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Radar / FernGully: The Last Rainforest

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  • Goanna's (voiced by Tone Lōc) song If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody (It Might as Well Be You) sounds pretty sexual. Let’s just say the writers must really like the idea of Zak being eaten alive.
  • If you think the movie version of "Toxic Love" is raunchy, listen to the full version here. This was recorded for a children's movie.
    • Even worse? The lyrics include the word "horny" — and it's not the "having or feeling like horns" definition either (though that original definition isn't used much — and this is Tim Curry we're talking about).
      • What's odd is that in the scene where Hexxus is sucking the oil from the machine when he first comes to life, the censors seemingly found nothing objectionable about him describing the oil he was consuming as "mother's milk" (to be fair, the "mother's milk" line was almost cut, but either the censors forgot or the writers fought to keep it, in exchange for having "Toxic Love"'s more sexual lyrics removed).
  • Some of "Batty Rap" was cut for its traumatizing imagery of animal testing. The official soundtrack has the full song uncensored, however, and it uses some testy lyrics. Just let your imagination wander as to what Batty Koda must have been through in that lab.
    Batty: I’ve been brain-fried, electrified, 'fected and injectified. Vivisectified and fed pesticide. My face is all cut up, ‘cause my radar's all shut up!
    Batty: They used and abused me. Battered and bruised me. Red wires, green wires, stuck em' right through me!
    Doctor: Scalpel... More nitrous oxide, Thomas...
    Doctor: The eye makeup, when inserted rectally, has some effect...
    Doctor: Remove the brain cap...
    Doctor: If you notice, by dipping the bat in a series of paints...
    Doctor: After 600 packs of cigarettes, the animals...
    Batty: Oh god, I'm reading by my genitals!
    Doctor: Insert the elec- you're losing him!
    Batty: I suffer from sciatica, and chapped lips, and jock itch!
    • There’s also an easy to miss bit at the end of Batty’s “flashbacks” in the middle of the song that implies the Doctor and one of the Nurses may have been in more than a professional relationship behind the scenes.
      Doctor: Thank you, Nurse. How come you never call me?
  • There's one moment that may or may not be this trope: When Crysta tells Zak "I want to learn magic like yours" (a line that in itself sounds vaguely like... something else), he leads her to a flower, they both crawl beneath the petals... and it turns out that Zak's only showing her a lit match.
    • Why did Zak have matches to begin with? Is he a teenage smoker?
  • When Hexxus is sitting above the cabin to the leveller, the screen pans down and you see the skinny driver reading a magazine. He turns it vertically and both he and the fat driver gawk at what they see.

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