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While both games were rated K-A (the predecessor to the E rating), there's still a fair number of things that managed to slip through.


  • The back of the game's cover outright describes the Giant Spider Big Bad Queen Cadavra as "bitchy".
  • Daddy Long Legs, a friendly Giant Spider that takes you to the bonus stages resembles a pimp daddy, what with the hat, Cool Shades, Brown skin with Big Pink Lips and bling.
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  • Bug's girlfriend (whom you rescue in Splot) is a clearly female bug with huge knockers.
  • Family-Friendly Firearms is pretty much absent in the game, as shown by Queen Cadavra when she takes out 8 machine guns that strafe the area with More Dakka.

Bug Too!

  • The centipede enemies in Lawrence of Arachnia appear to be based on Saddam Hussein and Iraqi soldiers from the Gulf War. They sport Saddam's beret and mustache, shout "DIE WESTERN INSECT!" in a Middle Eastern accent, attack with rifle bullets if Bug is near and fire out bugs in Arab garb as projectiles if Bug is in the distance.
  • The multi-armed amazons in Lawrence of Arachnia sport gargantuan boobs.
  • During the Antennae Day boss in Bug Too the alien boss repeatedly shouts "Watch Uranus!"
  • The entirety of Cicada Night Fever is a big drug trip, ending with you fighting three stoned caterpillars. The cinematic that introduces the level even has Bug comment with "Trippy...!"

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