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This page lists some of the innuendos found in Rosa's works series wide. For innuendos found in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, see here.

  • In The Three Caballeros Ride Again, a character named Alfonso tells his girlfriend Rosa, while taking off his shoes that "... tonight I came to town for another reason, chichita!" with Rosa suggestively raising an eyebrow and asking him "Oh, Alfonso... do you mean...?" To her disappointment however, Alfonso is talking about watching his favorite TV show. No, Life and Times wasn't the only one.
    • Sort of a Running Gag in the story is Donald's friends, Josè and Panchito, alluding to Donald's "skirt-chasing" days, with Donald very anxiously telling them to be quiet as Daisy might hear them (even though she's in another country.)
    • Josè apparently has a reputation for making women cheat with him.
  • In A Little Something Special, the Beagle Boys have been given magic spells by Magica giving them the appearances of Donald's family. The Beagle Boy disguised as Gladstone attempts to threaten Mrs. Quackfaster when Magica's wand is broken and the disguises are lost. As is Disney ducks tradition, Gladstone's outfit leaves the Beagle Boy with no pants, causing Quackfaster to scream as she glances down at his lower half and subsequently faints.
    Beagle Boy: Oops! How embarrassing! Sorry, lady!
    • A Beagle Boy disguised as one of Donald's nephews attempts to act normal by asking Donald something in an overly sweet manner, causing Donald to ask if someone had "slipped these kids any silly-pills at that party?"
    • In the same story, Blackheart Beagle eventually reveals his plans to wipe out of half of Duckburg's foundations away with explosives, which has some pretty dark implications as he realistically could have killed a lot of people.
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  • In Trash or Treasure, Donald finds what looks like a 1927 French pin-up calendar among Scrooge's belongings. Scrooge looks at a picture and becomes extremely excited:
    Scrooge: Look at "July"! Hubba-hubba-hubba!
    Donald: Wow! Let me see!
    (he looks and is disappointed, though not surprised, to find what is actually featured)
    Donald: "Beautiful banks of France" [...] (meanwhile, Scrooge continues looking at the pictures, sweating and shouting "Ooo La La!")
  • A small one in Forget It!. Thanks to a spell by Magica, Donald, among other things, forgets how to talk. Trying to talk to a woman at the counter, all he can spit out is drooling gibberish, to which he gets slapped in response, apparently being mistaken for a pervert.
  • From The Quest for Kalevava: "Now the sweepings from the stable are about to strike the windmill!" In other words, the shit's about to hit the fan.
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  • Small, debatable one in A Little Something Special, but after Goldie kisses Scrooge and turns to leave, she fixes her hair and clothes, looking like she got a bit too into that kiss.

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