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Despite of being a kids show, which it cannot forgo without having any questionable content in hindsight being nearly adult than just for kids, like this show, is no stranger when it comes to something like the others.

  • In the second episode, Clarence and Amy are looking up pictures of an erratic, and Clarence being the Cloudcuckoolander, is fascinated by it. His reaction is much further than a TV-PG rating should allow. Not to mention that he soon says he has to pee from it. Along with what erratic is one tongue slip away from.
    • In the same episode, Belson, Percy and Nathan mention several times that Clarence and Amy are probably going to make out because they are together, however, they don't seem to know what the term actually means.
  • From "Dinner Party":
    Jeff: We can go explore Breehn's bedroom.
    Sumo: Or Breehn's parents' bedroom.
    • Also from "Dinner Party" is a bit where Clarence finds an architecture magazine. A page folds out, prompting him to say "that's the biggest building I've ever seen," then Chad spots it and snatches it away. The fold-out page was heavily implied to be one of those scantily-clad advertisements.
  • From "Dollar Hunt":
    Clarence: You're a cute little Dickins, aren't you Salami Me? (referring to a piece of salami he decorated to look like a doll)
    Clarence: Nothing! (throws doll) Go hide!
  • In "Dream Boat", one of Sumo's older brothers excitedly takes the magazine Sumo was reading, only to be disappointed that it was about boats.
  • "Average Jeff" got away with showing Mrs. Shoop reading a clear expy of Fifty Shades of Grey titled Tints of Brown.
  • "Jeff Wins" has two: a subtle one and a major one:
    • The subtle one:
    Clarence: ... leave no ding-dongs un-dong-dinged!
    • The major one: Jeff seemingly Has Two Mommies (though "Chimney" later confirmed this).
  • Squirty's Moist Mountain Water Park in "Water Park".
  • In "The Interrogation", Chelsea is seen reading a book which she mentions that the school nurse gave to her. The book is titled Help!... Something's different!
  • "Big Game" has EJ imply that she was betting on the titular game.
  • "Rock Show" shows Mary's old friends, who are a married couple with nine children, sticking their hands into each other's rear pants pockets during "It Doesn't Matter."

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