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Radar / Daffy Duck

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  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Implied in "Conrad the Sailor." Conrad takes his eye off his deck-mopping assignment briefly, looks down, scowls and looks slowly up angrily at Daffy Duck, who waves at him from a mast. A pull-back view shows that Daffy merely left dirty footprints on the deck.
    • Also: "Tick Tock Tuckered" (a remake of the Porky/Gabby vehicle "Porky's Badtime Story") and the "puddle on the bed" gag.
    • A subtle piece but you get it if you catch it. "Hollywood Daffy" dresses up as a director in an effort to fool the Joe Besser-esque studio gate cop and make him a star. Daffy asks, "What's Errol Flynn got that you haven't got?" He immediately turns to the audience and says "Don't answer that!!"
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    • Clampett's "The Henpecked Duck" where Daffy unintentionally makes his egg disappear via magic trick. He knows his wife is returning, so he tries to disguise the white doorknob as an egg, and tries to sit on it..... just as the neck of the doorknob turns up. Daffy seems to enjoy this....

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