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Radar / Camp Lakebottom

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  • In the episode "Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep" the protagonists battle a giant squid, stomping one of its tentacles which gets McGee and Gretchin to cringe. Tentacles sounds like testicles.
    • The same episode also gave us the line "It's too big even for Squirt's butt!"
  • "Trouble in Spit Creek" gives us the multitool named the I.M.A.Tool to which McGee promptly replies "I know you are, but what is that?"
  • "Rise of the Dawn of the Beginning of the Planet of Armand" has McGee make a Fantastic Racism joke, which one character thinks "is funny because it's true", causing shocked expressions from Armand, Gretchin and Squirt. Most likely they only got away with it because it didn't involve any actual ethnicities.

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