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Yes this was Tawna's original design, why this wasn't in the final E-rated game is beyond me...

  • The original game had Tawna, Crash's love interest, a tall female bandicoot with blonde hair, short shorts, and large breasts. And that's the bowdlerized version! Tawna's original design, modeled after Pamela Anderson but "with a brain" (according to Naughty Dog's artist), had even larger breasts and wore high heel shoes and a skimpy miniskirt. This form somehow made it into the scrapbook of Crash Team Racing.
  • Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back:
    • The game has a level named "Piston It Away".
    • While more of an inside joke for the developers, if one were to open up the game's files for the character models, they would find that Cortex's lab assistants are listed under the names "obj_asshole" and "obj_motherfucker".
  • Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped:
    • Cortex says this after being defeated: "Maybe I should retire to a nice big beach, with a nice big drink, and a woman with nice big... bags of ice for my head." Complete with hand gestures. In case you missed the joke, the hand gestures are exaggerated in the remake, and a pause, complete with musical Beat, is added to make sure you notice.
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    • In the medieval levels, if Crash touches a frog, the frog will kiss him and turn into a lab assistant dressed as a prince. Considering that both Crash and the lab assistant are male...
    • In the N. Sane Trilogy version, Coco can get kissed by the frog as well, which just...looks wrong.
    • One of the secret levels is named "Eggipus Rex", a pun on Oedipus.
  • Crash Team Racing:
  • Crash Twinsanity got away with a huge amount of this, mostly from Cortex. Coco kicks him in the crotch at one point, at which point he says in a high-pitched voice, "My crystals!" (he was holding crystals). The opening stage sees him masquerade as Coco, where he says, "It's true! Blondes do have more fun!". And of course, the cutscene where they Humiliskate through Moulin Cortex...
    Cortex: Pardon me, ladies! Are those real?! {after an older-sounding woman screams at him} MOTHER?!
  • Crash Tag Team Racing:
    • Ah, where to start? The final world is essentially an exercise in squeezing as many 'Uranus' jokes as possible out of one game. There are numerous euphemistic references to genitalia, including an obvious Double Entendre. The game also factors in N. Gin's blatant sadomasochism and Pasadena's masochism of a different variety - not to mention her not-so-subtle exhortations to Crash. And the rating for the European version? 7+. And rating it E-10 in the U.S. doesn't make things any better.
    • Cortex and N. Gin's commentary on the credits of Crash Tag Team Racing has a few moments of this.
    • Not to mention N. Gin outright asking one of the women in the credits to touch him, "if she wants". And his rather unsettling Ho Yay obsession with one of the men, where they'll "go to the lake and braid each other's hair".
    • One of Coco's voice clips has her screaming "YES! YES! YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!"
  • Crash of the Titans:
    "How long have you had that in your pants?"
    • Half the stuff Cortex says in that game, period. A notable example for how sheerly audacious it is, particularly given that he's talking to Coco specifically.
    Coco: "Cortex, why do you keep doing stuff like this?"
    Cortex: "Well, actually it's pretty fun. You should try it! You know, riding around in huge rumbling machines and whatnot? Veeery stimulating!"
    Crash (and the audience): *take* "Buh?"
    • There's also another instance of N. Gin having sadomasochistic tendencies. He thanks Cortex for spitting and dumping hot tea on his face twice. And during his little two-persona rant, part of him admits he likes it when Cortex kicks him "in the tuchis and other very gentle spots".

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