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  • In the last mission of Destroy All Humans! 2, Dark Side of the Moon, Crypto and Natalya have to get past a barrier, generated by three pods, color-coded with the weapons Crypto has to destroy them with. As Crypto destroys them, Natalya's reaction gets more and more... energized.
  • The probing scene during "Earth Women Are Delicious!" is pretty suggestive in and of itself. This was before Crypto got his "package", by the way. In the Salad Days commentary for Destroy All Humans!, Crypto snarks that Miss Rockwell seemed used to the probe. He and Pox follow this up with a "taking the girl off the farm" remark.
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  • In Rockwell, there is a small river outlook north of town (near the fairground site) called "Blackberry Hill", a pretty obvious Make-Out Point. On the outlook, two small coupe are parked, one of which has hand marks on the windows... and is bouncing up and down, although you don't get to see what's inside.
  • Considering the amount of innuendo you get when you read the thoughts of random people, it's quite surprising that these games get away with "T" ratings.
  • A lot of the pick-up lines tells to Natalya during Destroy All Humans! 2, while being purely optional, can become this. For example, in Albion, he tries to woo her by wanting to do his "Venus Butterfly" technique. Sounds like a goofy name made up on the spot, right? Not quite...
  • Most of the hippie chicks in Albion allude to being part-time call girls and prostitutes. Coupled with this are a couple of references to "a bit of "how's your father?"", an archaic slang term in Britain for sex.
    • This trope is actually made light of by a line said by a male hippie in Albion if you're caught bodysnatching.
    How did this game get away with a T rating?
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  • The violence in the game can get pretty extreme at times with people being burned into ash, having their heads blown up, being fried with electricity or knocked around town on flying discs. Probably the only way it gets away with this is the lack of blood. Special mention goes to the Anal Probe, a gun that fires a green shot into someone's ass and causes them to shit themselves until their heads pop.
  • Nearly the entirety of "Big Willy Unleashed!" has Pox frequently refer to his restaurant chain "Big Willy" by name which leads to a bunch of In-Universe unintentional penis jokes that cause Crypto to flat-out tell him to stop doing that and use more generic terms like "my restaurant".

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