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  • The Secret Date commercial seems to be shedding a positive light on prostitution. You could say it's trying to say it's okay for girls to have lots of boyfriends and be sexy, the way it's socially acceptable for guys to have a rapid stream of girlfriends and be thought of as cool. But since the doll's target demographic is generally girls under 10, it's a lot shakier in its execution...
  • And the Dynamite commercial seems to be set in a night club club and includes the line "Everyone wants them, but that's not their thing."
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  • The song What's Going On is basically about wanting to know who's having relations with who and includes some very suggestive breathing in the middle.
  • This exchange in Bratz Rock Angelz:
    Cameron: Sweet moves Cloe!
    Cloe: Thanks! I've got a lot of sweet moves...
  • The villain in "Desert Jewelz" kidnaps one of the girls because she is "pure of heart." Later he keeps referring to her as the "pure one" while giving a lewd smile. His kidnapping the girl in the first place is odd, as his accomplice is the same age and seemingly also pure... Until you realize the lewd looks he gives her as well, and the fact that she was more or less living with him at the beginning of the movie. It doesn't help that he's basically her father figure.
    • The girls get lost in the desert at one point and worry about getting kidnapped and forced to join a harem. Bonus points in that they're actually dressed in harem wear the majority of the movie.
  • Most of the outfits in the franchise are pushing it, but special mention goes to Aloncé's outfit in the animated series: A bra and a skirt so short something undesirable would have been seen if the characters were actually anatomically correct.