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When we told this kid "keep your hands where we can see them", this wasn't what we were thinking of!

Shonen Sunday mangas aren't exactly known for sexual imagery, with the exception of Ranma ½. This one, however, seems to be kind of an exception...

  • The picture in this page comes Kazuha's introduction. When she hounds Ran around thinking that Heiji's interested in her, Conan is caught between the two girls, and then his eyes are fixated and his hands are placed in a veeeeery compromising spot of Kazuha's body...
  • In episode 230, a beautiful Femme Fatale asks her long-haired and quite handsome male companion "Can we have a Martini tonight?" Sounds innocent, until one recalls that they're both members of The Syndicate - and their code names are Vermouth (the woman) and Gin (the man). Even more so, Martini is a cocktail made as... a mixture of both Vermouth and Gin. Therefore, this dialogue suggests that Gin and Vermouth may be/have been sexually/romantically involved.
    • This line was notably Bowdlerised in the English manga, which (Dub Name Changes aside) is typically pretty good about being faithful to the original.
  • Also, a very pretty girl who's involved in a crime and later is found dead is said to be a prospect model. Thing is, her specific type of modelling is very... racy, so to say.
  • As seen above, Conan is stuck as the Accidental Pervert several times in the show. Since he's in the body of a little boy, Aoyama has gotten away with having him: subjected to Marshmallow Hell, being bathed by a pretty "older" girl, having said girl undress in front of him (even if off-panel), getting a great view of the girl's Gag Boobs and then nose bleeding over it (and once to the point of a Gory Discretion Shot), etc... In one particular Beach Episode, he once was in the water while another girl in a bikini was around, and at some point he had her swimsuit-covered ass practically on his very face.
  • Also, ever since Miwako Sato and Wataru Takagi became an Official Couple, it's been implied more than once that they're sexually active. One time, she said that he is rather cute when he sleeps and blushed brightly when confronted about it; another time he mentioned that her bed is very soft and fluffy, and later he added "what was really soft and warm wasn't, of course, the bedding..." before she recalled they weren't alone and cut him off. Both times take place when they're talking to the Detective Boys, with only Conan and Ai understanding the implications. Goes from Sub Text into downright text when Takagi mistakenly believes that he has knocked up Satou, which wouldn't make sense if they weren't having sex to start with.... Eagerly lampshaded in this post:
    "Well, Gosho-san is leaving nothing to the imagination. Sato and Takagi are fucking like rabbits."
    • Also, right after saying how fluffy his girlfriend's bed is, Takagi mentions that up until then he had never slept in such a soft spot. This can be easily seen as him never having shared a bed with anyone else before...
    • Brought up again in manga chapter 930: Takagi tells Sato that she's ordered a too large meal and her reply more or less amounts to "I'm planning to work out intensely tonight", causing him to blush; this is confirmed at the end of the case, when some slight banter between them finishes with him deciding to go to a gym... and she blushes and mentally calls him an idiot.
  • One from the English dub: In the episode “Game Gone Bad”, Kogoro/Richard is handed a coat check key marked ‘96’ and idly remarks, “That’s almost my favorite number.”
  • There may have been a literal example of this trope in the episode where Kobayashi-sensei and the Detective Kids are witnesses to a crime and they're interrogated by Inspector Shiratori who by that time's getting quite a bit of Ship Tease with Kobayashi, with the kids/Conan/Ai's approval. When she goes to the bathroom with Ayumi and Ai...
    Mitsuhiko: "When a lady has to go to the bedroom, it's impolite to tell her "please take your time"!"
    Genta: "It's like you're implying Sensei's having the —"
    Shiratori: "Idiot! I wasn't implying anything when I said that!"
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  • At the end of the Twenty Year Old Murder case, a case that took place in a ship, Heiji is shown wearing a long mantle since he fell into the sea (or better said, was pushed into the water by the killer) and was rescued by a fisherman's boat. He tells Ran and Conan that he had to take off his clothes save for his underpants to stay afloat, Ran doesn't believe him... and to prove his point, he does this. If not for the pants, he'd be totally flashing her.
  • Many of the Gomera movies feature a cute little fairy as Gomera's Morality Pet/Kid with the Leash. Said fairy is played by a very pretty actress... and is seen completely naked on screen, even if with Barbie Doll Anatomy (probably how Aoyama got away with it). And this is an in-canon franchise for kids, people!
  • In the The Night Before the Wedding Locked Room Case case, Heiji is praying at the Meiji shrine and a cute young woman named Kaede Katagiri comes pray next to him. In the anime, she's introduced boobs first.
  • The cover of manga chapter 69, which involves a schoolgirl making herself pass as Shinichi's sweetheart to find a missing boy she was taking care of and angering the Hell outta Ran in the process, is certainly ... interesting.
  • In a certain case involving Kaitou Kid disguising himself as Ran, one of Conan's Imagine Spots had Ran completely nude.
  • In chapter 1002 of the manga, Sera focuses a liiiiittle on Momiji...'s huge chest.
  • This exchange between Shuukichi and Yumi as they're talking on the phone in Chapter 1015:
    Shuukichi: "When you were my place at night, we were so busy that you barely got any sleep, right?"
    Yumi: [immediately] "Yeah, yeah! I get it!" [hangs up the phone quickly]
    • The implication is that since Naeko was with Yumi at the time, Yumi is too embarrassed to talk about it in front of her. In the next chapter, she mentions that she was "busy" the previous night... but the word that's used can either mean "playing mahjong" or "having intimate activity".
  • This poster for the 20th movie has Conan pretty clearly Flipping the Bird.


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