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Final Fantasy XIV has its own page.

Final Fantasy

  • The line "Ye've got cannon balls of steel to be takin' on the great pirate Bikke!"

Final Fantasy II

  • The GBA remake slipped a swear past the censors in an E-rated game. Just as Josef is about to face death, he says "Dammit!" This doesn't apply in the PSP port, where it was rated T.

Final Fantasy V

  • 5 was already more comedy-oriented than much of the series, but this line is golden. From Ghido, an elderly talking turtle: "I'm a bit too old to do much on my back anymore." How on earth that got past the radar, we may never know.
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  • Then there's the spellbook with the centerfold: (Searching for a book) "A... As... Oh! it's about donkeys!"
  • There's an amusing but subtle example in which a drunken man in a bar happily tells you "Knights do it two-handed!"

Final Fantasy VI

  • In 6, there's a scene about a third of the way through the game when Cyan, Sabin, and Gau arrive in a port city after getting off The Veldt. There's a woman hanging out inside a bar in the town, who begins flirting with Cyan, and showing him 'humpty and dumpty' (Direct quote.) If that weren't enough, Gau, a thirteen year old boy, fully witnessed it. There's also teen pregnancy and the text "Bushido in the Bedroom".


Final Fantasy VII

  • Before even leaving the first town, you've seen Cloud dressed as a transvestite hooker in an area full of gay clichés (and if you don't get the absolute best items for each one, including a "squat thrust" contest for a wig, he'll be given to Don Corneo's underlings instead), and this is just the beginning. This sequence was so notorious that when Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced, pretty much the first thing the developers confirmed was that they would try and keep as much of it in as possible... and the second was an admission that it could not be as extreme in the Remake because the original script was so offensive they'd never get it past the radar these days.
  • Barret, Cid, and (once) Cloud also all say the word "shit" fairly frequently: This was replaced with Symbol Swearing in the later PC version due to the fact that it really should not have been in there at that rating. Though interestingly, by the time Remake came around, "shit" has become more acceptable at a T rating, with Cloud saying it with relative frequency and even Aerith gets one instance of the word.
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  • The original scene for Cloud and Tifa's sexual encounter would have had Tifa getting embarrassed for being seen Sex Dressed. This was cut for being too racy, and so in the final version Tifa freaks out upon realizing that the rest of the party may or may not have been "watching" while they were having sex, something that's way worse.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IX

  • 9 has a scene where Zidane and Vivi piss in the ocean, with dialogue that makes it sound like Zidane's teaching Vivi something else, while a secluded Eiko looks on.
  • It also has a character referencing a scene from a romance play where a man sneaks into his lover's bed chamber, Zidane suggesting Garnet can't sleep because she's too lonely and him outright grabbing her ass while they're both climbing a ladder.
  • 9 has a rather uncomfortable character design for Eiko: her pants are somehow cut and show part of her legs. Unfortunately, it's the inside part of her legs which is shown. Including the crotch. Of course, she is supposed to wear slim underwear and not actually be naked, but you'd think they could have chosen a less confusing color than pale pink for that.

Final Fantasy X

  • While the romantic cutscene at the lake in X does keep everyone fully clothed during the parts we see, Tidus and Yuna look rather tapped out at the end, and their hair is messy.

Final Fantasy X-2

  • X-2 has the three protagonists taking a dip in a hot spring, with Rikku comparing breast sizes with the others. Brother, Yuna's cousin, tries to grab her in a cutscene. Also the massage minigame with erotic moans when you press the right spot.

Final Fantasy XII

  • XII has wolves that are common enemies in the early portions of the game. They are textured realistically to the point where looking under their tails shows their private parts and all of the wolves are female. The HD remaster naturally makes this more clear to see.
  • At one point when the party has been captured by the empire aboard the Dreadnought Leviathan, Fran goes berserk, breaks out of her shackles, and proceeds to beat the hell out of their captors. Penelo then asks what's wrong with her, to which Balthier states that Fran "doesn't take well to being tied up."

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

  • At one point, a foul-mouthed moogle (that's what the game calls him) unleashes an apparently expletive-laden rant at Fran ending with "and your chocobo too!" The context makes it clear that he was essentially saying, "fuck you and the horse you rode on."

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • The game sneaks a "...the castle be damned!" through the censors.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XV

  • Mostly averted with the female characters in the dossier and some of the bestiary monsters, as the camera locks in place to prevent this. Probably a good thing too, as one of the characters, Iris Amicitia, is only 15.


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