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Though not as much as some other Nicktoons that are probably worth mentioning, as this Nicktoon was geared toward a slightly younger audience, ChalkZone still snuck in some innuendos.

  • "The Gift of Good Intentions" has Rudy having to prevent his dad from getting seen nude in public.
  • There's also the episode "The Smooch". In the episode, Snap gets kissed by the titular bird. As the bird kisses him, her head goes out of camera and we see her tail feathers straighten suddenly. She then gets up with a smile on her face and takes off.
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  • In "Asleep At The Chalk," Rudy spends all night partying in "Night Zone" instead of going to bed - halfway through the night he's so tired he's stumbling around, falling over, and Snap has to drag him home as if he were drunk.
  • From "Skrawl's Brain": "This is your brainwave on chalk, Skrawl!"
  • Some episodes feature use of the phrase "Bull Dandruff", an obvious substitute for "bullshit".
    • The episode title "Bull Snap," anyone?
  • In "Disappearing Act", Reggie Bullnerd threatens to tear Rudy a new secret compartment, which is very close to saying that he intends to tear him a new ass.
  • "Pumpkin Love" features two demonic women in skimpy dresses.
  • In "Wild ChalkZone", Snap says that one of the things Blechy Bugs do is make more Blechy Bugs, obviously referring to mating.
  • Skrawl trying to get Penny to rule ChalkZone with him as his "Chalk Queen" may arise some issues...
  • In "Disarmed Rudy", when Jacko mentions how Rudy stole his bride, Queen Rapsheeba calls Rudy a "sly dog".
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  • One of the memories Snap explores in "Calling Dr. Memory" is actually a dream where he is surrounded by a harem of Queen Rapsheeba clones. Snap's remark on how it can't hurt to stay in this memory implies that it is an Erotic Dream.
  • "Draw and Let Draw" features a scene where a moose is standing on top of a tall building. It looks scarily reminiscent of a suicide attempt. One can hardly blame Rudy for wanting to "fix" this drawing.
  • "Pop Goes the Balloon" gets some humor out of the fact that 10-year-old Rudy truly doesn't understand why his parents want to spend a romantic week in Hawaii alone "so we can... hulabaloo!"

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