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  • The whole point of Femme Fatality's existence is basically this. She's been described as buxom, just over six feet tall, a vampire, and has Absolute Cleavage. No wonder Nate's attracted to her.
    • Femme Fatality isn't the only radar-dodging thing in her comics; one comic was titled "Femme Fatality vs. the She-Wolves of Vixenia", and there's also a passing mention of a planet called Buxomia.
  • In one strip, after which Nate has lost a student-faculty basketball game to Mrs. Godfrey, in the following newspaper story, he dubs her the "faculty dominatrix."
  • In one story arc, Nate is assigned a beautiful girl for his locker partner. This girl's name? Amanda Woodcock.
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  • In one of Nate's "The Snuggles Family" comic strips, the family goes on a road trip and the kids in the family wave to truck drivers. Punkin wonders why one driver is waving with only one finger.
  • Nate's father once fell in love with a YouTube baker, Connie the Cookie Cutie. When he's watching one of her videos, we get a suggestive quote from him:
    Connie: Notice my butter is very soft.
    Dad: I'll say it is.
  • Nate's favorite TV weatherman is called Wink Summers. Nate knew it couldn't be his real name, so he once asked what Wink's actual name was. It's Dick Schipp. Nate even says that saying that name on live TV would be risky.
  • Nate asks Jenny if she'd like to play tennis. She said that she "wouldn't play tennis with [him] if [they] were the last two people on Earth." Nate then says, "If we were the last two people on Earth, we'd be doing other things, if you know what I mean!"
  • When Nate sees Kenny (Ellen's former boyfriend) with a girl other than Ellen, he wonders if the girl is actually Kenny's cousin or sister. Francis then points and says, "Close family." Nate looks and says, "Yow. Okay, bag that theory."
    • There's also a similar strip here.
  • After Nate gets dumped by Angie, he writes a poem to cope with it. The last lines go:
    You seemed to say:
    "Hey, what the heck!
    I'll dump Nate Wright
    For Dan LaBreque!"
    • Francis says, "Thank goodness she didn't dump you for Gregory Koszelichuk." Think about it...
  • An early strip had Nate's dad ask Nate why he's so obsessed with violence. Nate's answer? "Because I'm not old enough yet to be obsessed with sex." That's pretty daring.
  • When Nate is a yearbook photographer, he uses several photography-related puns to hit on a girl. Among the creepier ones: "How about we step into my dark-room and... see what develops?"
  • Thanksgivings in Big Nate are sometimes peppered with Nate's telling of the first Thanksgiving in comic strip form. Only the celebration is... a bit different.
  • Nate tries to teach Spitsy to attack cats by showing him Ellen's cat calendar. Spitsy immediately runs off with it and starts drooling over it like Nate's showed him porn.
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  • Nate's grandma mentions that his dad used to be by himself for hours in his room "doing lord knows what." Nate is understandably a bit squicked out.
  • Nate is attempting to write a story for English class, but he has writer's block. So his dad suggests the classic "close your eyes and point to something random in the newspaper" trick, and Nate tries it out. What does he land on? 30% Off All Women's Intimate Apparel. Considering that his story begins with him meeting a "stunningly beautiful sales associate", it's safe to say that his story would almost certainly end up NSFW. His excitement upon picking the topic doesn't help matters.
  • "I would love it if you nibbled on my eraser."
  • A 2019 strip doesn't so much get past the radar but destroy it. Nate goes to a book-signing, thinking it was a snack line, and the indignant author proclaims herself to be a "writer of erotica". Nate thinks that's a pudding, but the readers know better.
  • Another 2019 strip has Dee Dee doing Nate's hair and telling him he looks like a young Adolf Hitler.

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