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  • At one point Scrooge and the kids board Glomgold's ship to use the bathroom, in other words Scrooge just took a piss on his rival.

Daytrip of Doom!

  • After Webby shoots Huey with her dartgun offscreen, he yelps "My tailbone!" The tailbone is close to the groin area.
  • At one point, Ma Beagle tells her sons to "mark their territory". Remember that they're anthropomorphic dogs.
  • When Webby's attempt to get free "water" (fruit punch) at Funso's goes awry and attracts a manager, Louie makes the "finger across throat" gesture to get her to shut up. Webby nervously raises a spork, having apparently interpreted the gesture to mean she should actually slash the man's throat.

The Beagle Birthday Massacre!

  • The title is a reference to the infamous mob hit "The Valentine Day Massacre".note 

Terror of the Terra-Firmians!

  • The episode opens with the kids having just seen what is clearly an R-rated movie, much to Mrs. Beakley's disapproval. While we don't see any of it, the dialogue implies it was really violent and gory, even including a gratuitous shower scene.

The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!

  • It's a bit Played for Laughs, the intended victim is a huge jerk and no one ultimately dies, but Falcon Graves is still calmly talking about committing cold-blooded murder in front of two ten-year olds.
  • Even if later episodes show him alive and well, when taken on its own, the episode's ending does imply Glomgold is going to go through with his assassination plan and Mark Beaks's days are numbered. Of course, Glomgold's plans are usually rubbish, so his failure to complete that particular one should have been expected, but still.

The Impossible Summit Of Mt Neverrest!

  • The cave paintings near the body seem to show three climbers being killed by a Portal Cut to their heads.
  • The fact that Scrooge is so callous about the fact that he's found the corpse of someone who wronged him and is outright mocking it should have raised at least a few eyebrows with the censors.
  • In the sauna, as Launchpad blindly stumbles around, he accidentally gropes a pig-man's hairy chest and screams "Yeti."
  • At one point when the group is woefully lost and confused, Huey shows his map with the initials WTD written on it, implying that it means "What The Duck."

The Spear of Selene!

  • Storkules sends the levels of Ho Yay off the charts. He considers his (mostly one-sided) Odd Friendship with Donald his proudest accomplishment, he's constantly hugging and complimenting Donald, has a vase with their pictures painted on it, and sculpts a highly idealized statue of Donald wearing nothing but a fig leaf. When Donald finally calls him his friend for the first time, Storkules is overjoyed and calls it the most glorious moment of his life. Note that Heracles (who Storkules is an Expy of) did have a number of male lovers in the myths, especially other warriors.
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  • Avoided in a What Could Have Been case: some writers suggested that Zeus should be a swan in a reference to the story of Leda, but the show producers scrapped the idea due to being too gross.note 

Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!

  • Dewey advises Launchpad to wear a mustard stained shirt over ketchup, as (and this is a direct quote), "it looks less like blood."
  • Fenton says that Dr. Gearloose put his laboratory in the bathroom because it's the perfect place for his work. Basically, Gyro implied that Fenton's work is pure shit.
  • Several of the devices Gizmoduck has are located in the Gizmo-suit's bottom part, including oil he spills on the road to make it slippery and a grappling hook. He's literally pulling them out of his ass!


The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains

  • With the naïvete of a child, Dewey assumes you're supposed to wear your bowtie undone because it makes people think, "Did he party so hard it just flew open?" Sure, let's go with that...
  • Also at the gala, as Scrooge and Goldie dance, Glomgold grabs Dewey and starts dancing with him, saying "I have to make her jealous". Why Goldie would consider a pre-teen boy as a romantic rival is anyone's guess...
  • Unlike any other fictional pairs of love interests, Goldie and Scrooge aren't the least bit physically shy around each other. Whenever they touch, there's no hesitation, no awkwardness, no resistance or objection, no blushing, no throat clearing, no sign of UST (in the literal sense) between them at all. The episode manages to convey purely through visuals that these two are very comfortable with each other's bodies, demonstrating a close intimacy between them without explicitly saying "They've slept together" — the Art of Radar Dodging.
  • Scrooge and Goldie go together into a cramped one-man elevator. After Glomgold hears about this, he acts shocked and asks what they were doing. Provides some superb out-of-context dialogue.
    Scrooge: Move your elbow!
    Goldie: Gladly if you'd stop sweating all over me!
  • Later:
    Scrooge: For the last time...
    Goldie: I get it, I make you sweat. I'll take that as a compliment.
  • Goldie falls into a lake of molten gold, and while she was never in any danger due to her magical amulet, the episode spends a few minutes acting like she suffered a horrifically painful death.

Day of the Only Child

  • When Louie visits his wealthy neighbor Doofus Drake, he finds him acting bizarre, but when Doofus reaches down his own pants, Louie, understandably, frantically pushes the elevator button. He gets relieved when Doofus reveals it was just a friendship bracelet.

From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!

  • In general, the episode is a lot more violent than the usual DuckTales fare.
  • Scrooge literally calls Webby a hellion.
  • It is heavily implied that Webby killed Black Heron. Though, on the other hand...
  • It is all but explicitly shown that Black Heron lost her arm when her lab exploded. We see her reaching for the magical juice, a bottle of inflammable chemical spilling, and then an explosion from a distance.

The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!

  • We actually see Webby get brutally killed onscreen, with the show likely only getting away with it because it's a vision rather than actually happening, even though we don't know that while the scene is going on, plus Webby having been turned into a doll so we can actually see her get torn to shreds without any blood and guts.
    • It is still quite shocking in its nonchalant attitude about suddenly offing a main character, since we won't learn that It Was All A Dream until later.
  • Magica's status as an Abusive Parent to Lena is unquestionable now. The poor girl is terrified of her aunt.

The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!

  • The name of one of the members of the McDuck clan is "Dirty Dingus", which the kids snicker at when they hear it due to it sounding suspiciously like a Double Entendre.note 

The Shadow War!

  • Magica's shadow literally comes out of Lena's eyes, and it hangs a bit at the end, like actual eyes from their socket. Later scenes even include vomiting it on top of the aforementioned eyes. It looks like an extremely painful process. This is definitely a kids' show...
  • When Magica finally returns, she takes a moment to rest her hands on her hips, while specifically mentioning her body among the things she's recovered. Not to mention her whole look is Hotter and Sexier...

The Most Dangerous Game... Night!

  • One of the Gyropuddlian's attempts to build a city was on something floating in a toilet, likely an unflushed turd.
  • As Huey unloads his bag to get rid of the garbage in it, he picks up what he calls used gauze with something brown on it, most likely dried blood. He proceeds to throw it away while gagging in disgust.

The Depths of Cousin Fethry!

  • While swimming through water warmed by hydrothermal vents, Dewey assumes the temperature is from... something else, and accuses Huey.

The Town Where Everyone Was Nice

  • When Webby is trying to convince Louie that everyone in the town are just duplicates created by the Drosera Occidendum, she babbles at him that he has not taken a single picture "of people's feet". Louie winces and answers that "that would be weird".

Last Christmas!

  • Dewey is hiding away in his bedroom, looking at a picture of Della, when Donald bursts in, full of Christmas cheer. Dewey panics and hides the picture under his pillow. When Donald sees his nephew hiding something away under the pillow, he gets a stern look on his face, marches up to the bed and grabs the picture from under the pillow.... then goes sheepish and apologetic when he sees what the picture actually is. To the older audience it's blatantly obvious what Donald thought Dewey was hiding under his pillow!
  • Another mistaken case for blood happens when they find the place where Young Della missing. Young Donald even licks it, making Dewey cringe. Don't worry, it's just jelly.

What Ever Happened To Della Duck?!

  • It's heavily implied that Della had to amputate her own leg to escape from the debris she was pinned under.

The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!

  • Scrooge, in the jailhouse, spits in a spittoon. To the side of it is labeled a "not-spittoon". It's pretty obvious that it's a chamber pot.


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