early quest in West Thanalan is exquisitely titled "Give It To Me Raw." You're gathering raw materials. And nothing else.
  • Like the Wind-Up Succubus above, the Wind-Up Moenbryda is also noted to be anatomically correct. The description also notes that Unianger was the one who made it... shortly after the actual Moenbryda's death.
    "What he did with it before it passed to your hands is a tale best left untold."
  • The entirety of the 2017 Heavensturn event is this and a Funny Moment, thanks to being the year of the cock (as in rooster). There's more innuendo and Double Entendres than you can shake a horsebird at!
    Tori Bugyo (seasonal quest giver): ... home to some of the biggest cocks in the realm — chocobos.
  • Late in to the 3.x patch cycle's MSQ, the player is manhandled by the staff of the Diamond Forge in Mor Dhona under Tataru's instructions, so she can get their measurements, with a sly note of now knowing about every ilm (inch) of the Warrior of Light's sizes so that she can go make a new outfit for them much as she has for most of the other key members of the Scions during Heavensward. If you talk to the female Roegadyn staff member latter on, she notes that some of your measurements were larger than she expected. Which ones in particular, she refuses to elaborate on.
  • During the Heavensward Culinarian quest, you are hired by a waitress to knock the proud lead chef that she secretly is crushing on down a few pegs. The bar they work at is called the Missing Member, and is owned by the leader of a privateer band that is female only. To make it more explicit, at the end of the questline, the owner threatens to make the bar live up to it's name on him if he breaks the waitress's heart.
  • The Delivery Moogle Quest, "Stroking The Haft", is nothing but blatant sex talk, yiff-ing, and porn-speak, dealing with the male captain of an an all-female guard unit, and two of his command arguing over who is fit to oil and maintain the captain's "blade" and "pull his lever". The quest ends with the captain dressed in a reindeer costume as a mark of his virility and the two women — who turn out to have been former sex-slaves freed by the captain when the women were childrennote  — agreeing to share him in bed. How the devs got this past the censors and maintained its T-rating is anyone's guess.
  • In Ala Ghiri, one of the villages liberated from the Garleans by the Alliance, there are two flirtatious Miqo'te heavily implied to be prostitutes who are very grateful for the rescue.
    J'ghonako: Even a woman in my profession has standards, you know. The Imperials were nothing but brutes and pigs. You, and the good men and women of the Resistance, on the other hand, are more than welcome to partake of my services.
  • In one of the story scenarios where it's a Stealth-Based Mission, you wait for a Garlean patrol to pass by and catch a snippet of them discussing, in very plain detail, that he solicited a prostitute while his comrade gives him grief for paying for pleasure from a "savage".
  • While preparing to fight Leviathan, word comes down the grapevine of a man claiming to have fought the primal, and you are sent to confirm his story. In a scene out of True Lies, the man makes bold claims, such as how one scale on "Leviabeetus" was as big as his member. When he sees you, he freaks out and admits that everything he said was a lie, including the size of his member.
  • On a less humorous note, there are a few situations, such as during the Little Ala Migo arc, where the game makes it clear that a woman or women were raped, even if nobody comes right out and says it. The Level 50 Samurai arc begins with you putting down such a ring.
  • During the 2018 Little Ladies event, there is a small quest that is rather disturbing and sad. A little girl has gotten lost and just wants to experience the Little Ladies festival for once in her life. After you find her (mysteriously rusty) locket, she disappears. Shortly after, you learn from her nephew that many years ago, his aunt, still a very young girl, had wanted to see the Little Ladies festival in Ul'Dah. However, she was kidnapped and sold to a sex ring, where an unknown time later, she was murdered. All while still a young girl. It's easily one of the darkest stories in the game, especially considering it is attached to a festival where the main event is cheering for a trio of performers that are basically fantasy Idol Singers. The only consolation is you get to put her spirit to rest by helping her see the festival she died wanting to see.
  • The name of the Omega minion is called OMG. The flavor text describing it? Weird, Technological, Fascinating. Someone had too much fun with acronyms.
  • During the Even Further Adventures of Hildebrand, at one point Hildebrand infiltrates a gathering as a geiko (the Higan equivalent of a geisha). Everyone immediately realizes he's a man. One of the men tells the host that he won't judge the host's tastes, but this is a bit too far out of his comfort zone. Notably, geishas historically acted as high class prostitutes at times.
  • In Eulmore, a city of decadence and wealth, there exists the Beehive which is, to put it bluntly, a strip club.
    • A strip club where, to get the main story to continue, the player character goes on stage and pole-dances. (Well, dances next to a pole, but the spirit of it is still there.)
  • While in Amaurot, a rather small (by standards of the Ancients) Ancient asks a bigger one sitting on a bench "the finer points of the creation process..." Or as YouTuber GoldenTot says;
    Goldentot: "Oh. (Laughing) Oh, he's asking how babies are made, I gotta go dude!"

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