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1991 Disney Movie
"No-one gives child-scarring memories like Gaston!"
  • Maurice's curiosity concerning Cogsworth's... pendulum, as well as the Cogsworth's indignant reaction to his prodding, might seem oddly reminiscent of something else.
  • Gaston mentions that every last inch of him is covered in hair, accompanied by him flashing his muscular chest. He even winks at the viewer when he says this.
  • The feather duster/maid is picked up, held upside down, and has her feathers ripped out during the end fight scene. As an adult, you realize that the feathers are her 'skirt'... Also, the shrieks she makes as she's being yanked at and how she's rescued by her very angry boyfriend.
  • Gaston's attempt to propose to Belle. Especially the end, when he's menacingly advancing towards her, pushing furniture out of the way, and leaning in to kiss her. Admittedly he's still convinced she's just playing hard to get, but it's very worrying and arguably make it worse. Then the look in his eyes when he's told that Belle is in a dungeon....
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  • There's Lumiere and the featherduster. The two are clearly necking behind the curtains when Belle first leaves her room and she tells him very coquettishly that she's "Been burned by [him] before", and in the subtitles at the very end it says that Lumiere gives a "lusty laugh" when she walks past him with a very... suggestive look in her eyes for a Disney character.
  • The Wardrobe tells Belle, that she'll "see what [she has] in her drawers!" before a cloud of moths flies out. It's a pun, as she's referring to the actual drawers, but considering that "drawers" is slang for underpants, and her embarrassed reaction, it's not difficult to imagine the human analogue.
    • The Wardrobe also offers her a dress, telling her that she'll look "ravishing" in that one. Consider that one of the definitions of "ravish" is "to carry off by force", as well as another trope on this site, you have to wonder if the residents of the castle were planning on Beast and Belle demonstrating their love in a more physical sense. Especially given the cleavage that her gold dress did show off.
  • For some reason after the song "Something There", Mrs. Potts wants to delay answering Chip's question.
    Mrs. Potts: [singing] There may be something there that wasn't there before.
    Chip: What's there, Mama?
    Mrs. Potts: Shh. I'll tell you when you're older.
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  • During "Human Again" the servants take special care to fix up and make the Beast's bed.
  • Anything involving the Bimbettes. For instance, You have the three females (the ones in red, green, and yellow) at the water pump. The one in green moves the pump with her elbows, the yellow with her hands, but the one in red pushes it with her boobs.
  • Later, during the song "Gaston", while Gaston is singing about how he ate eggs as a lad, the Bimbettes are seen leaning on the bar watching Gaston admiringly. The one in red appears to be... bouncing her butt up and down.
  • The Bimbettes are also sitting on a bench during the song, which Gaston lifts up over his head to show off his strength, then he drops it (on top of Lefou) and when it lands, you briefly see the Bimbettes' skirts fly up, flashing their underwear.
  • There's a brief moment in song "Belle" while Belle is riding on the back of a carriage cart, and one of the merchants selling meat to one of his female customers is very clearly eyeing her very noticeably exposed cleavage. She asks him how his wife is right before said wife promptly strikes him on the head with a rolling pin for his indiscretion.
  • An extra feature on the DVD shows the storyboard and initial sketches for the original opening, which is vastly different from the final product. One of the scenes that was scrapped involved Maurice walking through town and openly propositioned by a prostitute.


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