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  • "A Formula for Hate", since it deals with a kid being ostracized for having HIV and Verminous Skumm spreading rumors that he has AIDS, is a very prominent example of an episode getting away with stuff the censors wouldn't normally allow. For an Anvilicious children's cartoon in the '90s, discussing an STD was practically unheard of, and yet this episode did.
    • A much bigger example is this conversation, which alludes to gay sex!
    Bully: I hear your buddy Todd has AIDS.
    Jeff: Man, what trash are you talking? You better not be spreading that!
    Bully: You're sticking up for him? Maybe you've got it, too! Maybe you and him...
    Jeff: SHUT IT!
    • Also Hilarious in Hindsight considering how Todd is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, who not only came out as gay years later, but is essentially the most famous LGBT celebrity out there now that said misconception is widely discredited.
    • "There are a few ways to contract the virus. Using drugs with needles, unprotected sex or you could have got it from that blood tranfusion a few years back." - The word sex being uttered in a kids show.
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  • Four gang violence episodes: "Utopia" (featuring a drive-by shooting in which a family is shot to death on screen and you can clearly see blood visible on the floor), "Talkin' Trash," "'Teers In The Hood," and "One of The Gang."
  • "If It's Doomsday, It Must Be Belfast": The Afrikaner in South Africa tells Linka "white girls should not be mixing with kaffirs" — a term considered a racial slur towards blacks in Africa, the equivalent of the N-word in the U.S.
  • "Frog Day Afternoon": The entire episode seems dedicated to pushing the radar limits.
    • Wheeler and Linka were shrunk and couldn't fit into their clothes. Wheeler quickly covers himself with a ripped piece of his pants, and Linka with a ripped piece of her shirt — Wheeler attempts to sneak a peak at her while she's changing. One can also only wonder what their 3 friends concluded when they walked in on the scene.
      Ma-Ti: Where would they have gone?
      Kwame: Without their clothes?
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    • When Wheeler unshrinks...
      *Wheeler's clothes rip off has he goes back to full size*
      Wheeler: Oops, back to my birthday suit!
      *Blight approaches Wheeler carrying a large dart*
      Doctor Blight: Don't be shy, after all I am a doctor!
    • A Suggestive Collision then takes place after Wheeler tackles Blight.
    • Linka is still tiny sized at the end of the episode. Wheeler has her in his pocket, and when he needs to sneeze he reaches into his pocket, rips off Linka's toga (the only thing she was wearing), and sneezes into it.
  • "Mind Pollution": Skumm makes a super drug that causes people to get addicted fast. Mass rioting, violent brawls, and Linka's cousin jumping though the window, nearly bleeding out and eventually dying of a drug overdose ensue.
  • Episode One, "A Hero for Earth," has Linka say "Chyort voz'mi!" after experiencing the power of wind for the first time. When roughly translated to English, she actually said the equivalent of "Damn it!"
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  • This exchange from Trouble on the Half Shell
    Linka [giving Wheeler a peck on the cheek]: There may be hope for you yet, Wheeler.
    Wheeler: Oh, yeah?
    Linka: I said "hope", not "fantasy".
  • "No Small Problem":
    Linka: We can work together to fuse the fuselage!
    Wheeler: I'll fuse with you anytime, babe.
  • "Bitter Waters":
    Bleak: [referring to an irrigation project by Looten] We've got some pipe to lay!
  • Wheeler accidentally takes a picture of Captain Planet in "Whoo Gives a Hoot." Captain Planet says:
    Planet: Didn't anyone tell you never to flash in public, Wheeler?
  • In "The Predator" the animators sneak in a background girl in a thong bikini
  • In "Fare Thee Whale", the writers hint that Doctor Blight and Looten Plunder are doing a little more than just whaling behind the scenes.
    • Near the start:
    Looten: Unfortunately we're running out of room. Time to head back to the port [referring to the filled warehouse of whale meat on the ship]
    Blight: I've got something that will cheer you up. Come by my lab and I'll show you the results of my latest research. [With some not so subtle flirting with Looten, especially as she says "research"]
    *Looten fans himself with a can of whale meat*
    • On the surface, It Makes Sense in Context and seems innocent enough given that the research on whales they are doing ("whale repellent") is rather dubious, although the flirting erases all doubts about what else they're probably doing.
    • A bit later
    Looten: Planet freaks, gooood
    Blight: This could be our chance to do a little more research. [Again she is flirting with Looten while speaking]
    • At the end
    Blight: MAL baby, help us quickly. Create a diversion.
    MAL: Am I still your number one smooch?
    Blight: Forever and always, sweedums, Plunder could never take your place.
  • The episode "I Just Want to Be Your Teddy Bear" has the Planeteers attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans. At one point, Wheeler offers some beads to Linka, who is offended. After Wheeler then tries offering the beads to Gi, Gi simply takes the beads from him and states "Wheeler, you're incorrigible. But thanks for the souvenir."note 
  • In the episode "Greed is the Word", one of the actors starring on Babewatch is named Linda Bubblebutt. "Bubble butt" refers to a woman being attractive for having large, round buttocks.


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