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One particular reason why this Transformers series is highly regarded is because of all the inappropriate content that managed to slip past the censors.

  • All over the place. The writers cleverly used machine-based terminology such as slag, scrap, or "that guy has bearings of chrome steel" in place of actual foul language. Some of the byplay between Blackarachnia and Silverbolt is particularly clever, implying lots but saying little.
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  • Slag in particular is implied as roughly equivalent to our s-word and is frequently used as such. In particular, Rattrap once yelled out (in a completely appropriate situation), "Holy slag!"
  • In "Double Dinobot", there is hidden text that reads "hey ian, go fuck yourself".note 
  • In "Dark Designs," an amnesiac Waspinator cops a feel on Blackarachnia's chest. Then in "Possession", Starscream (possessing Waspinator) is blatantly attempting to grab Blackarachnia's ass.
  • In "Other Voices, Part 1," after he is restored following getting blown up by Tarantulas, Waspinator gets all...technical:
    Waspinator: Waspinator find Spider-bot and tear him a new waste disposal unit!
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  • In "Aftermath", Tigatron and Airazor gasp at Rattrap's new look once he is turned into a Transmetal. Rattrap asks "What's with you two? Is my gearbox hanging out or somethin'?" As he says the last part he waves his hand over his crotch area.
  • From "The Agenda Pt. 1":
    • After Silverbolt's illegal flirting with Blackarachnia:
    Rattrap: So, uh, where ya' been, bird-dog?
    Silverbolt: Uh, scout patrol...
    Rattrap: Oh, yeah, yeah, scoutin' the enemy, yeah. Find any new positions?
    • Upon hearing that they may be going home, Rattrap invites Silverbolt to a seedy bar where the waitresses do not have their chest plates on. When Silverbolt is obviously not impressed, Rattrap quips he should "take that broomstick out of his tailpipe."
  • In "Feral Scream, Part 1", Megatron interrogates Depthcharge on the whereabouts of his stolen Transmetal Driver:
    Depthcharge: Gone. Ain't that a kick in the lug nuts?
  • In "Proving Grounds", Blackarachnia's insides are examined in a hologram. A close-up of her waist and hips show that she has a full set of female reproductive organs.
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  • In "Nemesis, Part 1", Waspinator has this to say about Inferno's ability to locate a new base of operations:
    Waspinator: Hah! Antbot not find own thorax with both hands and a road map.
  • In "Nemesis, Part 2", when Blackarachnia needs a cable and decides Rattrap's sword/tail will do:
    Rattrap: Hey! You emasculatin' fembot!
    (Blackarachnia smirks and, with a flick of her claw, slices the tip off Rattrap's sword/tail)
    Silverbolt: (disturbed look on his face) Oooh....
  • A dark example. The second scene of Code of Hero begins in Dinobot's quarters, kneeling in deep concentration while holding his sword towards himself ominously. Even if it's not outright said onscreen what he's doing, or even the WAY he's doing it, it's pretty hard to interpret holding your sword towards yourself as any other way. Thankfully, he doesn't go through with it, which pays off.

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