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For some reason, the marketing of this cartoon across the globe directed it towards children, and it shows...

In general

  • There is much focus on the women's Gainaxing moments, coupled with other shots of Male Gaze.
  • Debilouman's Gag Nose looks like a penis, and he's very proud of its size.
  • The abbreviation for the Amazing Secret Spies pretty much spell "ass".
  • Light profanity is occasionally used, particularly by the Noacak General.


  • In the episode "Think Extinct", Candy tries to educate Jean-Francois on reproduction; to help, she produces a (mostly censored) picture of two bunnies having sex.
    • When Bunnyville news advertises the upcoming fornication, everyone interviewed encourages Jean-Francois to... well, let loose and have fun, to put it lightly.
    Charlotte: (Growls and gesticulates like a wild animal) Go get her, tiger~!
  • There are instances where characters got drunk on water:
  • Candy pole dances twice: at the end of "The Dispense-Sense 9000", where she's naked as usual, and in "Raucous Caucus", where she's wearing her combat suit.
  • In "Noacak Wants You", Bunny was shown smoking a cigar in an Imagine Spot scene.
  • In the episode "Polterabbitgeist", Debilouman scares the ProtecTeam with Modchi posing as their ancestors, and his spies make a raining effect by peeing off the roof of the team's building.
  • Charlotte is the subject of many examples:
    • In Charlotte's brief appearance in "The Dispense-Sense 9000", she spreads her legs open towards Bunny - who's quite clearly staring at her cooch - while flirting with him, facing away from the viewer.
    • During her attempt to help Bunny with his health in "Cold Turkey", she suddenly pulls out an enema.
    • A few gags imply that she's into BDSM, and they're generally used to explain the main male characters' overall aversion to her advances. One cutaway gag, in particular, showed her wearing a spiked collar while wielding a whip.
    • "Bunnyvania" has her ask a Noacak soldier if she could "put her finger on his trigger." The said soldier runs away, terrified. Private Jenkins shows up next and threatens Charlotte, who also retreats after likely mistaking the threat as a sexual advance.
    • During an interrogation regarding the disappearance of one of Bunny's pet fish in "Fishing For Trouble," Charlotte seductively requests the two Noacak soldiers to "search her." She then quickly runs off with the two tiny men tucked away under each arm.
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    • The Frequent Flyer expresses his desire to "jump" her in "Bunny's Big Hit". Due to his profession as a daredevil, the phrase could be taken literally, but the Flyer laughs nervously as Charlotte loudly declares the news to her friends.
    • In another episode, Stan's corrupted computer AI labels Charlotte as "tragically slutty."
    • In the episode "Rabid Rabbit", Charlotte wants babies stating "I'm seriously thinking of having babies, myself, only with the right guy." Then she hit on ROBOT, and says "But his eyes are so deep and I want a baby!"

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